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Boys24- 7/16 Performances

안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here to make sure you didn't miss last weeks performances from Boys24.... I know this was aired last Saturday... but I was stuck working on something special for those of you who run into @Sailynn at Kcon LA next week.
Without further talk lets get right to the performances.
This performance wasn't bad... but I personally have yet to see anyone perform this song in way that I feel justifies it. As you can see when you watch the video, they did have a few choreograph mishaps but the vocals were decent. When I heard the Michael Jackson song start playing during the dance break down I had expected so much more, and I think that is why I was not completely wowed by their performance.
They were good, but I felt it lacked something that made it 'WOW'.
BTS- 'I Need U'
Now I am going to be completely honest. When I heard them say they were going to be performing this song... I was worried. This group has proved that they are very danced and rapped based and have lacked in vocals. I can say I was a bit surprised with how well they pulled it off but at the same time my favorite part of the performance was near the end when they sped up the song and started dancing.
This performance wasn't bad and though I don't feel they did it much justice, they did do a decent job. I give a thumbs up to the vocals in this song because they finally did shine.
SHINee- 'Dream Girl'
As always the Yellow Unit did not disappoint. I was yet again finding myself enjoying this performance. The theme they chose was fun and the dance, though not complicated, was fun to watch. The vocals were on point and as usual they showed excellent team work abilities. I look forward to seeing what else this group has to offer.
Seventeen- 'Adore U'
This was absolutely adorable. The dance was fun and entertaining and the vocals were good. The boys looked like they were having fun and the energy of the group was on point. I was completely entertained and really enjoyed their performance. I hope they will continue on with this into next week as well.
GOT7-'Just Right'
The moment the Harry Potter theme song starts playing you know this performance is going to be interesting... but when the other boys run in and the music starts? Well that is when it all takes off. This was another amazing performance and was very high in the adorable factor and the completely fun. The rap was fantastic, the vocals completely on point, and the choreograph was perfect for this song. I will have to say I enjoyed this performance the most out of all of the rest... but I might be a bit bias already... so what do you think?
2PM- '10 Out of 10'
Now if any of you have noticed I have given the White Unit the number one spot on my favorite performance list almost every week.... this week? Not so much. The vocals and rap were on point and the choreograph was really good too.... but for some reason there was just something missing for me this week. They didn't have their normal 'Wow' factor for me like they usually do. What do you think?
Well those are all the performances from last weeks episode. Personally I would have to say Unit Sky was my favorite this week around.
I have picked out my top two favorite groups... Sky and White. Have you picked a favorite group or a bias yet? Let me know in the comments. I will post the elimination post right after this one. I hope your favorite Unit wasn't eliminated!!
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