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Hey guys ... It's a very sad day for Daly here... I will be selling some albums. It hurts to part with them, but seeing as how I'm really low on money, it has to be done. I will try to organize by price point and then if you bundle I might be able to change the prices around. Also, I prefer PayPal or cash(in person or CC) and possibly VenMo.

*Update!!! I will be shipping again on Friday, August 5th, 2016.* *SHIPPING COST NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES. If you are going to Kcon, we can do cash and pick up there to eliminate shipping cost!*

So ... Let's get started.

All right y'all let's start with albums.

🎵One Shot ($17 or Best Offer) [Sold] 🎵Got Love ($17 or BO) [Sold] 🎵XOXO Hug Chinese Ver. ($19 or BO) 🎵The Boys (Tin) ($21 w/o PC or $24 with) 🎵The Boys (Cd and DVD set) ($28 or BO) 🎵First Sensibility ($23 or BO) [Hold] 🎵Vans Warped 2015 ($14 or BO)

On to Magazines/ Books and Posters.

📚Each Junior and Bromide ($7 or BO) 📚Learn Hangul ($6) [SOLD] 👤 Jimin and Jin Standees [SOLD] ($5 each or $8 both) 📌Kim Hyun Joong/ Infinite poster ($8 or BO) [Sold] 📌EXO ($8 or BO) [Sold]

Photo Cards, Post Cards, Stickers

📇 GG photo cards ($3 each or $20 for all) 💌 BigBang Post Cards ($3 each or $16 for all) ⏺ EXO stickers ($2 each or $8 for all) ⏺ GG and IU stickers ($1 each or $5 for all)

This isn't KPop related but I have other stuff I will be selling beyond this point.

⏺Winnie the Pooh quote ($15 or BO) ⏺ Jack Skellington :Bought it off a seller: ($25 or BO) ⏺ Sailor Moon Bag ($35 or BO) ⏺ IPhone6 case w card slots ($15 or BO) ⏺ Hershel 13 inch Laptop sleeve ($25 or BO) ⏺ 2 Toned Gray sketch books ($13 each or BO)

Onto Clothing which is waaaayyy to small for me.

👕 Blue S H&M shirt ($7 or BO) 👗 Purple S Jersey Dress ($7 or BO) 👚 Spotted S Tube Top ($7 or BO) 👗 Polka Dot Skirt [Can fit a small and medium possibly a little snug on Large] ($12 or BO)

Also, if y'all want to add on this for an additional $2 each, just let me know!

I'm sorry for tagging y'all but I'm really desperate. This won't happen again, promise!

@CuteBabyLay @JamiMilsap @SimplyAwkward That's ok guys! I appreciate you guys checking out my card!
@resavalencia @Isolate Thank you guys! 😭💕
@DalyRomero is it okay if I buy them all from you ... That be $28 right
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