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What was my first impression of each member? Warning: I don't have those bad opinions about about the members anymore. I just didn't have a very good first impression with all of them, But I love all of them very much now.
Let me just say that the first MV I ever saw them is was "Very Good"...enough said.
This was my Very First impression of Zico. Yep. I Thought he was strange looking and Bizarre at first, but Yet I though "he looks so weird and strange, yet despite it all, I think I like him, WHY?" And then I looked at a picture of what he looked like when he wasn't dressed like that, And I fell in love with him.
I didn't really Pay much attention to Taeil at first, I noticed him, but I didn't really pay that much mind to him.
I Thought U-Kwon Was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I thought "I want Him to be my Bias!" But You don't really get to pick your bias.
In full honesty, for a little while, I thought that there were only 6 members. Don't Get me wrong, I love Jaehyo, but he kinda blended in for me AT FIRST.
I was Very Drawn to P.O. He reminded me so much of T.O.P
I Thought he was Gorgeous!
I Loved Kyung's Rapping. I thought it was so good.

Now it's time for Day 24.

Favorite Otp?
It Will Always be Zi-3-P.O That's right, I made my own Ship name.