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Well hello there.. I was expecting you.. muhahaha Okay sorry for the awkward intro there XD But Haii! It's me! MrsJungHoseok~ And I'm here again for Topp Dogg~ Our little babies. But this time I do not have a video but instead I wanted to make some cute edits with their pictures. Get the picture? And I am making edits for all of Topp Dogg because I love them all.. Of course I have biases but who cares XD Anyway I hope you like them :D
First, B-Joo~ My bias!
My other bias, Sangdo!

My 3rd, Jenissi~~ {I know it's not my best}

Hansol~~ Cutiepie

Xero in da' house~

P-Goon ^-^ {MY FAVORITE!!}

**Nakta**| {Such a cutie}
BONUS: I found this lovely photo of B-Joo being kissed by Hansol as a awkward Xero watches xD
Have a great day everyone :D GEMINI SQUAD: @AaliyahNewbell @mbg3t @KatiePrihodiko @Anna5221
B-joo and Hansol! 😍
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@MelissaGarza ikr 😍😍
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B-Joo and Hansol are my biases and Xero is my bias wrecker... Great card
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