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Genre: Angst, Vampire AU
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook (or is it)
Length: 2737 words
Summary: Love bites? Like hell it does.
Part: 6/?
Hoseok stood up and motioned for me to follow him, despite Jungkook’s death glare. “Have the whispers stopped?”, he asked. I couldn’t tell whether that was his attempt at making small talk, or whether he was genuinely curious.
“Yeah, I think they’ve gone.”
“What the fuck was that hyung?”, I heard Jungkook hiss as me and Hoseok walked away.
“That was me saving our asses. She’s been here, what, a day? And all she’s done is cause trouble.” Yoongi was seriously starting to piss me off. If he hated me that much, why didn’t he just let me burn? Asshole.
I heard rapid footsteps shortly after, so I assumed Jungkook had stormed out. Once me and Hoseok were out the house, he started to make his way to some trees nearby. I followed him, wary of where he was leading me.
We stopped at a small shed, so old it was virtually falling to pieces. “He’s in there”, Hoseok vaguely motioned to it. “When you take the knife careful. That’s one of the most agonising things a vampire can go through and once he’s over the pain, he’s gonna be very angry.”
“OK. I think I’ll wait for those two to turn up again and bring them here. Maybe they’ll be able to calm him down.”
Hoseok nodded and muttered “Good idea. Because, as you probably realised, none of Bangtan- not even Jungkook- are gonna be there to help you.”
I didn’t say anything as we both wordlessly turned around to head back. As we got to the door, he whispered, “And if you want to survive tonight’s ordeal, if I were you I’d drink a little. Otherwise you’re gonna be too weak.”
My lip curled up in disgust on instinct as he pulled the door open to go inside. “You know, if one of you could have just told me what Jackson was capable of, all of this could have been avoided?”, I grumbled.
To my surprise, Hoseok agreed. “Yeah, in hindsight, Namjoon should have just explained. But Jackson is a sensitive topic for all of us- especially him. And we didn’t think you’d actually stab him.”
“Sensitive? You’re vampires. Couldn’t you just put your feelings aside for five minutes?”
He side-eyed me. “Funny that. I’ve heard hybrids are better than normal vampires at switching off feelings.” I didn’t respond.
As we stepped back into the kitchen, I noticed I was right about Jungkook leaving. Everyone else was still there apart from him. To my dismay, Yoongi was sat in the place Jungkook was sat in before.
“I’ve shown y/n where it is”, Hoseok informed Namjoon. “She’s decided to wait until Mark and Junior arrive before she takes the knife out.” Taehyung, Jimin, Jin and even Namjoon looked visibly stressed at the idea of an angry Jackson coming back. I didn’t even bother looking at Yoongi.
“Jin hyung”, Hoseok continued. “I told her she’s gonna need some blood, or I doubt she’ll...make it. Do we have any?” Jin motioned to the fridge. “Loads from last week’s catches. Help yourself.” I involuntarily stepped back shaking my head.
“No thanks...”, I declined, my mind flitting to last night. “I’ll make...other arrangements.” By that I meant I’d ask Jungkook for some of his blood- that was about all I’d be able to stomach.
From the glint in Yoongi’s eye, it looked like he was the only one who understood what I meant. “Right, I’ll leave ou boys to wait”, I drawled, giving them a little wave. “I have no intention of talking to you again, so it was nice while it lasted.” Taehyung and Jimin laughed as I walked away, and the rest just remained silent- probably still worried.
I padded back upstairs and checked m room- Jungkook wasn’t in there. I closed my eyes to see if I could hone in on his sound. Bingo. The sound of heavy breathing, two doors to my right.
“Jungkook?”, I called quietly.He didn’t answer. but I slowly opened his door regardless. He was stood in the middle of the room, and I instantly knew from the dark veins etched across his throat that he was not in the best moods.
“Do you want to tell me what you were thinking?”, he asked, his voice dark.
I sighed. “Jungkook, I know you’re not happy with it, but there’s literally nothing else anyone can do in this situation.” I blinked, missing his swift movement from where he was stood no the wall nearest to him.“I told you we’ll kill them all dammit!”, he yelled, smashing his fist into the wall.
The wall cracked on impact, and when he removed his fist, there was a small round dent- had he punched any harder, he would have made a hole. “What if you get hurt? Huh? Or what if the first thing he does when he wakes up in snap your neck then stab you?”
I shrugged. “Then I’m dead aren't I? Big whoop.”
Not a wise answer. He made his way to me slowly. “Y/n. We only find one person in our lifetimes that we’re attracted to in a special way. Whether I die next week, or centuries from now, I will never find someone like you again. I can’t lose you.”
I placed a hand on his shoulder as reassurance my eyes involuntarily flitting to those tempting veins. I tried to control myself, but had to look down as my eyes flashed red. “You won’t lose me, I promise.”
I couldn’t guarantee that, but I needed him to calm down. I didn’t know whether being manipulative was also a newfound hybrid trait, but the lies I told him seem to calm him down.
He bent slightly so he could rest his forehead on mine. “I heard you downstairs”, he murmured. “They asked you to drink and you came to me.” He sounded...happy that I had gone straight to him. Maybe that meant something in the vampire world?
“I can see you trying so hard to control yourself, but you want this don’t you? You want my blood?” My fingers itched to tug at his collar and delve in, but instead I nodded feverishly.
“I need you Jungkook”, I rasped as I felt the familiar pain of the fangs growing. That was enough for him to give me access to him. I immediately bit down and moaned quietly at the cold blood setting fire to my veins. Jungkook’s head lolled to the side to rest on mine. It was around two minutes later, he gently had to stop me.
I came down from the high his blood provided very quickly, and I stumbled back, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. “Thank you.”
I wondered if I liked his blood because he turned me? In that case, surely Yoongi’s blood would have the same effect? It was just a shame he was such a bastard.
I spent the majority of that day in Jungkook’s room- he didn’t want me out of his sight. I stayed at his request- until it was night time. He followed me out of his room and watched as I started dashing around turning the lights off.
Jimin came out of his room to see what all the commotion was. “They won’t come near here if they don’t think you all are asleep”, I explained. He just nodded and went back in, firmly shutting his door.
Everyone else was also in their room’s. I stayed clear of Yoongi’s room. I tuned to Jungkook. “Hey can you tell that asshole to shut his bedroom light?”, I asked him, loud enough so Yoongi could hear me.
Jungkook bit back a laugh as we heard Yoongi get up, mutter a few curses under his breath and shut the light. I could just about make Jungkook’s silhouette out in the shadows. “Now what?”, he asked. “Now you go back to your room. I’ll wait for those two to turn up and go outside.”
There was a pause. “Y/n, you seriously aren't scared right now? Even the hyungs are a bit nervous.”
I pondered for a moment then answered honestly. “No. I know I should be but I’m not. It’s strange. Before I was tuned I couldn’t even stand horror movies.” My laugh was cut short by the sound of urgent whispers that Jungkook couldn’t hear.
“Aaaand there’s my cue. Wish me luck!”, I whispered as I started to clamber downstairs. I heard his “Stay safe!”, just as I reached the bottom.
The whispers sounded like they two boys were approaching the front of the house. So I cold leave from the back, go around and surprise them from behind. The element of surprise was always good.
Surprisingly it worked. Their backs were turned and they were both in deep discussion about the best way to sneak in and haul their leader out, when I cleared my throat, making them both turn. Both were quite the eye candy.
I gave them a beaming smile. Something moved in my peripheral vision, and my eyes automatically darted up and looked back down to the two startled vampires in front of me. Someone from Bangtan was watching us- the movement I had seen was a curtain.
It was the room next to mine...Who was next to me? I gritted my teeth as it finally sunk in- Yoongi. Yoongi was watching us. Probably waiting for them to attack me so he could video it.
“Who the fuck are you?”, one of them asked.
“Me? I’m y/n”, I replied, still smiling.
Both of them stepped back from me and I cocked my head in confusion. I pretended to be offended. “C’mon guys, I don’t smell that bad.” Someone chuckled from the house, I was sure.
“Y/n...aren’t you the girl Jungkook turned?”
“Yes. That is I. And who are you?”
“Mark. He’s Junior. Why are you still alive? Jackson was meant to...kill you.”
I pouted. “Now why would he kill someone with sch an amazing personality? And anyway, Karma is a bitch because I ended up stabbing the poor little boy.”
Junior lunged for me immediately and I grabbed him before he could actually hit me. I threw him to the ground at breakneck speed, completely knocking the wind out of him.
“My my..”, I gasped at the boy writhing at my feet. “You really should listen to me. I said I stabbed him. I didn’t say he was dead.”
“What the fuck?”, Junior choked out, scrambling to his feet. “What the fuck are you?”
I laughed at his unexpected question. Mark and Junior exchanged glances. Then Mark spoke. “If you’re strong enough to kill Jackson...then you must be like him.”
“I like you”, I hummed pointing at him. “You’re smart. Now shall I take you to Jackson, or not?”
“OK, you’re fucking stupid. You stabbed you don’t want to be anywhere near him when he wakes up.”
“It’s me or Bangtan” I mused. “They didn’t do anything, so it looks like it’s me.”
“Jackson wouldn't harm Bangtan- him and Namjoon go too far”, Junior muttered in distaste.
“He was fine with beheading Namjoon’s girlfriend”, I pointed out. “And he was coming here to kill me, someone he thought was with Jungkook.”
“Who else turned you?”
“It doesn’t matter”, I replied, brushing off Mark’s question. “Now follow me before you end up like your leader.”
They took the threat seriously as they followed me, the two of them remaining a safe distance away. “Is Bangtan awake? Do they know you’re out here?” I heard Junior call behind me.
“Nah they’re all asleep”, I lied. “And yeah, they know about the plan.” I snorted. “Shows how much they care about me, right?”
They didn’t reply, so I cold only assume they believed me. I was expecting the worst with these guys, but they really weren’t too bad. When we finally got to the shed, I have to admit, even I was slightly nervous.
“OK, so he’s in there. You guys coming in?”
Mark looked at Junior, who stuttered, “I’ll stay out here and keep watch. You know...just in case.” Mark just rolled his eyes and swung open the shed door. I felt around for a light switch, and when the lights finally came on, my eyes settled on to the body propped up against the wall, knife still sticking out.
Jackson looked like he’d been killed minutes ago, not hours. I glanced at Mark, who was gaping at me in astonishment. “You did that?! Jesus Christ.”
Ignoring him, I walked towards the body and crouched down. This was going to be a nightmare. Getting a good grip on the weapon, I started pulling it out at an excruciating pace. When it was out, we waited and waited. I was just about to ask when he would wake up, when he abruptly stated coughing and gasping, making us jump.
His eyes shot open and I saw straight away that they were red. I started to back off, but Jackson grabbed my foot too quickly, and I fell back. He dragged me back towards him, and I yelped in shock at his sudden strength. “You bitch”, he growled. “You had the audacity to stab me? You BITCH!”
Mark jumped back as Jackson slammed me against the wall of the already crumbling shed. I pried his fingers from my throat and scrambled up in a frenzy. “Calm the fuck down Jackson.” At this point, even Junior had come in to see what was happening.
I knew they weren’t ever going to, but part of me was still a bit...disappointed that no one in Bangtan came to help me. When Jackson replied with an angry hiss, I turned back to him.
“You’re gonna come with us. I’m gonna lock you up somewhere. And I’m gonna hurt you so bad, you’re gonna regret what you did.”
“And what if I save you the trouble and tell you I already regret what I did?”
His smile was full of malice. “Mark, Junior, go tell the others I’m OK.” He grabbed the knife that I had pulled out of him, still smirking at me. “We’ll be right behind you.”

Jungkook’s POV

“What the fuck hyung, how can you just stare at them?”, Jungkook snapped, making Yoongi jump. The elder swiftly moved away from the window. “Just heard talking, and went to check if those idiots had arrived. What are you doing, sneaking around maknae?”
Jungkook completely brushed off the question. “This is all your fucking fault”, he hissed. “You can hate y/n all you want, but sending her to a likely death? That was low hyung.”
Yoongi’s eyes flashed in annoyance. “And what exactly do you prefer?”, he challenged.
“Do you want to see all your hyung’s bodies lying on the floor without their heads attached? Is that it? It was either give up y/n, who we barely know, or get ourselves killed! Have you forgotten Bangtan always stick together?”
“She was MINE! You had no fucking right! You know given enough time we could’ve worked something out! First you turn her when you ween’t supposed to and now...well, if she ends up dead, I’m holding you responsible hyung”, Jungkook warned, pointing a finger at Yoongi.
“I don’;t give a shit if we end up like Namjoon and Jackson. If y/n dies...I’ll never be able to look you in the face again.” Jungkook angrily walked out to regain some control over himself, leaving Yoongi just as irritated.

Yoongi’s POV

Yoongi watched Jungkook storm out and gave a small sigh. He had done this in the best interest of Bangtan. His brothers. Plus, he was pretty sure y/n was strong enough to deal with Jackson.
“Get your hands off me you asshole!” He heard a faint but distinct shot in the distance, and rushed back to his window. There was the unmistakable silhouette of Jackson dragging y/n one handed across the field, the long knife in his other hand.
Yoongi’s eyes flashed red at the sight before him, but what’s done was done. At least for now, his brothers were safe. He remembered hearing y/n and Jungkook the night before and moved away from the curtain in disgust. She wasn’t his, he knew that. If it wasn’t for Jungkook Yoongi wouldn’t have even noticed y/n at that stupid party.
But now? She was all he could see.
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wouldn't it be funny if Jackson falls for her too 😉
so yoongi likes her for real now xD well that's nice xD jungkook ain't gonna be happy about that tho poor thing. hybrid vampires are pretty bad ass xD
i saw you uploaded and i did a pterodactyl scream and my mom threatened to ground me because i scared her...... xD *goes to read it* btw sorry for my lameness i just want to make sure you know youre appreciated
@Isolate i literally screamed too. this story is so damn good
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