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The Ultimate Track of Korean Trap
I was browsing Soundcloud for Korean Trap, like always, & I found this compilation track with 24 songs on it. The years the songs were made range from 2013-2015.
It's 1 hour, 36 minutes, & 35 seconds of greatness & I've played it on my drive home & mostly for when I need to clean & don't need to be distracted by skipping songs.
Here are the track times & I've put the link below:
0:00 Okasian - No Flex Zone Remix (feat. Bryan Cha$e)
2:44 Olltii - OLL'Skool
7:03 Bobby - L4L (Lookin' For Luv) (feat. Dok2, The Quiett)
10:13 Zico - Tough Cookie (feat. Don Mills)
14:25 Bryan Cha$e - Sober (feat. Okasian)
17:03 Keith Ape - Ksubi (feat. Ken Rebel)
20:48 천재노창 - CHING CHANG CHONG
24:04 Paloalto - 거북선 Remix (feat. G2, B-Free, Okasian, Zico)
28:42 Keith Ape - Camo (feat. Bryan Cha$e)
32:57 C Jamm - Watch (feat. BewhY, Dok2, Konsoul)
38:23 The Quiett - My Life (feat. Dok2, Beenzino)
43:08 Vasco - 말달리자 (feat. C Jamm, 천재노창)
46:57 Crush - Oasis (feat. Zico)
50:06 Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino - Rockin' With The Best
54:05 Brasco - 가장 높은 곳 (1st Place)
56:34 Okasian - LALALA (feat. Beenzino)
60:43 Giriboy, C Jamm, Swings, 천재노창 - Rain Showers Remix
65:19 Paloalto, B-Free, Okasian - 살아남아 (Survive)
70:44 Okasian, Reddy, Keith Ape - New Seoul
75:08 Doplamingo - WASSUP (feat. C Jamm)
78:00 Jay Park - 원해 (Want It) (feat. B-Free, 천재노창)
84:08 Dumbfoundead - Domies (도우미) (feat. Keith Ape, Okasian)
87:54 The Quiett - 1LLIONAIRE So Ambitious (feat. Dok2, Beenzino)
91:42 Vasco - Don (feat. Dok2, The Quiett, 천재노창)
Hope you all enjoy!
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Just a question... Have you heard of Eung Freestyle???? ITS SO GOOD!!! I can't stop listening
a year ago·Reply
@Izzy987 I have! I saw that commercial with it on YouTube & I've been addicted since. 😭
a year ago·Reply