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Which Leaf Shinobi used Shuriken Clone Jutsu during a battle? A) Minato Namikaze B) Naruto Uzumaki C) Hiruzen Sarutobi D) Kakashi Hatake
Question #12's Answer: 9 Orochimaru: After taking over the body of one of White Zetsu , Orochimaru gained access to the wood release technique
Not Related to the Naruto episodes but Momoshiki also had Wood Release. In the Baruto Movie, he was shown using all 5 kind of elements, including Wood He doesn't count as one of them so it's still 9
Black Zetsu: While fused with White Zetsu’s body mass, Black Zetsu had access to Hashirama Senju’s DNA, allowing it to utilise Hashirama’s Wood Release, but on a much weaker scale.
White Zetsu: White Zetsu’s body was made of Hashirama Senju’s DNA, he was able to use wood style with ease.
Danzo Shimura: Possessing the Hashirama Senju’s cells in his right arm granted Danzō the ability to use Wood Release.
Tobi: He was one of the very first victim of Infinite Tsukuyomi, infused with Hashirama Senju’s DNA he was able to use Wood Style as well.
Madara Uchiha: When he was revived with EDO TENSEI with few modifications by Kabuto, he gained access to Hashirama Senju’s wood release and his sage mode.
Obito Uchiha: After being crushed under a boulder, half of Obito’s body was made of Hashirama Senju’s cell that enabled him to use Wood Release.
Yamato: Orochimaru experimented on Captain Yamato with Hashirama Senju’s cells, when he was young, that allowed him to use Wood Release.
Hashirama: Well of course he had Wood Release everything is connected to him first one to have it and the strongest user
shit I really got the last one wrong it's like I only I knew these people jaded but when I see wood style I only thought of the first hokage and yamato
last one was a tough one 😅 no one got it right !! @JosiahQuick
yes. yes it was
@AngelMartinez1 it was!😂
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