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I'm not even gonna lie about that. After 'It G Ma,' I searched for any & everything else this man could have created. I thought he had this sexy thuggathugga look & his English was cute & when he smiled he went from thug to cutie in about .07 milliseconds.
But y'all...let me tell y'all something...there seems to have been a bit of a reality check for my fantasy having self & used to be baby daddy Keith is baby daddy no more.
I did some Googling after reading @SashaKmseoul's post (thank you for bringing this to light because I would never have known 馃槬) & apparently, Keith (along with B-Free, but he's not as relevant to me) has been a racist, manipulative, pedophile for quite a while.
Here are some receipts to Keith's terrible ways:
Chiiiiiild, please.
So...let me get this straight:
If you don't send nudes to Keith, you're threatened.
If you send nudes to Keith, he either makes fun of you after you send them, he threatens you with said nudes in asking for more nudes, & he shares the pictures with his homeboys.
If you talk about him, throw shade, or say anything negative at all, he threatens you.
And he racist.....
BOI, if YOU don't.....
I'm honestly so done with Keith. You can't turn no G into no gent. RiFF RAFF helped us see that.
I just....ugh! 馃槫
Help me Jesus. 馃槪
Tagging: @SashaKmseoul (Thank you again for helping me, & hopefully some more people, see the light)
***Here is where I got the receipts from if you want to read some of the comments & more of the thread. They're quite interesting:
@MelissaGarza PREACH. You're just being real.... girls need to respect and value their bodies and use their heads. But shame on Keith.... the whole situation makes me wanna throw up.
that's just terrible! I hope young girls can learn from this. You shouldn't easily give or send nude photos of yourself. I don't mean to criticized anyone. Keith Ape is a very bad man who should be puinsh for terrorizing young girls. but at the same time, young girls should be more careful with strangers even online. I hope I'm not being too mean. I just think this issues can be avoided in some way or other.
Man, what a savage af punk. BUT Perfect example of why you don't send your nudes to just anyone. If he doesn't respect you or really know you, you can pretty much guarantee he wont be keeping those private. People can be petty, mean and gross no matter who they are. Reality check that. No nude pics kids. If you do decide to take such pics, please don't get your face or any distinguishable marks/tattoos in the pics. And if it's gonna be a blow to your confidence, just don't do it.
First of all, I don't know him AT ALL. Secondly, I'm not supporting either side because I don't know the whole truth, but if Keith really did ask minors for nude pictures, that's just..... really really disturbing. And third, even if Keith did ask these girls to send him nude photos, people should have some self-respect. Although he is a celebrity and is famous and these girls were probably infatuated that he wanted to see them, at the end of the day, these girls got nothing out of it. I don't know him or I don't know these girls. So whatever is the truth in this situation, I hope it gets revealed. This is my personal opinion and I hope it doesn't offend anyone. With that being said, I hope you all have a nice day :)
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