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Alright if you missed @SweetDuella chapter click here for it. .... Alright enjoy this nice long chapter!
“Speaking of Kidnapping.” Sarah said smiling at Jenni as they got back on the air. “What do you have to add?” Jenni asked “Well you remember that discussion we had a while back about how easily I would be kidnapped?” “Oh yea. If a hot guy told you to get in the van you would.” Jenni laughed remembering the conversation. “Yea, Well so I wanted to share this, I won’t actually be an easy target.” “Why is that?” “Well do you remember, was it last week or so we had finished eating and were standing by the street deciding what to do?” “Oh yea and we ended up going to get some bubble tea!” Jenni clapped her hands together. “Remember when there was that guy across the street in that black van and he was calling out to us?” “Oh yea! And I was like hey Diamond is that guy hot?” “Yea and I turned around and was like he’s cute.” “Yea.” “Then you gave me a look and I had to say, No I am not going to go over and let him kidnap me.” “Yes I was very proud of you.” “Yea I know, but don’t worry about me if an idol takes me. Just let them. I want to be kidnapped by an idol and spend a day with them.” “Oh my gosh so you aren’t easy for normal people but for idols you will be so easy. You probably don’t even need them to say I’m kidnapping you. They could say hey I’m so and so and then boom you’re magically in the car.” Jenni started out serious and then by the end of her sentence was laughing and couldn’t control it. “Yea I guess you’re right.” Sarah joined in the laughing. “Alright now let’s play some music so we can calm down a bit” Jenni said and pushed a button. After the next song they came back and were calm. “Ok I have a serious question here.” Sarah was in her serious mode. “What is that?” “If I was drowning and Mr. N was drowning who would you save?” “Who is Mr. N?” Jenni asked “Just someone” Sarah wrote on a paper that Mr. N was Namjoon. She understood quickly. “Ok well, I would save MR. N and Let Mr. J come save you because I know he would.” “Funny thing I was going to be mad since you would let me drown but that answer I can’t be mad at.” “So If Me or Mr. J were drowning who would you save?” “Easy you, Mr. J is amazing and can swim while you can’t.” “Hey!” “It’s true didn’t we have a discussion that if you went swimming in the ocean you would end up getting eating by a shark?” Sarah easily moved the conversation off of drowning. “No that was you would get eaten by a shark, I would be tired after a few feet and go back to land.” “Honestly I don’t think a shark would want to eat me….I don’t have much meat on me.” “Nah they would still eat you, they are sharks.” Jenni said with a giggle “But sharks don’t purposely seek humans out to eat them; it’s normally a mistake that humans get eaten.” “Yea except what was it….we learned about it in History class in high school...? Tiger Sharks will eat whatever they want including humans.” Jenni threw some facts at Sarah. “I guess you are right….I love sharks I want to swim with them….Well ones that won’t eat me….We should do that when we go back to the states, I know of this place that a trainer will go with you and you can swim with them.” Sarah got all excited thinking about it. “Yea no, I’ll watch and sunbath on the boat.” “What! You don’t want a little adventure in your life?” Sarah pushed Jenni in her seat. “Nope I think I’m good with the adventure I have now.” “Boring. Ok we are going to listen to some more music and be back in a little bit.” Sarah said and hit a button to start the music. “So you are game for Arizona right?” Jenni asked “Of course.” “Also we can go to Kcon LA.” “What! Really!” Sarah was really excited. “Yea, we can try to talk boss man into doing a live show from there.” “Or at least a prerecord one right?” Sarah also offered “Well he wanted us to cover it while we were here but he’s giving it someone else.” “Screw that we can do a live one from there. That way we can get in to easily talk to the idols.” “Yea if he can get us passes.” Jenni was hoping he would be able to help the girls on that part. “Oh its Boss man… he so can do anything.” “If not …” Sarah quickly interjected cutting Jenni odd “If he says no we just hit him with the APPA card, He will fall and do it for us.” “Yea Appaaaa we want to go please… us Appaaa” Jenni tested it out. “See it would work.” Sarah laughed. It had been several minutes and they came back onto the air and had some more small talk and took some callers and of course more music. Finally 5 o’clock rolled around and they ended the show. “What are you plans today?” Sarah asked “Well Namjoon is busy and I was thinking of bothering Mark or Jackson.” “Aren’t they busy as well?” “Probably. Wait a minute” “What” Sarah was playing innocent. “I get it you want to have us time.” She stated pointing a finger at Sarah. “I mean it would be nice, It’s been us and other guys for the past what 2 weeks now?” “True. I’m ok with just us hanging out.” Jenni said “Good, because we have things we need to discuss.” Sarah was going to go through a few things that she didn’t want to on the air. “Ok, let’s go home first.” Jenni said and the two girls made their way home. Jenni was sending texts out while Sarah was just looking around at all the people passing by. Finally after a few minutes they got home. “Alright so let’s talk.” Jenni said plopping down on the bed. “So earlier… Kookie took me to a jewelry store.” “Oh my god did he get you a ring?” she got all smiley. “No he said he needed my opinion and then said he needed my finger size because it’s the same size as the girl he likes.” “Oh come on you know he is just trying to be slick about getting you a ring.” Jenni said “I know I was playing dumb because he was just being too cute.” “Did he buy anything in front of you?” “No. hmm.” “Maybe he was just looking for the future.” “Yea. So was that all?” Jenni was now lying on the couch sprawled out. She didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t sleep at all after the first broadcast. She started to close her eyes. “No we ran into Mike.” Jenni’s eyes shot open. “What happened?” “Well at first he asked if my boyfriend was ok with me being friends with guys.” “Oh crap did you tell Kookie about the other day?” “Well I hadn’t told him about what happened when I met mike the other day…so he did question me about it later and I clarified everything.” “Ok so what else happened with mike?” she was sitting up again. “Well he was trying to get me to go back to America with him and when Kookie and I both were trying to leave he called Kookie gay and I just punched him.” “Ha my lessons worked?” “Yea he let go of us and stumbled back, then I told him Dominic would be after him along with Kookie, and then he made a comment about Kookie being again gay but also weak and bam! Kookie punched him and down Mike went. It was amazing!” “Ha I bet Mike will double think coming near you again.” “I hope so, although I want to say Kookie was upset that I said JB was my boyfriend, I think I made him feel better when I said that JB had asked me out and I turned him down.” “Of course he likes you he’s just being so freaking slow!” Jenni laughed and flopped back down on the couch. “Slow? He tried to kiss me on the lips the other day but your stupid boyfriend destroyed that moment.” Jenni laughed “He is the god of destruction. Oh my god is he really my official boyfriend?” Jenni squealed and kicked her feet in the air. “Blanket Kick!” Sarah yelled and threw a blanket over Jenni’s feet as she continued to kick. “Ok I’m going to rest for a bit and around 8 wake me up and let’s go eat.” Jenni said pulling the blanket up over herself. Sarah walked into her room to let Jenni have quiet. *DING* Kookie: I heard part of the show Sarah: What did you think? Kookie: Random as usual. Sarah: Yea that’s normal. Lol Kookie: I won’t let anyone kidnap you, not even an idol. As Jenni said I won’t let you drown and thanks for knowing I am so amazing that you don’t need to save me. Sarah: Well Jenni would need saving…I think Namjoon would need help too….wait you knew we were talking about you guys? Kookie: It’s not hard to figure out Sarah: Really? Kookie: Really! Alright I just wanted to text you; I gotta get back to practice. Sarah: Wait what are you doing after practice? Kookie: I’m going to eat with a friend Sarah: Oh well have fun Kookie: Bye! Sarah Bye cutie! *image sent* Sarah sent a picture of here doing the V with one eye closed. *Below is the pose Sarah takes and sends to Kookie*
Finally it was 8 and Sarah ran out of her room and jumped on Jenni. “Let’s go I’m starving!” “Ugh, ok give me a few minutes.” Jenni got up slowly and went to the bathroom to fix herself before they headed out. As they walked to get food they made small talk. “So what did you do while I slept?” Jenni asked “Oh I just listened to music and wrote and thought of some things for us to do.” “To do when?” “Well we need to still do that ghost tour so we should do it tomorrow or maybe this weekend.” “Yea that would be fun.” Jenni said and as they finished talking the picked the place to eat. They sat down and ordered and had a great time just goofing off and having girl talk. They were both really excited to go back to the states since they hadn’t been there in 2 years. It was around 10 when they finally were getting ready to leave and were deciding on if they should go home and sleep or if they should go for a walk. Sarah was the first to start walking out of the restaurant. She saw Kookie and she smiled and was about to walk over to him to say hello but stopped dead in her tracks when a girl showed up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. She stood frozen in place when Jenni walked up and saw how Sarah’s stance was and looked the direction Sarah was looking. She saw it as well. The girl pulled back but kept her arms around him. He didn’t even try to pull her hands off of him. Without a word Sarah left with Jenni following. Sarah decided she just wanted to go home right away. Instead of walking they hopped in a car and went home. Sarah didn’t say anything on the car ride home; she just looked out the window trying to hold the tears in. Jenni was worried about her friend. She hadn’t seen Sarah this quiet since they lived in the states. She didn’t know if she was ok or about to break down. Sarah was thinking, they weren’t together, although with what they had done this morning she thought that he liked her like she liked him. He could see whoever he wanted he was young, he obviously wasn’t really into her and wanted someone closer to his age. God they looked good together Sarah thought. Once the car stopped at their place Sarah quickly got out after paying and Jenni was close behind. Once the door was shut Sarah was on the floor in a second Crying. Jenni was there instantly next to her and hugging her. “Jenni was it all me? Did he really like me at all?” Sarah was crying into her knees. “Sarah...” Jenni knew that it couldn’t be just Sarah who liked Kookie. If he didn’t like her why would he come around so often? “It had to be… did you see them?” “I did. Sweetie well get through this.” Sarah didn’t know what to do. She was crushed. Jenni eventually calmed Sarah down enough to get her to be able to sleep. Jenni wondered how the next day would be. The next morning Sarah was still not up for the day but she knew she had to get her head on straight, she only had 2 hours to worry about and then the afternoon show and then she had the weekend to hopefully get everything back together in her head and move on. Sarah did her normal stuff and her and Jenni headed out and got coffee and then made their way to the studio. They were both quiet and they liked to pretend that it was because they were both tired, but they knew that it wasn’t the only reason neither of them were talking. They walked in to the studio and were getting ready. “Will you be ok to do today’s shows?” Jenni asked “Yea.” Was all she said. The girls intro music started to play and Sarah hopped on the mic. “Good Morning lovely listeners, you have Diamond and Ruby speaking to you while you start your day. How is everyone? Tired? Yea me too.” Sarah did a fake laugh. Jenni watched her friend wondering if she really could handle today. “Yea well I hear today is supposed to be a good day to go swimming, so get ready to have a hot day.” Jenni said “Oh lets go swimming today after our 2nd show. That would be nice.” Sarah smiled thinking that would maybe help her out a lot. “Alright sounds like a good idea, lets listen to some music that will help everyone get up this morning.” Jenni hit the button and soothing music came on. “Stop worrying I’m fine for now.” “I don’t know that fake laugh I’m sure everyone can tell there is something wrong.” “Only you plus those guys.” Sarah pointed to everyone in the booth behind them. “Know how my fake laugh is.” “You don’t think Kookie will know?” “I doubt it.” Sarah started shuffling through things when her phone dinged. Kookie: have a good show this morning I know you just started but I woke up late. Sarah: Thanks “Who was that?” “Kookie” “What he want?” “Just wanting us to have a good show today.” “How nice.” Jenni said and it seemed like she was being sarcastic. Sarah threw her phone on the table away from her. She wasn’t going to look at it anymore. She was still hurt, and didn’t know what to do about him anymore. “Welcome back listeners!!!” Jenni said “I hope you’re excited it’s almost the weekend. It’s Friday!!! After 5 o’clock most of you will be off of work and have 2 days to do whatever you want. I can’t wait for it. I think Diamond and I are going to do a ghost tour.” “Yea I was going to let you go with someone else but you can do that a different day.” Sarah laughed into the mic. “Yea you need me more than he does.” “Hey that sounds like I’ll be scared to go by myself!” “Won’t you?” “No….well yea I think if I went alone but there would be a tour guide so a large group would be with us.” “True…so no Diamond isn’t scared when there is a group around, but when she is alone she might just scream at every noise.” “Shh the listeners don’t need to hear all my secrets I try to act tough.” “You aren’t tough.” “Hey I can punch someone and make them take a few steps back.” “Again thanks to me teaching you.” “Thank you for it.” Sarah laughed. “Ok so we will now listen to some music and hear a bit about the news and a few commercials then we are out of here until noon.” Jenni said and then she played some music. They ended the show with no more commentary since they were both not really talkative. The girls walked out of the studio and Sarah was ahead of Jenni but when she turned the corner she quickly jumped back and hit the wall hiding herself. “What are you doing?” Jenni asked confused “Kookie’s there” “What do you want me to do?” “Tell him I won’t be able to come out because I am in a meeting… I don’t know come up with something. I’m not ready to face him. I’ll probably bust up crying.” “Ok I got this. you go talk to boss man about know I'm not good at lying” Jenni said and walked over to Kookie while Sarah walked back to Boss man.
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Awe there has to be a misunderstanding or some kind of explanation?! Kookie seemed genuine. Cheer up Sarah! * sings Cheer up, even doing the dance!*😆hehe!
Poor Sarah....and Kookie has no clue what's going on.
oh man!!! please let it be a cousin!! 😰😰😰😰😰
Oh no, what will happen now? Anyway since Rap Mon is the "God of Destruction" I am too! Just yesterday I was putting crates through a crate washer at work and two crates got stuck in the machine and one crate cracked in half then my sister went to get a Twix out of the vending machine but it wouldnt come out because it was so far back, so I put 4 more dollars in eventually she got her Twix after I broke the plastic/glass casing on the front. I mean, I felt bad for breaking two machines in one day but at the same time I felt one with Namjoon!!!