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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a nice day so far! This week is going to be the finale for Season 1 of "I'll Be Your Melody"! "Weekly Melody" is a weekly segment that will showcase the amazing talent that the group has by sharing BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody" videos! I'll be going in order that Cube Entertainment released the videos! Without further ado, here are the final member's videos!

Hyunsik's cover of "Bus Stop" by Busker Busker

He's singing AND playing the piano!!

Ilhoon's cover of "Missing You" by G-Dragon

I love his voice!

And those were the final two members of Season 1 of BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody"

What did you think of Hyunsik and Ilhoon's covers?! I loved them! (*^^*)♡

I hope you all enjoyed the first season!! I loved all of the member's covers and their own variations from the original song!

Stay tuned for next week when I'll be posting BTOB's "I'll Be Your Melody: Season 2" (´ω`♡)

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Hyunsik has melody!!! haha i made a pun lol Ilhoon is just adorable and i swear his voice doesnt match his face...nope nope nope. Love both them thanks Steph!
Ilhoon kills me. Of course he did a GD cover, of course. Just to kill fangirls everywhere. I love both their voices though. They did a great job. Ugh... gonna go dream about Ilhoon now.
@Vay754 He does! haha! 😆💙
Ilhoon looks like he is enjoying himself haha 😍