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My heart was so relief when he said he like me in his own words, that I lost composure completely. I was tearing up and on my knees. "Whoa what just happen in there?" Tablo said as him and the staff all looked at me. "Hey you okay?"
One of the producers asked, as the writer patted my back. I had never like this since I was a teenager. No one saw it, but I knew these were tears of joy. I covered my mouth with my hand to choke back the sound of my crying.
They cut straight to commercial, as Simon and Tablo enter the room. "Lala-ah, you okay?" He asked as he smiled warmly at me. "Kiseok oppa!" I threw myself into his arms, and whaled like my life depended on it.
He securely wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close. "I don't kiss just anyone like that, you of saw this coming." Simon was teasing me, as everyone coo over us. "About damn time you got a good one."
Tablo teased Simon, getting me to laugh instead of cry. "I'm sorry for interrupting your session, but I couldn't hold it back anymore." Tablo looked surprised as he grin and hit Simon lightly. "Dude you made her wait? Or was it the she a sister to me line. I telling my wife on you."
Everyone laughed this time, as Simon kissed my head. "Sorry I'm only confessing to you now. I wasn't sure of myself, until G2 told me about what happen to you." I looked up at Simon confused a bit as my theory was proven true.
"Anything else you're hiding from me? Like a broken rib?" I smiled at him and crush my lips against his. "WOOOO!" Tablo cheered, as Simon return the kiss, but was the one to break it. "Lets talk when I'm done here... for now lets lie and said a fan broke in."
They all agreed as Tablo pouted. "Aw, can I at least send my snap to my wife?" Simon gave him a judging look as I got up, and sent it to his wife, Jay, Hyuk Woo, Ju Kyung, Chase, and Seonghwa. "What are you doing missy?"
Tablo was laughing when Simon pulled me away from Tablo's phone. "But but...they already know...I think." I looked up thinking as Simon sighed. "No only Duck and Chase. Well now they all know."
I slyly kissed Simon's cheek and push him and Tablo into the other room. "Go back to work, the commercial going on for too long." They both smile and went back to work. They even used the line about a crazy fan breaking into the studio.
I stood next to a writer, and watch the two of them have fun. Simon wrapped up after performing his new track. I looked down at his schedule, to see if he had anything else to do, but it seem he was free until later tonight.
I walked into the room when they took their headsets off. Tablo smiled warmly at me, as Simon surprised me with a back hug.
I giggled softly, as I held his forearms. "You two look good together, and thanks to Missy over here. AOMG crew blew up my phone, as well as my wife." I pretended to be shocked, gasped, and covered my mouth. Tablo chuckled softly, before showing me the phone.
'What did I just see? Did that girl just kiss Simon?
Honey, bring her home, I've been dying to meet her!'
'About Damn Time...Now tell her to kick that tricks butt'
'NO! Not my innoccent Lala!'
'Did not see that coming...was it willing?'
I giggled and pointed to his wife's comments. "I'll love to visit her. Been dying to meet Haru too. She gotten so big." Tablo grinned when I agree to his wife's request. "Then lets trade numbers and make a date." He traded phones, as I heard Simon whimpering.
"Don't you have some business to take care of?" I looked over at Simon, as he pulled away. "Already trying to get rid of me. Aren't you the one that ran into my arms before." I grinned and looked back at the phone, making sure I got everything right.
"You kissed me first, so you want to rethink that?" I gave back Tablo his phone as he gave me back mine. Simon just stood there pouting, and looking so cute my heart was turning into mush.
"I though if we were together the sass would go away... Though honestly glad it didn't." He was smirking, as I kissed his cheek. "You got to take care of something before I even agree to be yours completely."
Simon sigh heavily and nodded his head, as we both headed out. We said our byes before be fully left the building to get in the car. "Do I get to keep kissing you, though?" I turn towards him, and saw he was watching me endearingly.
"You whimpering with that Busan accent is not fair." It was making me weak in the knees, I needed to focus on driving. I turned to face the road, when Simon took advantage of the next red light.
"Well now that I know that, I'll make sure to use it to my advantage." He whispered seductively in my ear, giving me chills down my spin. "Jung Kiseok -ssi, I am driving, you sexually frustrating me until you take care of business."
I saw the cocky grin on his face as I sighed heavily. This man knew the power he had on my now. I was definitely in danger now.
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