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It could be the darkness of the room, or the winds slimming through the blinds, or it was just his own mind that caused him to wake up in the middle of the night.
Donghyuk was exhausted, of course, he would do anything to get back on the train to dreamland, but he couldn’t. He could only look up at the ceiling, drawing thousands of unindentified shapes on it using his finger, tracing it with his eyes though he could barely see it himself.
Then your breath caught his attention. The soft almost unaudible whistles from your nose, the little noises of your legs twisting the sheets, and your hums as your unconciousness took over your mind.
Donghyuk turned himself to you, facing your backside, and noticing that the back of your shirt has been hiked up to your neck, probably because of your sleeping habits that he found really cute.
Using his delicate fingers, he gently traced your spines, noticing how you shifted in response and him erupting a smile on his lips. Due to the broken aircon, sweat had formed from you and it glistened like the the crescent of the moon that night.
His lips bloomed on your nude skin and he could taste the salty liquid, but he didn’t mind. A subtle sigh left his mouth and it beat the sound of rumbling cars outside. It was a perfectly quiet night and he loved each beating moments of it.
Donghyuk firmed his grip on your exposed hips and the tips of his bones felt like it was touching a sheet of silk. He admired every speck of your skin; how it glowed and how tender it is.
Slowly, he touched the tattoo on your stomach. He couldn’t see them but he knew exactly where it is located after seeing and glorifying it every single time both of you make love.
Following the path of the inked skin, he pictured it in his mind. It was a rose- a cliché one but considering it was your second tattoo that had been planted on your skin, Donghyuk never complained of how it looks on you. He loves it.
“Baby,” he whispered out to you, wishing you were awake.
He waited. Second after second, but you didn’t even move a muscle. He laughed about it, breaking the silence of the night. He recalled of what you did today; glued yourself to the couch, made a few steps to the kitchen, and took a nap. Is that it? Why were you so sleep deprived?
Clinging on to your stomach, both of his hands intertwined themselves and pulled you closer to his figure. The whip of your hair’s essence almost drove him insane. It was a mix of honey and jasmine tea. Digging his nose to your scalp, he grinned widely.
“Babe,” Donghyuk tried once more, still not a single syllable came out.
He placed his hand on your hair, collecting all of it gently and moving it aside so he could get a perfect view of the nape of your neck.
Then at that moment, finally, your eyes cracked open. A wave of shiver flowed through you and Donghyuk realized that you’re finally awake.
“Donghyuk, what are you doing?”
It was his turn to not reply, only subtly humming as a response. He continued on adoring you and grazing your neck with the tip of his finger and a smile slyly appeared.
He could almost count the hairs on the back of your nape, and he blew a single air against it, making an exhale came out from your agape lips.
He continued to kiss the blades of your shoulders- each of it taking turns, then letting his forehead dug itself against your bare body. You were ticklish since child but when it comes to his touch, it didn’t even matter.
Feeling his mouth open a little, he mumbled out, “You are god’s most beautiful creation.” You twisted your body to him, inspecting him for a little while and said, “And you need to sleep because someone’s gonna have a tight schedule tomorrow.”
His lids were half closed and his lips were slightly departed from each other, but he could still break a hint of smile to you. “Who gives a shit, I wouldn’t even budge a limb if I could spend a thousand of years to admire the goddess right in front of my own pair of eyes right now.”
After what felt like a whole century, you finally connected your lips with his. His thirst for you finally fulfilled and he melted into that one, beautiful kiss. His lips slowly opening and so were his eyes.
Donghyuk saw the most beautiful image of you; eyes closed and fucked up hair. If you were to see it yourself you’d hate it with all of your heart, thinking of how unsatisfying it is for other people to see. But to him, he would deny every single dime in this world if he were expected to see someone else rather than you.
Slowly, his tounge poked your bottom lip. Earning a delicate hum of approval from you and finally adventuring every single corner of your mouth. Loving how both of your tounges would twist with each other and it was all so graceful to him.
Suddenly, it all stopped. His mouth stayed still only milimeters away from yours, and you noticed how he’s been staring all this time. “Fuck,” he breathed, “I love you so much.”
It took every single string of your nerves to not cringe to the continuing words that you’re about to say.
“Prove it.”
Animalistic. Only one word could perfectly describe the actions Donghyuk had done. Hearing those two words triggered his hidden self, with raised eyebrows and harsh breaths, he trapped you underneath him, making your body locked in your current position.
“Oh, baby, I will prove it.”
This time, he kissed you. Hardly. No little teases, no small giggles, not even a hint of smile that he always give you. Only his lips eager to explore you one more time.
Feeling his hand on the hem of your shirt rigidly and pulling it up to reveal your stomach, you whimpered like some worthless animal, having zero control of what’s happening. Then, only using his thumb, he pressed your hipbone, feeling a little satisfaction over the tiny noise that you tried to hide.
He went down, ghosting over your bobbing throat, and stopping at the centre of your collarbones. As he dipped his tounge once, waiting for your response, he tried once again. Only testing the waters, he’d say.
Not wanting to waste more time, he went even lower. Leaving a peck on your belly button and loving how your stomach dipped in respond.
The fingers on your hand can’t count of how many times both of you had made love, and not in any of those times, that Donghyuk ignored the tattoo inked to your skin.
His plump lips kissed the center of the rose, making your fingers tangled in his hair, wanting more more and more. So he did, he gave you more.
Using his tounge, he followed the outlines of the petals, not a single line skipped or forgotten. “Ah,” you murmured, quickly using the back of your hand to cover such embarassing noises. But, he yanked your arm away. As you look down, his burning stare were all over you. “I want to hear you,” he simply said, no other excuses.
As quick as the winds, your sleeping shorts has been taken off by Donghyuk himself. He couldn’t hide the tint of redness appearing on his cheeks when he saw no panties in the way.
He was a man with his own rules. Instead of pleasuring you just like you’ve been wishing for, he took the time to give affection to your thighs. Sucking the skin near the place that you’ve been dying for him to touch, he could only feel a little victory to himself. With such innocence in his eyes, he gazed up to to you and asked,
“What do you want me to do, babe?”
It was overwhelming of how many self control you had (aka not getting the fuck up immediately and jump on his cock). But you played along with his game.
“Make me scream your name.”
Giving you a small nod and not giving you a second to take a single breath, his tounge were already attached to your clit, creating a patterned circle and almost taking your conciousness away.
Instantly, your thighs wanted to close itself due to the overwhelming feeling between of them, but Donghyuk was aware of that and using his strong arms, he prevented that from happening.
He licked from the bottom of your lips, moving up, up, up and reaching the bundle of pleasuring nerves. Using his teeth and trapping it between them, his head shook left and right. Bolting up thunders of pleasure through your spines.
“Donghyuk,” your lewd sound reached his ears, making him wanting to hear more of you. Making him want to pleasure you over and over. He pushed a finger into you, subtly moving it in and out, twisting, and curling. He hadn’t notice of how your toes curled whenever he grazed upon that one spot in you.
Not long moments later, two of his fingers were already inside. Your breath hitched every time he curled both of them, then scraping it against your walls. Wanting to find the place that’ll rocket you to the sky without knowing he already did.
You noticed how his hips were grinding against the bedsheet. It was almost unnoticable, but you knew he was also trying to get some pleasure off of this. “Baby,” your interlocked fingers in his hair tightened even more when he finally found it and repetitively curling his fingers against the bundle of nerves.
He pulled away for a moment and you could clearly see the string of arousal from your core connected to his lip. This sight wasn’t unfamiliar to you. He loves pleasuring you whenever you need to or whenever he wants to, without wanting anything in return.
His needy thrusts against the bed got even more noticeable, as his fingers inside you kept on its rhythm. Wanting even more for yourself, you squeezed your own breast, lip trapped in between your teeth. He watched in awe, and even sped up his movements.
Donghyuk watched your slender fingers tracing the shape of your nipples on your shirt, and you finally lost your patience, digging your hands into your night clothes and grabbing your mounds.
“Donghyuk, Donghyuk, Donghyuk,” you chanted like some lunatic witch but you can’t help it because all that was in your mind was him and only him.
You felt it coming, staying in one place then reeking every of your limbs. Making your body feel like it’s boiling and then it came. With your ankles on his back locking themselves and your back creating such a perfect curve with your lips opened awide and only broken syllables of Donghyuk’s name coming out.
He stopped to watch the result of his artwork. Loving the way the veins on your neck was showing and your lips shaking, not ignoring the single tear coming from your close lids. He had never seen such perfection any elsewhere.
He positioned himself to sit up. Letting one minute or two pass for you to get down from such a shocking high. Seeing you in this condition just from his tounge and fingers alone made him forgot about all of his dominance.
With eyes looking down on you he grabbed his erection inside his pants, having to bite his own lip. His thumb collecting the precome, spreading the sticky liquid all over the head of his cock.
Even in the dim light you could see the wet spot slowly spreading on his pants. “Fuck,” he whispered softly, barely audible. You saw his grip on himself, rapidly moving up and down. To your own surprise, he was louder than you.
Finally, you crawled to him. He didn’t even notice until he felt the bed shift with weight as you got closer.
“Mm, ah, ah,”
Then the slits of his eyes opened. Looking down his own hand in his pants and you. He gasped loudly as you pulled it down, his cock immediately slapping against his abdomen. He felt your fingers wrapping on his, then removing it from his cock.
“Let me get you finished,” you said, hoping he wouldn’t deny you like last time.
Gladly, he nodded. Not able to spit out even a single word.
His shaft were already wet from his previous work, which you were a bit thankful of. Teasingly, you puckered your lips against his head. Putting such pressure on it making him grunt in an angry, desperate way.
Using the edge of your nail, you scraped the vein on the side, barely even making contact with it. You were shocked when he suddenly bucked his hips upwards, making the tip of his dick rub against your lips, creating a mess with his precome.
You didn’t knew what took over you or where the sudden bravery came from, but you took his shaft in your palm and gripping to it a little too hard. Making him go through a dry orgasm, the electricity rushing in himself, but not even a drop of cum coming out. Only streams of precome running down.
It made him angry, it drove him mad, sulking the desperation even more to himself. “Fuck!”
He was about to say more, but your lips wrapped around his head stopped him. You took him in your mouth, inches by inches. Then it reached the point where you can feel it poking to the back of your throat, gag reflex kicking in and you choked around him.
Of course it was hell for you, but for him it felt like he just saw a glimpse of heaven in his eyes. He didn’t realize the loud and long whine coming out from his mouth, his head facing the ceiling, showcasing you a perfect view of his throat.
With his self control lost somewhere in him, he thrusted himself up to you. Suffocating you once more and you had to grip to his thigh to give him a warning. Finally, he distracted himself by clawing the sheets beneath him, waiting for you to do your own magic.
You tried to control your breaths through your nose the best way possible and set a steady rhythm. Donghyuk was still thrusting himself to you but he had a bit control rather than before and tiny noises were heard though his lips were shut.
You decided to use the help of your hands, wrapping the rest that you can’t fit for you to twist the skin. “Don’t stop, please,” he begged, nails digging even deeper to the bed beneath him. You always stop to trace the slit and it’s those moments where he always forgot to not fuck your mouth. But finally, you did stop. Making him look down on you, waiting for something to happen next, but you only stayed there.
Taking your hints he finally pistoned his crotch, instantly making a disguting gurgled noise from your throat. “Your. Mouth. Is. Fucking. Amazing,” he said inbetween thrusts, his hand moved to your hair, not to grip on harshly, but instead he combed his fingers through your strands, still showing affection to you.
Then you tried something interesting. Waiting for the perfect moment, your teeth bit his shaft, making the hand in your hair that was previously showering it with love, had changed into a death grip, making his knuckles turned white. “Jesus Christ!” he yelled out to the skies above, his cum filling your mouth and a single stream of it seeping through your closed lips.
No, it didn’t taste wonderful nor sweet in anyway, you’d rather spit it out if you were given a chance to, but Donghyuk was looking down on you with his half lidded eyes and chest moving up and down, he wasn’t exactly expecting anymore from you, but you wanted to give him the best for tonight.
You decided to swallow it in one go, trying your best to ignore the awful flavour. It was worth it, seeing his cock shot out a last short squirt of cum, his last groan coming out. He cupped your cheeks in his hand, pulling your face towards his and both of you said nothing.
Only enjoying each other’s existence as your eyes connected, you put your hand on his heaving chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat thumping against his chest. You couldn’t help but break a smile on your lips. “What?” he asked, grinning as well.
“I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone this much,” you said, eyes falling upon anywhere else besides his eyes, feeling the redness on your cheeks taking over. By only using his index finger, he turned your cheek to him, heart thawing when you see his signature dimple smile comforting you.
“I’ll never love someone else besides you this much.”
That night ended with a kiss that melted both of you into each other’s embrace.
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