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@LunaCordero omg I thought the same thing Baekhyun is a bias wrecker no doubt about that.
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@LeannePratt right! he just needs to relax and stop trying to mess up my mind and with the looks and the dancing and eyes .....STOP BAEKHYUN PLEEEEEASE
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@LunaCordero he ruined my life at the Dallas concert when he wink to the crowd I was staring right at him and that wink shot through me heart and the rest of the concert my eyes where on him 馃槶馃槴馃檲
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@LeannePratt you were at the Dallas concert too me to I wasn't that close to the stage but OMG YES D.O.s laugh was adorable
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He has just been causing too many issues. Stay in your own lane Baekhyun!馃殬
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