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Did y'all think this card was about Kyungsoo?! Haha you thought wrong!
Well this appreciation card is about someone who I really care about... No it's not J-Hope.. No it's not Youngjae.. It's You.. Yes! You! The one who is reading this!
I love and care about every single one of you guys! Vingle is like my family. And who doesn't love their family?! But anyways, I am so thankful for everyone who enjoys my cards and supports me. I am always smiling in the morning just thinking about the amazing cards everyone makes on here. I have had made a few close friends on here such as @MrsChoiJunHong @MrsBangYongguk @SindyHernandez @MarrickeJ33 And my
Okay I think everyone knows I write WAY too many fanfics... I know I'm crazy.. But I just really love to write and reading everyone's lovely feedback and advice. I remember when I first joined here like back in December of 2015. I was too shy and scared to start writing fanfiction because I thought that no one would read it or even like it but surprisingly I had a few likes and comments which kept me writing more and more stories to share. I am currently working on some more parts for you guys. But I just wanted to say..
{How freaking cute are they?!} But anyways, I wanted to say THANK YOU! and I LOVE YOU! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Keep commenting and supporting me on my fanfiction! I do need the encouragement.. But no need too.. Just a suggestion xD
But anyway I love you <3 Take care :D
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Loveee you gurly
I love you Unnie!!!!!
You are the sweetest and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we love and appreciate you too!! Especially the Toppklass! β™‘β™‘β™‘
@MrsChoiJunHong 😘😘
Awie!! That's so sweet^^