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ok so this show is still a lil confusion but wat i can get out of it is that everytime subaru trys telling emilla about his power he get hurt or at this point someone else now wat im confuse bout his y dose the cat calles emilla her daughter can someone tell me wats going on
Basically Subaru couldn't tell anyone a about return by death or he would get hurt (idk about death but unbearable pain) and then he tried telling Emilia about it then she died there must have been some mercy on his part since no one understands him the witch decided to kill the person questioning his emotions (in this case Emilia) and as for the whole rem dilema I guess whoever is killed by the white whale or at least under its magic is erased from most people's minds the whole father daughter thing might have something to do with the contract they share and the relationship they have he is supposed to protect her so he would assume the role as a "Fatherly" figure in this case or something like that I suppose
Witch of Envy*
Read the a little of the manga and watched the anime. From what i can tell, the Witch of Envoy brought him from another world and gave him but the ability to restart to a certain point everytime he dies but there is a catch: he cannot tell anyone or else he really will die for good or i think thats what might happen. As for why puck calls Emilia his daughter just a joke between him and Subaru
I think it's just a protective stance, otherwise it's something we don't know yet.....perhaps emilia's powers are somehow "born" from him? not sure...