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Tao: Would be all cute and happy now that he can go buy some gucci with all the money you've given him
Sehun: Its not that he's ungrateful or anything, he's just spoiled by Junmommy
Kai: He'd be asleep in his cozy little box. Don't wake him up! ZzzzzzZZZzz
D.O: He'd be so happy you opened the box. He'd also probably not accept anymore after the first time you put change inside. He'd write you tiny reciepts and thank you notes~ So much squish... And if anyone else got into your coin box, Satansoo would appear.
Xiumin: He'd be all pawn shop mode. He would examine each coin carefully. "This is real right?"
Lay: He's not sure why you put the coin there..But he's happy either way. Not being sure what to do with it, he'll leave it there for you to take whenever you want it back
Baekhyun: 1 coin = 1 song The second you open that box, he'll be singing to you. Even if the box is closed he'll be singing... Even if you're trying to sleep he'll be singing.
Chanyeol: Has the constant need to bite whatever you put in the coin box... Please keep him fed or he may just try to eat it too...Je may even try biting you whenever you put money inside
Kris: As long as its clean enough to see his reflection, hes happy. He may ignore your presence for a bit, but then he'll say thank you.
Luhan: How dare you put dirty peasant money on the princess' box... Lulu would constantly clean his box. And your room... And everything else
Suho: Pfft he doesn't need your money. He'd give it back to you, along with a little extra cause he's generous~
Chen: He would accept it for awhile, but after awhile.. He'd say to keep it. And if you didnt listen well.... He'd make sure you did
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These are so cute oml Luhan's had me good though XD
Suho XD! Kyungsoo is so adorable! Lu is love! And Sehun you little brat lol I love these guys! This post was awesome ^_^