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lol Nam joon is my ultimate bias but then we have all of the members pulling all these stunts and I'm just like WHYYYYY
that is true @KokoroNoTakara BTS has no chill when it comes to not staying in lanes
I agree they have no chill and they know it. All of them are damn bias wreckers. You have to claim all of them or else you are left being a fucking mess trying to remain loyal to one while the other members are messing with your emotions with the shit they pull. I swear I now have everyone in the group as my special except Yoogni and his ass just won't leave me alone. Seeing them and their antics I want to throw up my hands in the air and say Fudge my life cause there is nothing better than chocolate and BTS unless I mix them together. πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒβœŒοΈπŸ‘
@SimplyAwkward I know right! Ugh this is why I can't choose a single bias in this group
@SimplyAwkward Welcome to my world... Namjoom wrecks mine all the time...
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