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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 3 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Mark of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Wonho's POV The moment he saw her come through the door he had his eye on her. She was searching around innocently as she made her way to the bar. She was cute but he could tell she was faking. The scent of Vampire was all over her but a Vampire as old as him could smell she was human. She wasn't just some innocent girl wandering in to check out his bar; she came in for a reason. When another Vampire started to bother her, he got annoyed. He wanted to keep an eye on her but he could see how such a pretty face would attract a lot of attention. She reminded him of someone he loved. So he handled the Vampire and got him out of the way, she was calm until she gave him her name. He couldn't help the smile creeping on his face. She must've given him her real name. She was weak to him, like most women were and honestly he didn't mind toying with her before he found out what she needed. He got her to his house and once he got her dress off her true scent was starting to come out. She smelled amazing the more he moved around her the better she smelled and when he took a bite from her thigh, he was amazed. He was surprised, she tasted better than she smelled. She looked like she was waiting for something to happen to him though, like she was anticipating a side effect He had a side effect alright his hard on became more prominent, his original idea to move slowly was cut when her leg hit his erection. He knew he couldn't hold anymore. He didn't get a chance to enjoy the sounds she made, he was moving fast trying to find his release. He could hear her say she was close so he moved faster until her body tensed up and then she quickly relaxed into her climax. He rolled over amazed that he felt so alive, more alive than he felt in years. He made sure he claimed her, as long as she belonged to him he would feel more alive than he had before. He caught sight of her eyes glowing purple in the mirror, he thought the high from her blood made him see that but when he found her in the kitchen drinking his blood he realized it wasn't him just seeing things. "What are you? Human's don't drink blood." he said "I'm not human nor am I a Vampire I'm stuck in the inbetween, I'm cursed." She was a half life, no wonder her blood smelled amazing. He thought they were myths though, he'd never encountered one before and he had claimed her as his own. "I think I'm going to like you Y/N. By the way, I prefer you called me by my true name, Hoseok. " He smiled at her and she actually smiled back but then continued to drink. She was licking her lips, her eyes completely purple now. Perhaps half bloods had purple eyes, he himself came from a strange bloodline which was why his eyes turned blue. His family was formed of Vampire hunters as well but their method of hunting was a bit more accurate than normal humans. They were witches along with his pal he later met, Shownu. Their magic was still in their blood which made them Changkyun's favorite men although some of their abilities had disappeared. Changkyun was the one that turned him, he was at least three hundred years old by now. She grabbed another bottle and things where starting to make a little more sense to Hoseok. She didn't know how to feed, she didn't feed enough. "Alright Y/N enough. No more drinking." he said. "It's so amazing!" her voice sounded ravenous. "Shit." he said as he came up to her and grabbed her arm. He pulled the bottle out of her insane grip and tossed it across the room. He held her there, she looked back at him with a crazy smile, "You don't drink blood very often do you?" he said. She was high strong and much stronger than him, she was forcing his hands back and he had to do everything he could to get her to calm down. She kicked him in the groin and he doubled over covering his crotch in pain. Vampire or not that still hurt. She was about to go for the fallen bottle when she heard her phone ring. She grabbed it answering quickly but harshly as well, "What?" she said. Hoseok listened in on the conversation. "Where the hell are you?" A male voice said. "I'm out, what do you want?" "Damn I knew I shouldn't have let you go alone. Y/N if you killed someone-" "I didn't kill anyone." she said. The harsh tone must've been how this man on the phone recognized she had basically gotten drunk off of human blood. He seemed to know her well enough that he didn't get offended by her tone but he sounded strict and frankly worried. He continued to listen as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her still naked body. His head in the crook of her neck inhaling her magnificent scent. "Listen, Mark is here but I don't want you two talking while you're high. We can go out hunting to calm you down if you need to, you just have to come back to the house." he said. There was a whistle coming from the phone and he could feel her twitch, "Okay Okay stop I'll come back." she said in pain. "Don't hurt anyone Y/N you know you'll regret it. Next time listen to me when I tell you to eat properly." "Alright. I'll be there soon." she said before ending the call. "Get off me." she said to Hoseok. "I wanted you to stay all night too, who was on the phone, was it your lover? Will you tell him you're mine?" "He's my roommate." she answered coldly. "Who's Mark?" "It's not nice to listen in on people's conversations." she said. "It's not nice to scout out bars as hunting grounds." She looked back at him, "I know hunters when I see them. I was one myself." "Then you were pretty good. What made you turn to their side?" she asked. "Contrary to popular belief not all Vampires are evil blood suckers. Some only take what they need. Besides it wasn't my choice to be turned." He let her go and went away in a flash then came back with her dress and underwear. "Thanks." she said. She started putting her clothes back on when he said, "So who are you hunting?" "Not you, just be grateful of that." He pinned her against the island in his kitchen. Her dress now covering her body but her chest still exposed. She looked at him in annoyance, "You seemed to have snapped out of it enough. Even with my scent on you, you still smell like a human. I'll make you a deal, whoever it is your after, make sure it doesn't cause me trouble and I'll protect you. Everyone will know you belong to me, so you should be grateful for that." "Why did you come for me anyway? Is it because you knew I was hunting?" "Perhaps, but even you should know your scent draws vampires in for miles." "And now with you claiming me they'll back off. That only makes my job harder not easier." She said smirking at him. "Come to the bar tomorrow before night fall I'll introduce you to the others." "Why?" She looked at him suspicious. "I want them to know what's mine, it'll be fun to brag in their faces that I've claimed a half life. Bedside's my maker should be back in a few days, he likes to meet the people we claim as our own." "If you offer me up as dinner for your friends I swear-" "You'll what?" he said grabbing her neck. His touch was gentle but his face had mischief all over it. He could see she knew he had other reasons for showing her off. There was a Mark in their bar that Wonho had identified as a hunter and the fact that she was one too and was meeting up with another Mark didn't seem like a coincidence.; he wanted to keep her close. He'd let her go for now, normally he'd make his claims stay by his side. He didn't claim anyone unless he liked them and he really liked her. His desire for her to not end up dead was stronger than his need to know what she was up to. This was the quickest he'd ever attached himself to a human though. It may have something to do with her blood or who she looked like. He leaned in and kissed her softly, he felt her sigh into the kiss, she wrapped her hands around his neck to make it deeper then moved her fingers through his hair tightening her grip so he kissed her harder. When he pulled away both of them were gasping for breath. His fangs were out and they had cut her lip but the wound was healing already. The other bite mark she had, had healed after she drank his bottles of blood. He licked his lips feeling the need to have her again spark up. She licked her blood off of her lips but looked at him with her still purple eyes. She wasn't completely out of it yet but it was close enough for her to have control over herself now. "You should go, or you won't be getting home tonight. Next time you come into my bar I want you dressed properly. Dresses allow too much free access I don't want anyone getting to you that easily." She chuckled, "Next time I'll just take their arm off." "There's no fighting allowed in the bar." he said. "Then tell them not to start a fight." With that she left, he stayed there until her scent had completely gone away. His last claim was accused of being a Hunter, despite Wonho pleading with Changkyun that she wasn't, he killed her anyway. He loved her too, that was the other reason why he'd gone after Y/N, she looked like his Yoona. Y/N was a good hunter though if he was lucky he could convince Changkyun into using her, rather than killing her, to stop the Huntress. She was the reason Changkyun kept moving around from place to place. She was causing trouble at his businesses and killing his men. He hoped her skill was good enough to keep her alive. One way or another Changkyun would find out she was a Hunter. He was trying to warn her but he could already tell it wouldn't be easy. Y/N's POV You made your way home as fast as you could. You now had better speed because you fed and you were stronger too. Those were all great perks but it made the reality that you turned into a monster every once in a while very real. You could avoid drinking blood for months, using human food to help you survive injuries, you wouldn't heal as fast as you did with blood but you healed much quicker than humans would if they had sustained the wounds you took. The only down fall was it would make you crankier than normal which means you were more trigger happy and highly likely to bite a human out of nowhere. That's why Jackson was a bit nervous with you around the boys. You were grateful he called when he did though; you were starting to get stronger than Hoseok, getting stronger wasn't the problem so much as it was the indication that you were descending into darkness. The more you embraced the monster half of you the more you feared that your years of straddling both sides would end, resulting in you losing all humanity left inside you. Wonho mentioned he was owner of the bar but Haneul said that Shownu owned it. Either Haneul was lying or they both owned the bar. It was quite possible that all six of Changkyun's men owned the bar. Hoseok had given you the perfect reason to go back in just for the hell of it. Being claimed by him meant you might be able to move around a little more freely than you would've before. His scent covered you but the more trained ones would be able to tell your true scent from his. He was going to have you meet them too which means you'd come face to face with Shownu. You wanted a bit more information before you formulated your plan. He mentioned his maker was coming back soon so unless one of the six members was his maker, you bet good money you were coming face to face with Changkyun. The adrenaline began to surge through your body again, so close to killing him. You walked into the house, the sun close to rising now. You texted Jackson earlier that you had to wear down the high a little more because you couldn't get your fangs to go back in. They'd come out after you drank blood, you saw your eyes glowing purple in the reflection of your phone too. Mark had stayed the night so once you walked in you saw him and Jackson asleep on the couch. You walked over to Jackson poking him to wake him up. He sat up with sleepy eyes and grumbled lowly, "You were out all night?" he said. "Yeah, where's Yoongi? Did he go back to his coffin?" you asked. Jackson nodded then looked at you clearly, "Tell me you didn't do anything stupid." "No ones dead but I'll explain later. Is this Mark?" you asked pointing at the sleeping figure before Jackson. "Yeah, he's been undercover for a while so he's got some good info. Were you able to pick up anything there?" You shook your head no, "No I got blocked by a Vampire named Hoseok, or Wonho rather." "Same name as Yoongi's friend." Jackson stated. "Yeah but not the same guy." you said. He nodded and picked up a pillow and threw it at Mark's head. You raised an eyebrow and looked at him then at Mark who began to stir on the couch. He straightened up and groaned, "Not cool Jackson." "Sorry, Y/N's here." Jackson smiled. He looked you up and down and then looked at Jackson and said, "This is the badass Huntress everyone's afraid of? She looks like a cupcake." "What the fuck did you just say?" you practically growled at the insult. Jackson held a hand up, it was slightly hovering over your chest so you stopped leaning forward. Mark looked shocked at your tone and then chuckled a little. "I stand corrected, my apologies. I just pictured you in something darker." "I didn't want to draw attention. Going in looking like a Vampire Hunter would've blown my cover before I had a chance to make one." you said annoyed. He nodded, you excused yourself to go upstairs and change really quick. You came down in your leather pants and a black tank top that raised just about your belly button. Your hair was down your back and kind of wavy your black eye liner was still on and now with the darker colors you looked like the threatening Huntress that Mark was expecting. You sat down next to Jackson and leaned over, your hands clasped and your elbows resting on your thighs as you looked at him straight faced. "I need you to tell me what you know about Shownu and Hoseok." you said. "Shownu is Changkyun's right hand man. He travels everywhere with him. He comes back to the bar to check the progress done by the others. When Changkyun comes back here, he protects him he's very loyal to him. He's the leader of the other five men." That explained why he wasn't there, then again you didn't stay long enough to really make sure in the first place. "Do you know how powerful he is?" you asked. "No but he's the oldest, people have said he's Changkyun's second son." You thought for a moment, as you recalled Changkyun was at least a hundred years old before he discovered he could turn people. He was at least a thousand now. He never mentioned any of the people he turned except for one time but he never mentioned a name and from what you remembered he said that he died, apparently he walked right out into the sunlight. "Shownu is a bit more strict, he's kind of rough around the edges but he has every reason to be. Vampires and humans alike want Changkyun dead. Hoseok is a different story, him and Shownu were both witches but Hoseok was also a Hunter when he was human. He's a huge playboy, his icy blue eyes are perfect to lure all the girls to him-" Yeah, you could relate to that unfortunately. He stopped himself in mid sentence, he looked like he was remembering something. You paid close attention to him, "My sister fell for him and it ended up getting her killed." "He killed your sister?" Jackson asked. "No, Changkyun did because he thought she was a Hunter. More specifically someone framed her as the Huntress," he looked towards you. There was a slight disgust in his eyes, you were just someone he could focus his anger on even though he knew he shouldn't. Your reputation must've had him on edge. "Hoseok claimed her but he did nothing to protect her. He just watched him snap her neck." You sighed, although you felt no obligation to defend Hoseok in this situation you wanted Mark to understand. "I could estimate Hoseok to be about three hundred years old give or take. He's no where near strong enough to stop Changkyun from doing anything. He can only follow orders." "So what makes you think you can stop him?" Mark said annoyed. You didn't take it personally although if he hadn't been Jackson's friend you probably would've told him off. "I know Changkyun and once he knows I'm alive, I'll be able to do what I need to do to kill him without a second thought. It's just getting past the six boys that I need to figure out. I want Hoseok to stay alive for now." "No way." Mark shook his head upset. "Look I'm sorry for your loss but we are going to do things my way and for right now I need him alive. I'm not letting anyone get in my way of killing Changkyun especially not you so you're either with me or you're not in which case I'll reunite you with your pretty little sister myself. Do you understand me?" "Y/N." Jackson called your name softy for you to stop. You just held up your hand to him and looked Mark in the eye. Mark exhaled frustrated, "Wonho was a witch when he was human so he's probably the one that enhanced those jewelry items so that he and the others could walk in the daylight. It sounds like Changkyun is going to be returning in a few days so I need to figure out who the others are and take them out, we have to do it carefully though otherwise they'll know they're being hunted." "UV lights?" Jackson asked. "No, UV lights won't mean anything if they have the jewelry on and I don't see anyone to volunteer to get close enough to take it off. Besides I need to know how old the others are before we make a move. Right now Hoseok is my only way to get in and out of there casually." "Wait why is that?" Jackson asked. "He's claimed me." you answered nonchalantly. "Are you fucking kidding me?" both Jackson and Mark said. "Y/N are you out of your mind? Why would you let him do that?" Jackson said. You turned to him and quickly flashed your eyes purple. He understood then, that you were pretty much weak to Wonho. You were weak to his temptations because you didn't 'feed properly' as Jackson liked to put it. "Look as long as I'm his no one will question why I'm in there. If at all possible, I won't raise attention when I go into backrooms and private places. He's my ticket to getting close. By the way, Jackson Vampires have great hearing, they can make out both ends of a telephone conversation when they listen close enough. Mark you're not going to want to be seen around the bar anytime soon so lay low for now." "Damn it, I didn't think about that." Jackson said. You yawned and told Mark and Jackson not to do anything stupid until you came up with a plan. It was divide and conquer for now. You needed to get rid of the ones he trusted. You could leave him open for the taking. It was getting Shown out of the way that would be hard, not unless you could get Hoseok to do it for you....
"She looks like a cupcake" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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