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Alright first off there is some Mild language in this chapter...Now I was trying not to make this a long chapter and it just kind of sooo if you haven't read part 29 by @SweetDuella go check it out before you read this.
(obviously had to share this bonus this is the look he's freaking deadly!) Kookie and Sarah walked to the closest coffee shop. “Let me order for you.” He stated “Sure, you think you can get it right?” she asked wondering if he knew her well enough to buy the right drink. “If I don’t get it right I’ll do something for you.” “Oh I like that.” “But if I get it right you do something for me.” “Ok deal!” she said and he walked to the counter. After a few minutes of waiting for the order their drinks were placed in front of them. “Iced, what?” she asked and took a sip. “I got the same thing.” He smiled “Caramel macchiato my favorite! Good call on Iced I’m really in the mood for iced coffee.” She did a little happy dance in the seat while sipping her drink and looking at Kookie. He smiled and took a drink of his drink. “So let’s go do something” Kookie stood up and grabbed her hand and she quickly followed without asking any questions. He had let go of her hand when they got to the street, and held his hand up for a taxi and one stopped in front of him. He held the door open. “Ladies first” he said “Such I sweet man. Thank you.” She said and got in the car and he quickly got in next to her. Their legs were touching but neither moved. After the short ride they ended up in Gangnam.
“Kookie do we have time to be out here?” “Yes we do.” He smiled and grabbed her hand and they walked into a store. “What are we doing in here?” she asked “Oh my gosh shiny!” she said excitedly and started looking at the pretty Jewelry in the cases. “Looking.” “Why?” She smiled hoping it was going to be for her. “I just need a girls opinion.” He said looking at a pair of rings. “Well to be honest I think that anything you get would be perfect, if the girl doesn’t like that you put some thought into it then she is freaking crazy.” “Really? You don’t think she would hate something like that.” He pointed to a ring that to her was very pretty. “As long as you make sure you get the right size I’m sure she would love it.” “Alright then here comes what you have to do for me.” “What is it?” she asked now wondering what he was going to ask. “I need to use your finger because you look the same size as her.” Sarah laughed a little and held her hand out to him. “Ok then go ahead, that’s something so simple to ask for.” After the lady got Sarah’s ring size they walked out the door and started to walk down the street. Sarah had been only to Gangnam at night so it was different during the early morning. “Sarah?” she turned to her name. “What are you doing here?” Sarah snapped “I was just shopping, does your boyfriend allow you to hang out with other guys?” he asked “You know what Mike it doesn’t matter, my current boyfriend isn’t like you and he trusts me and knows I would never cheat, unlike you.” “You can’t honestly say you have never cheated on me.” “I never did. You were the cheating asshole.” “Sarah lets go.” Kookie grabbed her hand to pull her away but Mike grabbed at his hand to stop him from moving her. “I have changed, why don’t you just come back to America with me?” “Mike I hate you! I will never ever go back to you. Plus I have someone else who I like and trust him completely.” Sarah looked at Kookie. “Well it isn’t this guy so he shouldn’t be all grabby of you. He looks gay as it is.” Sarah didn’t think much and just swung at Mike and hit him hard in his face causing him to take a few steps back. “Don’t you EVER talk about Jungkook like that! You are just jealous of his good looks, and the fact that now I have all these amazing men around me that aren’t you and you can never ever have me. If you come near me again I swear to god not only will Dominic be on you but Jungkook will gladly kick your ass.” Sarah said turning and started to walk away. “I doubt that little gay boy can protect you, hell I bet he can’t even punch.” Sarah stopped and spun around just in time to watch Kookie throw a punch at Mike and Mike went down. “I’m a lot stronger than I look.” He said and Sarah tried not to laugh and covered her mouth. The face on Mike was priceless he was so shocked. “And look at that a 20 year old just knocked you on your ass.” Sarah added and grabbed Kookie’s hand and pulled him away from Mike. They ran a little distance and quickly hopped in a taxi. “Oh my god Kookie that was so amazing. I seriously wasn’t thinking you would have swung at him.” Sarah laughed. “What? No way was I not going to hit him, honestly I don’t care that he called me gay but the fact that he thought I couldn’t defend you pissed me off.” “Pow one hit KO” Sarah did the motion of punching towards the seat. She laughed. Kookie laughed along as well but stopped after a second and got serious. “Who is your boyfriend he was talking about?” “Oh last night when me and JB went to get Ice cream for everyone we ran into him and I just said me and JB were dating because I didn’t want him thinking I was single. If he knew I was single he wouldn’t leave me alone.” “Well it didn’t really work.” Kookie said. “Well it sort of did. He wasn’t trying as hard as he would have if I was single, but I’m glad you were there because if it was just me and him I don’t know what would have happened.” Sarah leaned over and gave Kookie a hug. “Thank you.” “So you and JB aren’t together?” “No we are not, although he did ask me out and I turned him down.” “Really why?” “Cause there is this guy I kind of sort of like and hope for something to happen with him.” The car stopped and we got out of the car. “Let’s go inside.” He said pointing to his dorm. “Aren’t you guys going to be practicing soon?” Sarah asked as they walked into the building. “We are just a little later.” “Dude he seriously is trying to kill us!” They heard from the kitchen and made their way in to see that Namjoon was trying to make something and the pan on the stove was on fire. Jin quickly extinguished it. “This is why you don’t make food.” Jin yelled “Hey I was trying to help; you just wanted to play Mario Kart.” “Mario Kart is life” Jin stated “Oh yea I agree… Mario Kart is awesome but I think food is more important…heck making sure the dorm doesn’t burn down is more important.” Sarah said while trying to hold in her laughs. “Come on Sarah let’s leave these two to duke it out.” Kookie said putting his hands on Sarah’s shoulders and turning her towards his and Namjoon’s room and pushed her lightly forward. “I swear that is the best thing to actually see behind the scenes of BTS in the kitchen.” “Yea you get used to it after a while.” Kookie opened his door and Sarah walked in and laid on his bed again. “Man your bed is so comfy.” She said getting situated in his bed like last time; once again the smell was still there. “Are you tired? You can rest I’ll wake you up before we leave.” He said “No, I want to talk some more.” She yawned. “We can talk some more after you rest. You look like you are about to fall asleep.” He walked up to her and pulled the blanket up a bit so she was completely covered. “I got more sleep than Jenni, I just normally like a lot of sleep.” She yawned again. “Just give me 10 minutes ok?” “Ok” he said and she closed her eyes. Maybe it was just the fact that the bed was so comfy or the fact that Kookie was near her but she was out real fast. “Sarah…Wake up…” Sarah slowly opened her eyes and instantly sat up and regretted it. “Ouch!” she had hit her head on the top of the bed. “Geez why did you shoot up like that? Are you getting klutzy because of Jenni” Kookie asked “No… I just freaked that I was going to be late for work.” She looked at her phone. “OH my god its 1130!!! That was not 10 minutes! I have to go!” she quickly scrambled out of the bed and Kookie just followed. As she made her way out of his room she realized that it was quiet. “Where is everyone?” she asked putting her shoes on. “Oh they went to go practice.” “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier? You need to practice too.” She was out the door and he was still following right behind her. “I’m the golden maknae; I’ll be fine one time not being there an extra 2 hours.” “What time did they go?” “10.” “Dude you can’t do that again.” “But you were so cute to watch sleeping. You even talk in your sleep.” “What? No I do not.” “Then you must have been dreaming about me.” He said with a smile. “You are so lying, I didn’t even dream.” She said sticking her tongue out at him. “Fine you got me, but you did mumble something I just couldn’t understand what you said.” “Good….Now go to the practice room I’m going to run to the studio I’ll see you maybe tonight?” “I actually have plans tonight but ill text you.” “Ok bye!” she waved and took off as he went the opposite direction. Sarah ran into the studio and made it with 5 minutes to spare.
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Dominic gets on my nerves, I just want to hit him!! He is so irritating and needs to go on somewhere!!
Tag me please😁
Yay Kookie knocked the jerk ex on his jerky ass!! No one insultes my Kookie! *throws table at jerk face!*😠
@MaritessSison ha I wanted to make Sarah like get crazy and have kookie pull her off him but then though kookie throwing a punch would be great lol
That part when Jungkook socked Mike, that was amazing! And the part Namjoon are in the kitchen and the pan is on fire and Jin's comment about Mario Kart, I love it, so cute!!!