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みなさん、こんにちは! Hello everyone!

This anime is like my all-time favorite anime! I see a few people here and there commenting on it. But like seriously is anyone super excited that it's back?
For those who don't know D.Gray-Man has came back with a continuation of the anime that ended in late 2008, called D.Gray-Man Hallow. This new anime will continue where the anime left off in 2008 and hopefully continue until the story-line ends. The anime is supposed to air a total of 13 episodes and it's been licensed by Funimation in North America for streaming/English subtitles. A new episode comes out on what looks to be every Monday (Eastern Time.) With the looks of it the 13 episodes of this anime will only cover one of the Arks (The Yu Kanda and Alma Karma Ark) in the manga, so hopefully if the anime gets enough views we'll have a season two after this one fully airs. With the manga still being unfinished and only being updated once every three months the anime may catch up before Hoshino Katsura-Sensei finishes writing/drawing it. Let's all give her our best wishes so that she doesn't injury herself again!
Hell no! I'm absolutely excited!
@SimplyAwkward Me too!! Like seriously DGM is my all-time favorite anime and Allen is like my favorite anime character! So I about died whenever I heard the news about both the anime and manga coming back!!!
I am and I screamed like a schoolgirl when I saw the news