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plz don't ever change these charateristics r just the best i don't care what other say ignore bcs u r really the best and completely special and i totally love u 4 dat :) i am sure your other fans love dis about u 2 soo plz don't take the criticism from those STUPID PEOPLE IGNORE IT PLZZ WE AS UR FANS COMPLETELY LOVE UUUU AND ME OPPA I COMPLETELY LOVE I LOVE U SOOO MUCH I LOVE EVERYTHING ABT U SOO MUCH :) <3 :-*MUAHHHHS :-*
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I love ur personaliy, KHJ
is the song saying" I'm in love with an alien"?
@Emilayy123 it's saying "I fell in love with an alien" so yes, you are correct
thanks c: @StephiiKins
@Emilayy123 you're welcome