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woah! it was announced not too long ago that our flower boy Lee Minho (best known for boys over flowers) will be going to Kcon LA!
after watching him in a few of his roles I instantly fell in love!
I wasn't feeling too jealous before about not being in LA since out most of the groups BTS is the only I had not met that will be there but wow! this is pretty huge! I would love to meet him! especially since his duty time is coming up soon.
who's going to Kcon LA? I heard tickets are up to $800!!
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@SarahVanDorn !!! I know!! I really wish I could meet him =( I was ok till this
@Miichi lol he was the first korean man I claimed as my first korean husband he just didn't know it yet lol
i couldn't get tickets it was sold out. 馃槙 hopefully he makes an appearance at the convention then at least i can squeak like a seal
@PrettieeEmm they sell them but not worth because it's 3rd party rip off people.
@PrettieeEmm hope you get to see him =) I would love to be there