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Before I got to Yoongi’s room I was pulled into Jimin’s room. He quietly shut the door. Jin was also in there. “What are you guys doing?” I asked looking between the two. “We know.” Both said at the same time. “Know what?” I wasn’t sure what they knew. “We know you and Yoongi are dating.” Jin said “What! How?” “Well I did catch you two all cozy in the kitchen but you both didn’t notice so I quickly left the room and then started talking so you both could keep your secret because obviously you weren’t ready to tell anyone.” “What about you Jimin?” “Did you think I was stupid, you bought a couples ring and said it was just for you and then magically you were only wearing one, and at first I checked Yoongi’s fingers and it wasn’t there so I wasn’t sure but then I saw it around a chain around his neck.” “Oh geez.” “We were going to stay quiet until you both told us but we thought you should know that you have more people backing you.” “But what do we do now? We aren’t supposed to be together.” “Screw the rules! We will help keep this a secret a bit longer if that’s what both Yoongi and you decide.” Jimin said “I do want to know how long have you guys been dating?” Jin asked “A little under 2 months now.” “Wow you guys did pretty well keeping it a secret.” Jin said scratching his head. “Back to what I was saying, I think that you guys should tell the others, it will be easier, we can all help keep it a secret.” Jimin said and I started walking back towards the door. “Ok I’ll talk to him about it.” I said and quickly left the room and ran into Yoongi’s room before anyone else could see me. I shut the door quietly and moved next to the bed. He was so freaking cute, the way he was sleeping was like he was waiting for me to come lay down next to him. Which I did. I put my head on his arm and curled up next to him. I poked his nose and he wrapped his arm around me and held me closer. “Yoongi” I whispered “No…” “We have a small problem.” “No we don’t.” “Yes we do.” “Shh just lets sleep a little bit longer.” “Well I guess we can do that….although the guys know.” “Know what?” he opened one eye. “Well Hoseok and Tae know you have a girlfriend but they don’t know it’s me.” “How do they know that?” “There was a picture of me and you kissing at the pool yesterday but I guess there isn’t a clear shot of my face since they don’t think it’s me.” “Oh man, this is going to be hell. You know what I’m not leaving this room today.” “Ha I wish you could do that but…you have a busy day today. But wait I have more to tell you.” “What else?” “Jimin and Jin know we are dating.” “How!?” he had both eyes open and he was now worried. “Jin caught us in the kitchen that one time and Jimin figured it out with your necklace and my ring.” “Damn them.” “But they said they would keep it a secret if we want but they think we should tell the others so that we can stop hiding from them.” “But the more people that know the more likely we will get caught.” “I think it would be better, we wouldn’t have to be so secretive at home and when it’s just all of us, only in public where the world can see.” “Are you really ok with telling them that we are dating?” “Honestly I’m sick of hiding it from them; I just want to be open about how much I love you and how lucky I am to finally have you.” “(Y/N) you are so cute, I want to think about this for a bit, and I need to make sure that I can do everything in my power that if pdnim finds out you won’t lose your job or me.” “Ok, Well I’m ok with whatever you want to do, but now I’m going to go downstairs and deal with whoever is up.” I got up off the bed and started to move to the door. “(Y/N)” I turned to him and he bounced off the bed and grabbed me and pulled me back towards him, making us fall on the bed together. “Yoongi” I laughed “I love you!” He said and kissed my lips. “I love you too, now get ready we have to get going soon.” I kissed him and then quickly ran out of his room. I went down to the kitchen where Hoseok and Tae still were but now they were joined by Jin and Jimin. I smiled when I walked in. “Good morning.” I said walking into the kitchen. I heard movement behind me and then in a second I was surrounded by those 4. “What are you doing?” Tae asked “I’m making breakfast.” “You don’t have to do that today. Jin wants to make you something special.” Hoseok said “Oh really?” I turned to Jin and he just nodded. “Go sit in the living room.” Jimin said “Fine.” I went and sat down and pulled out my phone and then pulled up my social media and instantly saw the pictures of us at the pool and I was amazed at how many pictures were taken and none had my face easily showing. My hair had somehow always ended up covering a good part of my face. I was reading the article when my phone was snatched away from me. “HEY!” I screamed trying to get my phone back. “You are not allowed to look at that!” Tae said “Too late I already saw it.” “(Y/N)” “I don’t care about it ok.” I said getting up and grabbing my phone from him. “Thanks for trying to protect me but I don’t need it from this.” I started to walk out of the room and Yoongi walked in. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. “Nothing.” I walked past him. “What the hell did you guys do to her?” Yoongi yelled “Us? Yoongi maybe you should look at what’s all over the internet and tell me again it’s us who made her upset.” Tae yelled “Dude I don’t care what the stupid internet says.” He said and I turned to see him and tae glaring at each other. I walked back to them and stood between them. “Please stop fighting. Tae, I’m not upset about what I saw I promise you.” “How can you not be upset you like him and he’s with another girl?” I glanced at Yoongi. This was getting too far and I felt horrible lying to Tae. I just wanted to tell him really badly. I turned to look at Jimin and Jin and they both were just watching. “Tae calm down, ok? We can discuss this whole thing after the concert tonight ok?” “Fine.” He said and walked out of the room. “Yoongi….how long do you need?” I asked quietly. “After the concert well discuss everything like you said.” He patted my head and walked into the kitchen. This was going to be a long day. I followed tae to make sure he was calming down. I hated seeing him not happy and upset, and the fact that it was over nothing really.
I had to share this picture Cuz it had been killing me lately and it's only been a dang day lol. So what is to come after the concert???? Will they stay a secret or tell the guys? Let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged.
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"Yoongi.No. We have a small problem. No we don't. Yes we do. Shh just lets sleep a little bit longer." I love that part it reminds me of that episode of Family Guy where Peter tells Consuala to go home and she's like, "No, no I-I stay and clean." And that picture how did they take it from that angle? Between the legs?
@SerenaArthurs lol I want to be the camera person on that shoot lol
Aw I love how protective Tae is and I hope things work out🤗
I can't wait for the next part, so excited!! *squeals inside*
I love this story!!
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