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BTS: I Need U Part 2

Que tal peeps!

This your favorite chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang bringing part two of "I Need U." If you missed part 1 you can check that out here. WOW CAN I SAY MORE PPL LIKED PART ONE THAN I EXPECTED! THE SAME DRILL GOES HERE. IF AT LEAST 10 PPL LIKE PART TWO I WILL WRITE A PART 3. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!




Chapter 3

Suddenly, Yoongi busted through the door. "Someone called me?" He stood at the entrance with a cocky smile with his arms crossed. You quickly cover your exposed chest with a pillow. You still had your bra on by one hook but you were super embarased. Jimin face went from sexy wolf to angry wolf. "What the fuck man?" Jimin says. "Someone moaned papi so I thought someone was looking for me, not your lame ass." Yoongi said while smirking. "Yoongi get the fuck out bro. I'm trying to have a moment with my kitten." Jimin said while jumping up. "Weren't you just asking me last week how to turn your kitten on. Don't go acting shady now little bro." Yoongi laughed. "Besides Jin is asking for her." "Tell Jin she is busy!" Jimin says through his teeth. You could feel the tension between these two again. It was making your stomach turn. Maybe you did need to get away. "Maybe I should leave baby." You say in the sweetest voice. You look into Jimin eyes and ruffle his hair. He was beyond pissed. Maybe this is fate. Maybe tonight wasn't the night that you and Jimin would go all the way. He would be your first and you wanted it to be special. "Yoongi could you please give us a minute?" You said while smiling. Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Sure I guess." He turns his back. You quickly clasp your bra and pull up the front part of your body suit. You motion Jimin to help you zip it up. He does so unwillingly. "Baby maybe another time." You lean over and kiss him deeply. He squeezes your sides as if he doesn't want to let go. "I will make it up to you kitten. I won't let this fucking ass...." "I can hear you no jams Jimin." Yoongi says with his back still turned away from you. Yoongi was being a bunt hole and it beginning to bother you. Plus you were a bit upset, because Jimin was upset. "Next time we will let him watch papi." You kiss Jimin again and he slaps your butt as you walk away. "Never ever would I do such a thing!" Yoongi yells as you walk past him.

Chapter 4

You were coming from school and just walked into Big Hit Entertainment's building. You walked passed the check in desk and was on the elevator. Just as the door were about to close a pale hand stops the doors from closing. It was Yoongi. He had the fuck the world look on his face. He gives you a fake smile and stands next to you. He plays with his black hat that says "SWAG" in purple letters. You were even more upset about the situation last night. The more you thought about it during the day the more pissed you got. You were on your way to the meeting room to get your assignment for the Kfashion and Kbeauty line. You had 20 minutes to spare so with impulse you press the stop button. Yoongi looked up from his phone and noticed your actions. "What the heck are you doing?" He says in a an irritated tone. "What do you think I'm doing Yoongi. I'm so tired of your shit. Stop bullying Jimin and stop cock blocking." You face him with confidence. "So no jams Jimin needs his woman to stick up for him. Pathetic." Yoongi says while rolling his eyes. "First of all Jimin doesn't need me to stick up for him. He is a grown ass man. Secondly, he gas more jams than you ever will. Thirdly, he kind and the best boyfriend I have ever had!" You ball up your fists. Yoongi grins and then he pushes you up on the elevator wall. You were super confused. Yoongi gas proven to cross the line but this was too much. He leans in to speak to your right ear with his arms pressed up on the wall. He had you cornered as he took his left leg to slightly part your legs. You could a draft come up your flower printed skirt. "So what but has he ever made you come until you couldn't walk? Has he even busted your cherry yet?" Yoongi said in a seductive tone. Your face was flushed and you did not know what to do. A thousand questions and thoughts were going through your mind. "By your response I'm assuming the answer is no." Yoongi says. "You would assume since you are an ass. Jimin has made me cum many of times with other parts of him besides his penis. He's amazing. Better than your weak as rhymes." You say hoping that would put a dent in Yoongi's ego. Yoongi laughs. "See he needs to tame you with all that smart ass shit. If you were mine you would be a good little kitten. Besides, everyone knows I'm one of the illest rappers Big Hit Entertainment has doll. If your precious papi was fucking you right you wouldn't be so turned on." Yoongi brushed his hand across your damp panties. You instantly smacked him across his face. Then you pressed the stop button. The elevator began moving again. Yoongi grabbed his face. You picked up your bag as the door opened. "Have a nice day asshole." You say while walking out the elevator doors.

Chapter 5

You were working late tonight. There was so much that needed to get finished with internship. You didn't mind since you were getting paid over time. Plus you could forget Yoongi and his rude ways. Jimin was blowing you up, but you texted him to let him know that you were busy. As you worked on the computer to type up the next plans for the next project the doors open. There was Jimin with some white roses and some food. You smiled and saved your work on the laptop. You walked over to Jimin and gave him a huge kiss. "My kitten must eat!" Jimin says while placing the items on the long meeting table. You take the flowers and smell them. "Ah papi you are so good to me." "Did you eat yet papi?" You say while leaning on the table. "No not yet baby." He says while looking at you. You sit on the table and slightly spread your legs. "Well I have something for you to nibble on." You say in the sweetest tone. Jimin quickly walks up to you and stands in between your legs. He grins and he is super turned on. He loves when you talk in a sweet girly voice. "Damn where is it. What do you have for your papi?" He says in a sexy tone. "It's right here papi." You say while pulling up your skirt. Jimin could see your sheer nude panties and he almost went loco. "Oh here here?" He leans in and bites your ear and press his thumb on your hood. You began giggling and moaning softly. "Yes...papi right there. Don't play with your food." Jimin kisses you and then pulls your panties to the side. "Yummy yum Jalmukesumneda" He says while getting on his knees. Suddenly.....

Lol jajajaja until next time!

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That better not be Yoongi again that butt head
Is it me or are things really heating up?!!! 😱🔥🔥🔥🔥
lol yoongi is a asshole xD 😂
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