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Chapter 11
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Mild Language
Words: 1656 If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Namjoon POV
Namjoon watched as Taehyung started to run on the track and noticed his action toward the girls group. Namjoon looked up into the girls and noticed [Y/N] wearing a larger shirt and watching Taehyung as well. ‘Is she wearing his shirt,’ Namjoon asked himself. He scoffed and turned away trying to ignore everything. “What’s up man, you look upset,” Jimin asked as he started stretching next to Namjoon. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” Namjoon said waving his hand in the air. Namjoon helped Jimin stretch and a thought ran across his mind. “I should have waited and offered her my shirt,” Namjoon said quietly aloud. “What,” Jimin asked. Namjoon blushed slightly and said, “Oh, uh, nothing. Let’s hurry up.” Namjoon and Jimin finished up their stretching and stood waiting for Mr. Park to say what was next.
Taehyung ran up to the two boys panting lightly. “Hey Jimin, you know Namjoon,” Taehyung asked wiping the light sweat from his forehead. “Yeah met him today at lunch actually,” Jimin said with a smile.
“Cool cool. You mind helping me stretch real quick. I got a pretty good warm up from that run already.”
“Yeah sure, turn around I’ll stretch your arms.”
Namjoon watched as Taehyung turned around and noticed that he was just wearing a plain white t-shirt. “Forgot your gym shirt Taehyung,” Namjoon asked. The tension in the air started to rise and Namjoon could tell Jimin noticed. Jimin started making glances between Namjoon and Taehyung with concern. “Yeah, but no biggie. It’s just the one day,” Taehyung said letting out a soft breath from the stretches Jimin helped him with. Namjoon nodded and hummed to himself in aggravation, walking away. He knew Taehyung was lying and it irritated him. Not that he expected Taehyung to be open and honest with him, they weren’t friends. If they were anything, they were rivals.
“Alright everyone listen up,” Mr. Park called from the front. “We are going to start the fitness tests today. Today the tests we will be taking today are the long jump, the 100 M dash and a 400 M dash. Will the class representatives please step forward and start dividing everyone into three groups.”
Namjoon and Taehyung ended up in the same group and this just caused Namjoon to be more irritated than before. The first test their group was having to take was the 100 M dash. It went 3 at a time so when it was Namjoon’s turn it was also Taehyung’s turn and other student who he didn’t know. Namjoon glared over at Taehyung and Taehyung chuckled to himself. Between their gaze it was as if they had an entire conversation.
Namjoon’s gaze: I’m going to beat you at this 100 M dash
Taehyung’s gaze: You can sure try
The both got down and ready to run. As soon as they heard the person yell go they burst from the starting line. A quick ten seconds later both boys were breathing heavily. The representative taking notes shouted, “Kim Taehyung First, Kim Namjoon second, T-”
“See you next test,” Taehyung said to Namjoon with a look of triumph on his face. Namjoon clenched his jaw and fists and stomped to the next fitness test.
With each fitness test it didn’t matter what Namjoon did he always came in second to Taehyung. At the end of the last one Taehyung walked over to Namjoon and put his hand on his shoulder as he walked past him and said, “Remember I’m in a sports club. Don’t beat yourself up too much.” Namjoon wanted nothing more than to hit him.
It wasn’t until Nana and [Y/N] came running up to him that he felt all his anger fade.
“Hey good job Namjoon,” Nana said putting up her hand for a high-five which Namjoon returned. “Thanks, I’m exhausted though. I could use more of [Y/N]’s cooking to help energize myself again,” Namjoon said using the bottom of his shirt to wipe the sweat from his head revealing his stomach slightly. “You girls did good too, hopefully you aren’t too tired,” Namjoon said to the two. He looked at [Y/N] and let his eyes drift down to the name on the shirt. [Y/N] quickly covered the name on the shirt and was looking at the ground with her cheeks pink. Namjoon frowned at the motion and took in a deep breath. “We’re pretty tired, but not going to lie we didn’t go all out. Well I didn’t. [Y/N] here isn’t very athletic so I’m sure she is exhausted,” Nana said with a laugh slapping [Y/N] on the back. [Y/N] nervously laughed with Nana and looked up but avoided eye contact with Namjoon.
“Great job everyone,” Mr. Park yelled, “Go shower and change then get back to class. You have 30 minutes to get this done. We will meet in the gym on Thursday to do the rest of the fitness tests. And nobody forget their uniforms please! Kim Taehyung I’m talking to you.”
“Well alright I think that is our queue,” Namjoon said with a wave and a hurt look on his face, “See you girls later!” As he turned to walk away he ruffled his hair and took a deep breath
You watched as Namjoon walk away you couldn’t help but feel like you hurt him. You didn’t know what to say or do or even how you hurt him but something inside of you hurt as well. “Come on Nana, we should head back,” you said with your head hanging low. You kept your hand clenched over the Taehyung’s name on the shirt and walked back to the locker room with Nana.
In the locker room you could hear all of the girls talking about how great the guys looked running. The ones they talked about most were Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon and another boy whose name you forgot. You changed quickly and folded your gym clothes. As you folded Taehyung’s shirt you stared at it smiling. “You say you don’t like him but look at you,” Nana said snapping you out of your thoughts. “I-I,” you started.
“Well either way, sounds like you may have some competition. All these girls in here are talking about him. He’s pretty popular you know.”
“Yeah I know Nana.” You put the shirt down and looked at her with seriousness spread across your face.
“Whoa what’s up, why are you looking so serious right now?”
“I think Namjoon likes me Nana.”
Nana started laughing and this caught you off guard. “Namjoon, liking you? Come on you’re being silly. I was just teasing you about Kim Taehyung yesterday but now you are starting to think Namjoon likes you too...” Nana said through laughter bent over clutching her stomach. A few other girls in the locker room started looking at both of you making you feel nervous. You were trying to quiet Nana down by shushing her. She wiped her eyes from laughter tears and spoke again, “Who would have thought you would be so popular with the boys,” she added sarcastically. You blushed and looked away from her. You let out a heavy sigh then said, “Nevermind Nana. You’re not helping.” You grabbed your things and were about to head out of the locker room but Nana’s question stopped you. “How did you get his shirt anyway?” You turned to look at her and she had an expression on her face you had never seen her make before. “He gave it to me to wear because I left mine at home,” you said shyly and blushing lightly remembering the scene.
“So you asked him for his shirt and he felt like he had to give it to you?”
“No, I didn’t ask for it. I wouldn’t do something like that. I would rather get in trouble by Mr. Park.”
“Then why did you take it?” Nana started to look angry at you.
You took a step back and looked at her in confusion. This was a side of Nana you weren’t use to seeing. “Because he offered it. It would be rude to not accept his nice deed.”
“He was just being nice? I’m sure he just felt bad for you.”
You looked up at her shocked at her behavior. You had never seen Nana act like this to you. Only once to another girl in middle school but never to you. You decided the best thing would be to leave before you said something you would regret.
‘So what if he was just being nice,’ You thought as you puffed your cheeks slightly in frustration. ‘What’s so wrong about a guy being nice to me?’ You let out a frustrated breath and walked into the classroom. You noticed that neither Namjoon nor Taehyung were there. Ellin waved over at you and you smiled at her. “You seem upset [Y/N], anything I can help you with,” Ellin asked you as you sat down. You shook your head no and laid your head on your desk. Ellin pat your shoulder and giggled lightly while you let out a heavy sigh.
The class started to get louder so you looked up and noticed that the boys started to walk in. Taehyung started to walk by you and you made eye contact with him. You felt nervous and started to blush. He smiled sweetly at you with his boxy smile and ruffled your hair lightly as he walked by. You blushed and squinted your eyes as he touched you. When you opened your eyes again you saw Namjoon staring down at you. His face had a smile, but his eyes filled with hurt. You wanted to say something but couldn’t. You simply frowned and looked down at your desk. ‘I like Kim Taehyung,’ you thought. You looked up at the back of his head. ‘I’m sorry Namjoon.’
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