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Genre: Mafia Pairing: U-Kwon x reader Warning: swearing, violence and some scenes of intimacy
You woke up next to U-Kwon, he'd obviously snuck back in last night some time. Carefully, you got up from your place and headed to the kitchen. You poured yourself some juice as P.O walked into the room. He looked like he'd been dragged around. His shirt was half tucked in, the tie around his neck was loose and looked like it was ripped at the bottom and one side of his trousers were half way down his hip. "You look like hell" you joked. "Shut it kid, I had a rough night ok!" He was certainly hung over. "So... Heist day today then!" "Yeah i guess" he yawned, "and you're not coming before you even ask"
You pouted, "can I at least stay in the car?" He was hiccuping now which surely wouldn't help his head. "N-no it's not s-safe for you there." "It's not safe anywhere but I still stay" You were taken back by your own words. Maybe it was true, maybe you didn't worry enough about your own safety. For sure, U-Kwon didn't care about it, in comparison to Taeil, so that may be why you never cared either. "Next time I'm coming okay" you left him with that before moving into the living room where Jaehyo and Zico were sat. They were peacefully playing a shooting game, 'practise for later' you thought.
"Seriously? This is how you relax? By firing more guns, Geez!" You exclaimed, plopping yourself down on the sofa. "There's just something cool about it. You can die on this and just respawn like 2 seconds later. Real life isn't like that" Jaehyo admitted. It was true though. If one of them was to get shot, that'd be it. At least with a video game character you can always restart. "But P.O's right Y/N, you can't come with us to the heist." Zico interrupted your thoughts. "Everyone keeps saying th- what's so bad about it? I was with you guys yesterday. That guy had a gun!" "But we were there. Nothing would have happened. U-Kwon didn't take his eyes off you. On these types of things he'd have to leave you at some point"
No matter how much they protested, you still didn't accept any of their reasons. You watched the boys play and shoot down more characters in the game until your boyfriend walked in the room. His hair was ruffled - he'd just woken up probably. "Morning lads, babe" he walked over to you and kissed you on the forehead before heading to the kitchen. "I doubt your boyfriend would agree either!" Jaehyo chuckled. "Babe!" You yelled. U-Kwon had to backtrack as he headed back to your side. "You'd let me go with you to the heist wouldn't you?"
You even tried to used a sweet voice but he wasn't up for this right now. "You shouldn't really. But at the end of the day, if you came and got injured then you'd understand the danger" His answer shocked you, "tomorrow babe, we're going to go after the boss of those guys from the casino place, you can come then I promise." As he walked away, Jaehyo and Zico were left speechless. "See I told you! Looks like it's me and you guys tomorrow then!" You smiled brightly at the thought of accompanying these boys on another mission. All the action excited you.
U-Kwon's perspective~ I only allowed it because it's what she really wants. I don't see Y/N being a really tough girl but at least this might be a step in the right direction. Hopefully, our leader will eventually accept her. I've always wanted her to be part of our gang, she'd be totally badass. I decided to talk to P.O while we were on our way to the bank. "Boss? Could Y/N come with us tomorrow since she wasn't allowed today?" He looked over at me with a blank stare, "is this what you want?" "What do you mean?" "Do you want her to be involved in this line of work, she is a girl after all"
Stupid P.O, the only thing he could only see women as was either a distraction or a toy. He was so wrong, there's so more. Like Y/N. He sees her as a distraction to me but honestly she isn't. "She's fine with it so I should respect that. I've already warned her of the consequences anyway" "Sure whatever, see if I care when she gets shot or injured. I'll laugh" The misunderstanding about our leader is that people think he's a bad guy. Generally, he's not. He wasn't always the boss but Zico couldn't handle it anymore. Anyway, P.O has more experience when it comes to this kind of thing.
We stopped just outside the building and slid on our clown masks. P.O got out first and broke open the doors. The woman behind the desk and two people waiting in line halted at our presence. "Get out! You never saw us!" He shouted at the customers and they weakly did what he said. "And you, money now. Not a lot, just enough alright?" He ordered. When Zico was the leader, he always got P.O to go in first. That's one of the other reasons why he handed the job over to him. The women meekly opened the drawer and placed about 10 stacks of money on the desk.
P.O motioned for me and B-Bomb to take it and so we slid them into a bin bag that we brought with us. We thought that was it but then P.O grabbed the woman and held her at gun point. "You call the police and I will shoot you." He warned her. Luckily, Taeil had shot down the security cameras as we came in. There was no evidence to source out our real identity. We headed back to the van and piled in. Another successful heist. That was until we got a phone call. It was my phone. Some unknown number. "I have a bone to pick with you boys. Now I want you to listen carefully..."
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