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Ugh so it's 1:03 AM, and I'm just gonna pretend I'm not like an hour late on this one.
Hehe :^)
22. If you could spend a whole day with Block B, what would you do? . . . WELL MANY THINGS BUT LET'S JUST SKIP ALL THAT FOR NOW. To be perfectly honest guys, as much as I'd love to just casually chill and lounge around with them, if I were given the opportunity to spend a day with Block B, I would go all out. Even if that means GOING OUTside for long periods of time. Not even playing, I would sacrifice my comfort zone for a day with them in a heartbeat. That being said, let's get down to business!
10 AM, bright and early, because there would be big plans for that day. We'd all file in, some still half asleep, for some down-low dining in a relaxed breakfast joint.
After that, odd enough, we'd hit the movie theaters. Many reasons for this; one, particularly, would be the lack of people at the theatres at 11:30 in the morning. Makes for comfortable surroundings and less distraction, plus more of a chance to goof off with the guys without having to disturb any other patrons.
Then, it'd be a pretty good time to go shopping right? Buying stuff can be fun, but just imagine roaming around with the guys, in and out of stores, trying things on, etc. It'd be a blast!
Of course, a short trip to the cafeteria would be in order.
At this point, it's about 6 o' clock, and we all take a detour to the beach while on the way to our next destination. No one goes swimming, of course, and it is only B-Bomb who threatens to strip for the water and actually begins doing so. As we all would scream and throw sand at eachother, occasionally forcing B-Bomb back into his clothing, we would spend quite some time there enjoying the calm beach.
After the beach, we'd all finally arrive to the amusement park. We would all be pretty tired, but the excitement is unstoppable as we would all huddle in lines for rides. P.O and Taeil are the hardest to convince to ride, but I'd get 'em to do it with slight persuasion, putting their dinners that I'd pay for on the line. Which brings us to our final destination:
8 PM, and we're all exhausted, but burgers and fries seem way more appealing than a fancy cuisine at that hour. We all squeeze into a half circle booth and share food, crack jokes, attempt to see how many french fries we can balance on the sleeping Zico's head before he notices. We would stay for an hour, and then sadly prepare to part ways, though with everyone satisfied. . . . Well, that marks the end of an incredibly dreamy and incredibly unrealistic day out with Block B. See you tomorrow's challenge!
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*twirls fingers nervously* can I come with? ; ^ ; this sounds like a perfect day