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September 1st. The last month was like hell. The last of the summer months, August. Do you know what that meant? Summer comeback. The company that I'm under decided to be later than everyone else and have a comeback in August. Stupid. The most insane month of my life and I'm glad it's over. If you weren't up to date by now, I'm Y/N or as my company named me, Mackenzie. Mack for short. I didn't want a stage name but they insisted that it was necessary. Here's a quick re-cap... I'd always been popular, even in high school, that's what led me to becoming an idol. I was a trainee even in lower school. From the age of 13. As soon as I hit my teens, scouts were dying to train me up to be an idol. Multiple companies offered but I ended up at Pledis Entertainment. It's the same one that seventeen are signed at.
Anyway, from that, I gained a lot of popularity at school. People would want to hang around me and I got easily accepted. There was only one thing, well one person, who I didn't get along with. Jeon Jungkook. I was ever so slightly older than him but still... He annoyed me. Everyone else saw this cute little weird kid that they knew as Kookie. Me? I saw a weird kid that would be top of my hit list - if I had a gun that is. I hated him. I don't know what it was in particular but it was his goody two shoes, Mr perfect like, behaviour that set me over the edge. No one could be like him, I thought it was an act.
We set up a rivalry and soon we were both idols. The only problem facing us was that I fell in love with his band mate, Jin. Yes, he was way older than me but he was sweet. That's when the rumours went around. I'd been an idol around a year before Bangtan even came about but by their debut, I was swept off my feet. He was lovely, don't get me wrong, but work split us apart. We're still good friends, I'm too friendly with all of them to ever fall out with them. Dare I say that even Mr Perfect wasn't as bad as I remember. We still had a bit of a rivalry but then he didn't appreciate me dating his fellow hyungs.
Here's how it happened. I dated Jin the longest, about 8 months. This was near the end of the War of Hormone era. Then I had a little break until Taehyung came round. We dated on and off up from the release of Wake Up to Rap Monster's first mixtape release. Then it was Hoseok. We dated after The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1 was released. Once Part 2 of it came out, myself and Taehyung were on again and our relationship saw us into the new year. Jin and I attempted to rekindle our relationship mid April but it didn't work out. Namjoon then came along in July but it barely lasted. Then it was Jimin from that July to August and Yoongi in mid August. Finally, end of August into September and beyond was Jungkook.
And this is where we are. The whole world not expecting what they were about to be told, that myself and Mr Perfect were to be engaged. If I could tell my younger self that, then she wouldn't have believed me. I can barely believe it now, it only seems like yesterday that we were at each other's throats. At least this time is serious. I know it but there are people doubting me. I've been out with every single member of Bangtan up to this day. And that my friends is how I got the nickname of Bangtan's Bitch.
This is just the introduction to the joined Bangtan fanfiction I was talking about. If you'd like to be tagged then please let me know. The updates will be date specific and so I'm going to try my best to keep up with that. Hope you guys enjoyed!!
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