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Hey yo wussup my Vingle fam :) ♡ Just wanted to share my fanfic with you. As you can see its a Taeil fanfic :) if your bias is Taeil and love Block B, I think you might like this. Happy reading! Story: A story about two best friends who go through the good & bad times together, rather it's relationship problems or personal feelings. The besties actually like each other but one does not know the others real feelings, vice versa. Will this ruin their friendship? Or will it make it better?

Within Our Friendship: Ch.1

Your P.O.V I've known Taeil since we were little kids. We went to the same elementary and middle school, and up till now high school. We even talked about going to the same college after we graduate from high school. I want to major in business technology and minor in foreign languages for korean languages. Taeil on the other hand wants to major in music and minor in dance. How awesome is that right? Haha. We both promised each other no matter what happens we will support each other. Speaking of support, throughout the times while being in school through elementary to high school, we both had our shares of bad relationships. It's like it wasn't meant for us to be in love. It's just something we don't understand like why bother right? But throughout those bad times, we always comfort each other. When I was hurting no one was there by my side but Taeil.. He always understand... Taeil's P.O.V (Y/n) ?? she's my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! we been through it all together.. Good times and bad times. She's my day 1. As far as I can see, we are going to do everything together. People in school always thought we were a couple because we are always around each other haha. But that's not the case.. I been in a lot of relationships that didn't work out for me. When I was down, (y/n) picked me back up. Whenever she's around, she makes me forget about the heartache. That's why I love her :) she's everything a best friend ever wanted. It's like everything in our life is okay except for when we get in relationships.. Its like bad luck for both of us when it comes to that. First day of School: ........ I wonder where could Taeil be... I want to see do we have at least the same schedule . (Y/n) is walking down the hallway trying to look for Taeil and find her classes. She turns the corner and then finally sees Taeil with a bright smile on his face. "HEYY (y/n)" then starts to give her a big hug picking her up and all.. "Ya! Put me down! Are you crazy?" You said. The two of you laughing and smiling brightly. "Its just good to see my best friend!" said Taeil. "Ya! We see each other every day what do you mean?". Let me see your schedule.. Do we have any of the same classes together?" They both check each other schedule to see if they have any classes together.  "Aww man we only have 3 classes together and the other 3 classes without each other", You said with a pouty face. "aww my (y/nickname) i know.. Well at least we have lunch together!". "Yeah you're right well let's get going, class is about to start; lets go find our 1st hour class. (starts running off) "Ya! Wait for me (y/ nickname)". So you and Taeil finally made it to  yall 1st hour class - History. ........... School is out and you and Taeil is walking home together. "Man school will have you drained out!", said Taeil, feeling exhausted. "You ain't never lied! It was so boring today! Thank God there's no homework on the first day of school" you said laughing. "Yeah I agree. But let me tell you (y/n), so many girls kept staring at me! Like they couldn't keep their eyes off of me. It was crazy! My friends teased me about it". "Of course! I mean you're Lee Taeil!", you said hitting him on the arm. "Ouch! that kinda hurt (y/n)". You laughed at him. "Hey (y/n) you want to come over to my place, watch a movie, and eat some junk?". "Sounds like a plan to me! Sure!", you said with excitement. So you guys arrived at his house. Once you walked in, you took your shoes off at the door, and dropped your backpack to the floor. You fell down onto his couch, laid back saying "yes! Finally off my feet for awhile, I'm so tired!". Taeil just looked at you and smiled, then laughed. Taeil was preparing the food & snacks for you two. "Ya! go ahead and find us a movie or a drama to watch", said Taeil. You nodded your head and went to the Dramafever app on his ps4. You finally found something to watch. "Hey you wanna watch "Mirror of the Witch?". "Sure I haven't watched it yet", said Taeil. So Taeil comes back to the living room with the food and snacks & sits next to you. You started the drama.  You two are eating, laughing, and even crying because the drama gotten more deep. You two talked about what's going on in the drama and fangirl/fan boy about some of the characters. A couple hours passed. You were knocked out, with your head leaning on his shoulder. Taeil looked at you sleeping so peacefully.  He smiled and thought, "wow.. y/n you're so beautiful, I wanna kiss her soft looking lips so bad". But then you started to wake up. He snapped out of his thoughts once he saw you waking up. You opened your eyes and realized your head was on his shoulder. You sat up so quick, you noticed that you drooled too so you wiped your mouth. You turned your head the other way and started to blush a little. Taeil started laughing. "Haha its okay, you good, You was out cold huh?", He said smiling at you.  You laughed and nodded. At that instant, when you stared at him, you thought, "Damn my best friend is so fine, I am so lucky!". You started to chuckle a little from the thought of it. "What's so funny? I wanna laugh too". "Oh it's nothing buddy just in a good mood", you said smiling brightly. "Okay well let me get you home, it's getting late", Taeil said getting up from the couch. You both stretched. So afterwards, he is walking you home and you guys are just talking. "Wow how long did i sleep Taeil?" You said with a confused look on your face. "You went to sleep when it got on the third episode, it's on episode five now so a couple of hours I guess". "Damn it! I wanted to keep watching that", you said. "Don't worry we can always go back and finish buddy". You nodded your head, cool. "Taeil for now on we should meet up at my house or yours so we can walk to school together". "Alright cool we can do that", he said. You guys finally arrived at your house. "Thanks Taeil for the kdrama, the food, and for walking me home", you said smiling at him. "No problem!  Anything for my precious best friend in the whole wide world!", Taeil said. "Okay well um call me in the morning okay?", you said. "Okay good night (y/n)". "Good night Taeil".
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