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Omg we've made it past 30 I can't believe it actually no I can lol we've been having to much fun writing this and I doubt it's even half way over. so every one have fun with Sarah chapter last night? I can't believe she had Kooki punch Mike so happy about that. oh and if you missed are I gave that away. okay now we find out about Jenni!
After Sarah left with Kooki Jenni was left with Dominic. She turned her focus on him. “So we have a few things to talk about” She told him. “Is that why you wanted to meet? Are things going bad with that guy?” he raised a brow. “No things are great with him but we’re not talking about that, actually wait you told Jordan about him” Jenni said. “Yea I talked to him a few days ago. Said you had a boyfriend.” Dominic crossed his arms over his chest and stared down at her. “Why would you tell him that?” She raised her voice. He just shrugged. “He worried about you” he stated. “And I worry that rapper guy isn’t right for you” “You don’t even know Namjoon. You don’t need to worry!” Jenni growled at him than stopped and sigh. “Fine I won’t worry, I won’t care anymore. Date whoever you want!”Dominic said raising his voice in anger. She stared at him for a moment than nodded her head. “Good, that’s what I want” She said than smiled. “You know I should be going on how much I am mad at you for saying anything to Jordan but” she stopped and shrugged. “He talked me out of my random fears and helped me out. So actually I really should just say thanks for telling him” she said honestly. “Anyway you're making me loose track of what I wanted to talk about” she said ruffling her own hair with frustration. “Okay what did you want to talk about?” he asked changing gears as fast as she did. “Can we get Ramen? I have a taste for noodles and egg.” Jenni said. “Fine, let’s go get food. “ he sighed. “Maybe than you can focus on one thing” he said making her laugh. “I have too many thoughts in my head, some resolved ones and some I’m puzzling out” she told him hopping onto his bike. Ten minutes later they were at a breakfast place. “This isn’t ramen” Jenni said. “It’s six thirty in the morning. What do you expect?” He questioned. “Fine, I can make do with a rice dish” Jenni said. They went inside the quaint little shop and ordered food before Jenni started to talk. “So, Mike is in Seoul” jenni started. The look Dominic gave said to go on. “You remember Sarah’s ex, the one who isolated her from everyone” Jenni told him. “Ah that guy. I remember him. What is he doing in Seoul?” he asked. “He apparently came after Sarah” Jenni said. The chopsticks in his hands clanged against the table. Jenni was startled by the noise and the expression on his face. “Where is he?” he asked very calmly. “At the moment no clue” jenni stated. “ So why are you telling me this?” he questioned. “ I was hoping you could keep your eye open, if you see him or you know I threatened him with you again” She told him. “I’d kill that fucker” Dominic hissed out. “Well that’s nice, thanks” Jenni smiled. “Is that what you wanted to talk about?” he questioned. “Yup. I just a bit worried about it” Jenni said “I’ll keep an eye around your building.” he told her and Jenni nodded. She ate her breakfast leisurely as there was very little small talk about him going to Arizona at the end of August. She would have to check and see if Sarah and her could even get time off from work. Normally it took at least a month in advance so that they could do pre-recorded shows for the allotted time. “Can you drive me back to the studio? I want to head back early and talk to boss man about getting time off. I probably won’t be able to get more than a few days off to go back to the states but it’ll be something” Jenni said “How many days can you get off?” he asked. “Maybe five if I really push it a week. But that means we’ll have up to 10 pre-recorded shows we have to do before we leave” Jenni said. “So work a lot now, take a week off” Dominic said. “We wouldn’t go the same time as you are though” Jenni said. Dominic shrugged as he pulled out several bills and set them on the table. “That’s fine. Go whenever, Your going to see your brother not have a trip with me” he pointed out. “True true” She nodded.
When they got back to the studio Jenni left Dominic outside and went inside to talk to Boss man. Thankfully he was in his office and she went in to see him. “What brings you to my office?” he asked. She took a seat and pulled the panda onto her lap to hold onto. “So I wanted to talk to you about taking some time off” Jenni said. “When?” he asked finally looking over at her. “Soon. My brother asked me to come home for a while” Jenni told him. “It wouldn’t be for long, less than a week. It would be both me and Sarah going and we would pre-record shows for when we are gone” Jenni told him. “I can give you the end of the month, July 30- August 5th” he said. “Wait wait let me get my calender out” she scrambled to open up her phone. “What is today’s date?” she asked. “Jenni you should be aware of the days of the week” boss man said on a sigh. “It will be the weekend that kcon is going on in the U.S. Because many famous groups are there for it there will be a segment so at least one of those days can be filled with that” he said. “Really?” she perked up. ‘Wait what groups?” she asked. “I have a list somewhere around here” he said starting to go through the papers on his desk. “I was going to have you two do it, but well if you two are out there than I’ll have someone else do it” he said. She had pulled up the dates and saw that he was giving her the five work days off and it back up to the 2 weekends. “Wait, so that is 9 days in total” she said a little excited. “You two have only taken a day here or there off and haven’t had any breaks. I see that you're overdue for one” he said. “Ah here it is” he said than extended the paper to her. She took it from him and looked it over. She recognized a bunch of names, one of them being BTS. “You have a few shows already pre-recorded but if you can get the rest done that you can go” he told her. “You are awesome boss man” She grinned. “Yes yes I know.” he said. They talked a few more minutes about where she would be going and if she needed help getting plane tickets. By the end he offered to help her book the flight when she was ready to do so. “You know how much of a father figure you are” she said at the end of the discussion. He chuckled. “I took you girls into the company the first month you arrived in Seoul, I watched out for you girls when you didn’t know your way around. Your darn right I’m a father to you” he laughed at that making her laugh with him. “Thanks!” she said with a grin. “Let me know when you are booking the flight. Right now you have to get to your show don’t you?” he questioned. “Oh gosh time really flew” she said glancing at the clock. “Thanks for this” She nodded. “Oh you need this back” she said handing him the paper he took it and waved her out of his office. In the hallway Jenni ran into Sarah who was just coming out of the elevator. She looked tired like she just got up from a nap. “Where did you run off to?” Jenni asked. “Coffee, running around town and than ended up at his dorm. I slept for a little while” she said around a yawn. “What were you doing with Dominic?” she asked. “Talking. He said he would Kill mike for you” Jenni said. “And what did you say?” she stopped walking and asked forcing Jenni to stop and look at her friend. “I told him thank you” She said. At the blank look on Sarah’s face jenni chuckled. “Oh come on what was I supposed to say no don’t after I asked him to keep an eye out for him and let me use him as a threat against mike” Jenni said. “Okay okay fine. Hey what were you doing in boss’s office?” she asked. “Asking for the time off. He said we could have the last couple days of the month and first week of august off, just as long as we do pre-recordings for a couple of the shows” Jenni told her. “Wait are we going to Arizona than?” Sarah questioned. “I hadn’t decided if I was okay with going” she told her. “Sorry I just wanted to see if we could even get time off and than all of a sudden he started telling me dates and how he would help me with booking the airline tickets and such” Jenni said. “Oh gosh boss man is like our korean father.” she laughed as we approached our studio room. “Hey do you have a charger? My phone is almost dead already” Sarah asked. “Yea, I always have one handy” she said. “When we get in I’ll dig it out.” “Thanks” sarah said. “Hey-o everyone! Were here to party! Okay not really, we still have one more day before the weekend!.” Sarah said as Jenni took out the charger and handed it to Sarah. “You have Ruby and Diamond for the afternoon.” Jenni said as she thought about the charger that she just handed to Sarah. “Oh my gosh I just had this random thought. Oh Diamond it all revolves around that charger I let you borrow” Jenni started. “Right away? How can your mind even keep up with your mouth?” Sarah questioned plugging into her phone. “Do I want to hear this?” she hesitated in her question. “Oh it’s not that bad” Jenni said than a split second took it back. “Okay it might be I’m not to sure” she said. “Anyway I realize I always have a charger in my purse. I don’t leave home without a spare because you never know when you are going to need one. Like how Diamond just needed to recharge her phone. Well it dawned on me that if I ever get kidnapped, by the way I always have my baby tablet on me mostly for music, essential to know this. If they don’t take my phone I can call someone but if they take it I thought oh well. I can still charge up my tablet as long as there is a plug close to me. Of I would have to get wifi and oh god I would actually have to hack into it. Diamond how do I hack into wifi? I’m not good at that stuff and come on I don’t know if I would be smart enough to learn how or if I just wouldn’t be able to focus long enough to do it. “ Jenni went down a slippery slope all about electronics. Sarah burst out laughing. “I take it you think I wouldn’t be able to hack either” Jenni said. “Oh god no. You would break your tablet before you learned how to. Ruby how many computers have you broken since your very first one in high school?” Sarah questioned. Jenni counted on her fingers. “Okay a lot of them Computers hate me though, hell electronics hate me” Jenni gave up counting after having both hands with fingers up counting that it was more than ten. “WHich is why you aren’t allowed to walk with a device in your hand or through a doorway” Sarah reminded her. “One time. Come on one time I dropped my phone in the electronic door way and it crushed my phone. How was I to know the door would still shut and slam into my phone cracking the screen” Jenni repeated the story probably for the twentieth time. Sarah was laughing her butt off once again. “I still remember that you were talking to me on the phone too and than you were gone all of a sudden.” Sarah said. “Anyway back to your crazy mind. These are the reasons you wouldn’t be able to hack. Your not that tech savy to begin with. And just so you know if a kidnapper actually allows you to hold onto your purse, well he isn’t that good of a kidnapper. If fact you might as well make friends with him and ask him to feed you” “Hey if it’s a hot guy I might make friends with him and ask him to spoon feed me otherwise I’ll just take the purse and hit it over the guys head. It weighs a ton I’m sure it would knock him out” Jenni said. “Wouldn’t you do that before you got kidnapped?” she questioned making jenni stop and think. “Okay you know what if he tempts me with a stuffed panda I’d be willing to go!!” “Ruby that panda is going to get you kill” Sarah said in a deadpan voice. “Panda better not kill me. Besides I took self defense classes I can punch just as good as any other guy and trust me the rings on my fingers aren’t just for decoration” Jenni lifted her hand up and showed sarah the four rings with large jewels on them. “I wish I had brass knuckles though that would be useful” Jenni said. “Well ’ll now I know what to get you for christmas” Sarah laughed. “Yey christmas present” Jenni said. “Alright on that note why don’t we listen to a couple amazing songs. I think I gotta talk to Diamond about Safety. Oh hey don’t we have a safety song by someone” Sarah said as she searched for a second on the computer until she found it. “Okay it’s about driving but hey, Ruby needs to know the safety of driving too.” Sarah laughed before turning the song on. “You know I really do want those brass knuckles” Jenni said. “I just bet you do” Sarah chuckled.
just because Namjoon wasn't in the chapter I put pics of him Okay so I know people thought Dominic was gonna get yelled at, but there wasn't that much yelling, bet no one saw Jenni's reaction to that. please don't be mad at me anyway Yey Jenni and Sarah get to have time to go on trip! anyway back to you sarah! @SarahVanDorn you get to take over the rest of the show!
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@SweetDuella They do need to go to KCon. I certainly wish I could, but that's the other side of the country. SHINee will be there too...and I could see the girls going at it with Key....and eating at KFC with Onew and Minho.
@AdeleLynn lol thankfully these updates happen so fast. thank you for the compliment both Sarah and I do our best @SarahVanDorn your a good writer too! you are better at dialogue then I am @JaxomB omg kcon it's a 3 something drive from AZ, I wonder if they will be able to go. 😢😭 you know what, I can't go in person maybe our characters can instead 😂 what do you think
@JaxomB kekeke you know us so well lol @AdeleLynn I agree Jenni is amazing at writing...she uses alot if different words to describe things while I struggle with that lpl
Awww.....they can surprise the guys at KCon. Ohhh then they'd meet rookie groups Monsta X and Astro.....hmm
Right now I live for these updates, you're so good at writing 😍😝
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