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Using this pic of Jaeho cuz he low-key extra.
Anywho we have a lil poll for you lovely Storias!! I saw this one pic of Kyungil's backside and the angle was just
SO! We decided to make a post to vote on who has the best booty, butt, tukhus, however you want to call it.
After you scroll thru all the nice pics of our handsome Kings, post your vote below!!
And it can only be one~
First the eldest King that knows how to make us go crazy:

Song Kyungil!!

Next up, (my new bae) our shy and squishy mom/dad:

Na Dokyun!!

Now we all know this crazy silly dork that makes us laugh. Give it up for:

Kim Sihyoung!!

And the second maknae who has the cute innocent smile:

Kim Jaeho!!

You all ready for the last contestant??
The maknae who used once to be cute and cuddly, and is now a handsome grown man:

Jang YiJeong!!!

Our contestants did a great job didn't they? Give them a round of a applause!
All right that is the end of our little show! We hope you enjoyed it well. In the comment section below please write down who you vote for!!
Thank you for participating!! <3
Storia Crew:
Storia Family:
Let us know if you'd like to be added to our taglist!
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I know, and there was a typo... I know it's a competition with their butts. I'm just saying I won cuz I came across this card randomly and now I wanna know them more.. lol.. imma say Kyungil or Sihyoung is winning though lol
@ElishaFisher oh okay lol yeah Kyungil's butt has conquered the battle.
Damn Kyungil's butt! My vote for Kyungil's butt! 😉
Kyungil has the best butt but lord have MERCY overall body composition has to go to Sihyoung. That sweet babe has such a nice figure.