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You angrily pushed him off, absolute sick and tired of his games. You tugged at your own hair in frustration, giving him a deathly glare. He looked taken aback, rubbing the back of his neck and you jabbed a finger in his chest.
“I don’t care what you do, who you do it with, what happens to you, I couldn’t care less.” You hissed, pushing him into the wall. “But you leave Jimin and I out of this.” You pleaded, watching his face contort into frustration at the mention of Jimin’s name.
“You aren’t his. You’re mi-”
“If you say I’m yours, you’re wrong.”You said, chewing on your lip and looking at your shoes, a sigh escaping from Yoongi.
“Just hear me out.”
“Hear you out? Why would I want to hear about why you left me? For that bimbo outside? No thanks.” You scoffed and flinched when he put a hand to your cheek, gently caressing it with the pad of his thumb.
“You can’t stay mad at me forever.” Yoongi said with a teasing smile, poking your nose as you turned away from him, a grunt being sent his way. Raising an eyebrow, he crawled on the bed to where you were and gently rubbed your sides, fighting back the urge to smile as he sent you his gummy grin.
You let out a giggle once he started to pout, puffing up his cheeks. You laid down next to him, putting your arm under your head and treated it like a pillow. You closed your eyes in content at the feeling of his thumb softly caressing your cheek, your smile widening.
“I’m never letting you go.”
Pushing his arm away, you wrapped your arms around your waist, ignoring the look he gave you. “Stop that. Stop trying to make me fall in love with you again.” He gave you a small half smile, leaning against the wall.
“I don’t need to try, you still are.”
“I’m far from it.” You muttered weakly, wanting nothing more than to go back to Jimin. “Then why are you still here?” He asked tauntingly, causing you to snap your head at him in confusion.
“(Y/N), I know you-”
“You know nothing about me.” You hissed, causing him to shake his head, nudging his head at the door.
“You could’ve left, several times. I stood no where near the door to block you, yet you stayed in here and argued. Hell, you could’ve left after the first time you pushed me away.” He said with a smirk. “Admit it, you love me.”
“I love Jimin.”
“You love the thought of him.” He retorted, narrowing his eyes at you when you looked at your feet. “He doesn’t make you happy the way I did, he doesn’t know what you love.” He said, standing up straight to look at you. “Does he even know how you love the feeling of someone hugging you around your waist?”
“Does he know how you like to be kissed behind your ear? How you love being sang to when you can’t sleep? How you can’t sleep without someone holding you, otherwise you get nightmares and stay up the entire night until 3 in the morning? How you wake up so early and basically waste so many hours walking around the apartment?” He listed, crossing his arms and glaring at you.
“He can’t love you like I do.”
“Then why did you leave?” You asked, your voice cracking as you felt the corner of your eyes sting. He stayed silent, dropping his arms at his sides as he met your eyes. “I don’t know.”
“Then you can’t say you love me if you don’t even have a reason why you abandoned me when I needed you.” You hissed as you left the bathroom, Yoongi letting out a bitter laugh as he dropped his head.
“And I need you now.” He mumbled, clenching his fists at his sides.
He didn’t want to admit it to anyone, but being without you was putting a toll on him. He quietly wrote down the lyrics to the song he had been working on, thinking of a subtle way to show you how he was hurting. You claimed he didn’t care, how he couldn’t show any other emotion lately. This was his call to you, whether you realized it or not.
He glared at the door from the corner of his eye, hearing Jimin’s cheerful voice boom around the room. He quickly scribbled down a few more lines, quietly listening as the boys talked about his date with you.
“She looked so beautiful. She wore this amazing lilac dress and despite not wearing that much make-up, she still looked breathtaking.” Yoongi knew what he was talking about. The lilac dress that hugged your body in the right places, tight around the chest, but loosened into a beautiful sprawl along the bottom.
He used to tell you to wear the dress often when you both went to parks, a small smile creeping onto his face as he continued to listen. “She was quiet, but it was in a good way. She talked about how much she missed being out, and she’d take note of the littlest things. It was so nice watching her face light up.” Jimin said, a content sigh escaping his lips.
“And? What else?” JIn asked excitedly, causing Yoongi to roll his eyes, focusing back on the song.
“She kissed me.” Yoongi froze, snapping the pencil in his hand, the other members looking at him in confusion. “Hyung? What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked, stumbling back slightly as Yoongi quickly stood up, leaving his work and exiting the dorm wordlessly.
You quietly made your way back to the table, peeking in front of you to see Yoongi still absent. Jimin gently placed a hand on top of yours, causing you to look up at his concerned face.. “Are you alright Jagi?’ He asked softly.
You gave him a soft smile, running your hand through his hair as you gently pecked his lips, seeing Yoongi go back to his seat from the corner of your eye.
“Everything’s absolutely fine.”


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