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Generation one: Is Articuno the icebird from the north. I love the attacks and is great against dragon, grass, flying. plus is very pretty and great in contest as well.
Generation two: Raikou the legendary beast. I love his attacks and if you pair him off with the right pokemon he will be unstopable. also of you put quick claw and boost his speed to the max he will always go frist.
Generation 3: Latios the Jet pokemon. the pokemon was frist seen in sapphire and in the pokemon movie Heroes the movie when latios ( spoiler) give up his life to save the whole city of Altomare from two thieves.
Generation 4: Darkrai the bad dream pokemon. now this is the most understood pokemon other then asbol. In the movie call 'The raise of Darkrai' ; this pokemon took on Diagla and Palkia and try to make them stop fighting. but that not the only reason why I like him he's a powerhouse by himself if you is him in the hand held games. also of a trainer is not used to them Its a great way to annoyed your opponent.
Generation 5 is Kyurem the Boundary pokemon. I love how he looks out of all the legendaries pokemon in this generation. but I do not like how he looks in black 2 and white 2. I like him the way he is.
Generation 6. The master of destruction Yveltal. I love how he looks and his battle style.
Now this was not to bad as the first one I did which is called 'lets hear it everyone. Whose your favorite?' Which you can go see the basic pokemon from all the generation that I like. But I didn't pick any startes other then Oshawott. I'm not sure if I want to do a just starter one or not. Its up to go guys of you want me too.
Anyway thanks for taking a look and remember I love hearing you favorite legendaries pokemon too. so just leave it on the bottom if you wish.ok see you next time
Articuno, Suicune, Kyogre, and last, but not least: Mewtwo. I just really like them, though I do have a reasonn behind Kyogre, he was the first Pokémon card I ever got, found him in my starter pack! 😁
Articuno... who else is with me?
@animerg13 lol and nice
Shinx. Or Vulpix.
anybody a ninetails fan?
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