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Hello fellow Vinglers! I'm back with another one shot with Vernon of Seventeen! If you missed the previous one, here it is! now enjoy this second part of the one shot with Choi Hansol!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
It was a Thursday afternoon and you were walking to your English class. As you got to the classroom, you sat down in your usual desk next to the presenting laptop and you got out your book and started reading it. Once the teacher walked in, she told everyone about the project, reminding the class that it was due tomorrow, and she gave her daily lecture. As she was done with the lecture, she gave out the homework and she told the class to wait at their desks for the dismissal bell. After the bell rang she dismissed the class. As you walked out of the classroom, you then head to your car and drive home. As you drive up to your house and park your car in the garage, you turn off your car, lock it, and walk in the house towards the couch. After you sat down on the couch, you turned on your favorite TV show on Netflix and watch it. As you were watching it, you hear your doorbell ring. You pause your show and open the door. It was Hansol. "Hey Vernon, what's up?" You say as you let him in. "Nothing much, by the way, you said you would lick me clean a few days ago." He replied. You stare at him with a confused look on his face, then it comes to you. "Oh yeah that's right! You said that I would do it, okay, well I think we should warmup first, agree?" You reply. "Uhh, okay, sounds good to me." He replied. You pull him by the wrist to your room, lock the door, and slam him against it as you kiss his lips and slip your hands under his shirt, he then stops, takes off his shirt, and kisses you and does the same thing to you. As he was kissing you, you unhook your bra, back and straps, and pull it off, dropping it next to your bed. He then laid you down on your bed and took off his pants. You then take off your shirt and pull the covers over the both of you as he moved you on your bed and slipped his boxers off. You then undo your jeans and throw them off the bed next to the rest of your clothes and turn him over to where you were hovering over you as you were grinding your hips on top of his pelvic bone and he slipped your silky mint green panties off and threw them off the bed next to your jeans. You then slammed your hips on his pelvis and moved your body on him until he slid his dick up your hole. Then you really rocked him hard as you were kissing his neck and he had his hands on your back the whole time you were grinding him. He then hooked his legs on your back and rolled over to where he was on top of you and he finger combed your hair so smoothly, your hands were on his back and you moved your feet from his legs to his back as you rub him deep from his thighs, to his back. As you were rubbing him deep, you pressed on him hard until your feet got to his butt and you squeezed his butt cheeks close together and then moved up to his back as you pull his chest closer to yours and kissed him oh so passionately and then you turn to your side and he fell to the side as well as you at the same time you moved to your side as you both kissed eachother's lips and pulled your chests closer to eachother with your hands and feet on both your backs, until you both ran out of breath. You then pushed the covers down to below your chin and you caught your breath. "Man that was awesome!" Vernon said. "Oh that was just the start, just wait until I take you to the couch. I'm going to have you like I have never had anyone before." You replied kissing his neck. You then got up, unlocked the door, opened it, and went to the couch. "Get up Hansol!" You yelled at him. He got up and followed you to the couch. Once you both got to the couch you were ready to lick him clean like you have never done it before. "Sit Hansol!" You told him. He sat on the couch as you told him to. 'Man this is going to be awesome!' you thought to yourself as you groped his butt, and pulled it close to your head and squeezed it hard. You then start to lick in between his legs like it was gravy on your dinner plate. You then lick the dick all around until you reached the tip of the dick and you spit out the saliva that had built up in your mouth after licking him all over in between his legs. You then poked his black cherries with your tongue as one got larger and the other got smaller. As you poked one cherry, it got smaller and the other got larger, you then poked the other cherry as it got smaller while the other got larger, you kept poking his black cherries, until they both slowed down and you poked your tongue in between his black cherries as far as you could until there was nowhere to poke. You then licked all around and massaged him until his muscles closed in on you, you then moved your tongue out, went to the bathroom, and rinsed your mouth with water, then mint flavored mouthwash. You kept rinsing your mouth until the taste of his junk was gone. You then went back to the couch, sat on his legs and kissed his lips as he was enjoying the mouthwash you had used to rinse your mouth while he was kissing your lips. He then laid you down on the couch, his lips not leaving yours, and hovered over you while you were setting your hands on his back. You two were lying on the couch, naked, making out, until your phone buzzed. You turned your head to look at your phone and he was kissing your neck. "Oh crap! I think my parents will be home soon!" You said as you looked at your phone. There was a text from your mom that read: "I'll be home soon." You then replied to your mom. "Ok mom!" You texted back. You then closed your eyes as Vernon was kissing your neck. As you were enjoying his lips on your neck, your phone rang. He then stopped, looked at you, and asked you who was calling you. "Who's calling you?" He asked. You look at your phone only to realize that your mom was calling. You then pick up the phone to talk to your mom. "Hey mom! I got your text." You said to your mom. "I know you did, and I'm in my car driving home now." She responded through the phone. "Hold on just a second mom." You said to your mom. You then motioned Hansol to get up, and you both moved off the couch in your bedroom. You then locked the door. "Hansol, you need to put your clothes back on." You said to him. He nodded in response and put his his clothes on quickly. "Ok mom, I'll unlock the doors for you." You said to your mom. "Alright thank you sweetie. I'll see you in a few minutes." She responded. "Ok mom bye." You said as you hung up the phone and put your clothes back on. "Should I leave?" Vernon asked. "No, you need to stay here." You answered as you looked out you window to see your mom pull up in her white minivan. "Okay. I'll go hide in your bathroom." He responded. He then went into your bathroom and sat on the toilet cover. As you mom knocked on your door, you unlocked it to let her in. "Hey mom, how was work?" You asked. "It was fine. I'm going to see your grandmother this weekend." She responded. "Oh cool! I hope she's doing well." You replied. "Me too. Hey, I'm going to the supermarket to buy some groceries. Want to come?" She asked. "No thanks, I'll stay home." You replied. "All right, I'll be back in 30 minutes!" She said. "All right mom!" You replied as she got her keys and went back to her car. You then watched her drive away from the house and you go to your room, then you knocked on your bathroom door and waited for Vernon to unlock it and open it. "Yes my lady?" He said. "Oh my god Vernon don't say that!" You said rolling your eyes. "Here, move I have to use this room." You said. "Alright, I'll be on your bed." He responded. After you dried your hands, you walked out of your bathroom, and saw Vernon sitting on your bed. "Vernon, you need to go home, it's getting late." You told him. "Aw man! But I don't want to leave! He said. "Too bad Hansol, now go home!" You said as he walked out of your room and then out your front door to his car. He parked closer to your neighbor's house as you saw his car. He then got in his car and drove home. You were watching him the whole time. You then went to the couch and finished watching your favorite show on Netflix.
I hope you all liked it! If you want a third part, let me know! Also if you want me to write another one shot for a different idol, comment below another one! Until next time my loverlies!