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The hell?!? Why would people say that he's.....umm yeah If its true Im honestly completely ok with this...really. Its his life, and he controls one else, Who gives an F about him being gay/bi anyways, its normal. 2 of my friends came out, why can't he? If he chose to be happy, then us fans should support him like any other fan. He's the same person, its not like he's gonna change or some shit. Its not a big deal.
what im trying to say here is that he just that he saw many male fans (aka fanboys) and he likes them as fan or his support just like us
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I don't see why people would be upset, it's his life he can live it however he wants✌🏻️ it'll probably be like when the first gay guy came out to my whole school 😧☹️ (my school is really small, only 65 people in my grade)
I'm just happy with whatever he says, cause I'm his fan not his girlfriend, so I don't have a right to even care in the first place
this is what he says exactly
I don't get why people care like honestly even if he was why does it matter?