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@HunnaBallue In all honesty, it started with fantiction. For KankuroSai, I read a fanfiction and started shipping them then I watched the series and even though they don't have a lot of canon moments, I feel like their personalities would make a really good match. Kankuros loud mouth and slight arrogance would be countered with Sais no nonsense attitude, and Sai could learn (or further learn) about emotions and feeling through Kankuros boisterous personality. HinaTen was mainly from fanfiction since they don't really interact, but I feel like their personalities would go well. They're both strong female characters who were underestimated at some point or are underestimated by the Fandom. I just think they look cute together and Tenten could help bring Hina further out of her shell. They sort of remind me of Maya and Riley from GMW
@MaddyScoop Thanks ^^ I think that's really cool ^^
the shikimari ship was probably the first recognized ship in the series and its one i saw coming a long time ago