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Hello Everyone, It's Zi-Mon Once again with another Zico sunday!
I couldn't figure out what Subject I want to write about Zico this week because there are so many wonderful things about Zico, and I couldn't Choose, so this week's Zico sunday is Going to be all Sexy Zico Gifs! Hope you Enjoy! ;)
are you all doing okay?
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I don't have the right words to describe what going on in my head cause nothing is rated G it's all rated......uh nevermind ..................yea
@MelissaGarza Me too. I Couldn't stop watching that gif. I need help too.
I got mesmerize watching him lick that skull. I need help 馃槀
Zico, you do things to make me smile, and laugh. 馃槅
this is why he is my bias.
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