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Alright, I am entirely done with life! It's usually difficult for me to get into Chinese songs, but Vixx has done it! I felt tears coming the entire performance ㅠㅠ That last note with all of the members harmonizing together ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ Beautiful!! ~~Please read below as well :) ~~

It seems to be a pretty bold move to sing a ballad with literally no dancing, on a dance/performance show :D Not an unusual choice for Vixx. If possible please vote *here* and *here* to help these boys win again!!! They more than deserve it. ~~I also heard a rumor that 1st get's this song put on an actual album!! Yes please!!! ~~
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I was looking for Ravi the whole first part, thinking did he have a solo schedule somewhere? Are they allowed to complete without the complete team? Ravi, where are you? Then he showed up and It was cool.