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As much as I love watching dramas, I'm a Marvel girl and comic fan at heart. If anyone of you are aware, this past weekend was the International Comic Con at San Diego! When I attended college in San Diego, I never had the chance to go. I was always occupied with summer class or work. Though, I clearly remember the traffic Comic Con brought to highway 805 and I-5. I'm really curious what goes on in Comic Con and what attracts visitor from all around the globe to attend this event. If you've been to Comic Con, do share some details!
Anyways, I was scrolling through Yahoo's feed this morning and saw that a couple of trailers released at Comic Con. Two movies I'm putting on my watchlist.

The LEGO Batman Movie

In Theater: February 2017
I became a LEGO fan after watching the first movie. I went with a couple of friends to watch the LEGO movie without truly watching the trailer. I thought the first 10 minutes was boring and didn't expect it to like it so much. With that said, I'm quite excited for LEGO Batman after watching the trailer. Plus, I have to support my friend who's part of the production team for this animation. :D
A few favorite quote from this trailer:
"You can't spend the rest of your life alone, dressed in black and stay up all night."
"Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne's basement?"
No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic."

Doctor Strange

In Theater: November 4, 2016
"This doesn't make any sense."
"Not everything does, not everything has to."
The intro is kind of marvel-ous. I don't know too much about Doctor Strange but it feels like a mix of inception and Sherlock's mind palace. Anyways, I'm curious how Cumberbatch take on this role, so I'll be watching it!
Anyone else into comics?
@JamiMilsap Yes! So happy there are so many good movies coming out but the wait is going to be long!
Love this card!! _Queen Mera
I'm so hyped up for the Lego batman movie !
I thought the Lego movie was hilarious, and so excited that there is Dr. Strange movie!!