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I lightly brush my fingers across his face just tracing his features. Then I go to move the hair that had fallen just a tiny bit over his eyes. I moved so I was a bit closer to him and moved the hair slowly. When I went to look at him I saw his eyes were open and he had a smile on his face. "Good morning" he said and I could feel his breath on me....I was too close to him. "Morning" I said and rolled onto my back grabbing the sheets and cover my mouth.... I had to have bad breath.... "Are you trying to say I have bad breath?" "Haha no no your breath is good mine is never good in the morning." "Hmm Idk I think I'll go home and brush my teeth." He started to get off the bed. "No! Let's eat breakfast first then you can leave. Please." I said giving the puppy eyes. "Fine." He smiled and we headed down stairs. When we got by the door I saw an extra pair of shoes....hmm I wonder.... "Hey Jungkookie...are those Suga's shoes?" I pointed to the shoes. "Ha yea I guess he stayed too...oh god do you think they already...." "Don't you even say it...that.... No that's too fast!" I went into the kitchen and started breakfast. Jungkook was helping me and we kept goofing off. "Jungkookie stop....stop I'm gonna drop it." Jungkook was tickling me while I was trying to pour pancake mix into the pan. "Never!" I had finally got enough on the pan and set the bowl down then chased him! "I'm gonna kick your butt!" "Ha if you can catch me!" He was running on the opposite side of the couch now. After a few attempts at getting him and failing I pretended to get hurt. " ow" I fell to the ground..."oh that hurt" I grabbed my ankle to add to the act. He stopped and looked at me. "Are you ok?" He started to come close to me...I was gonna get him. "I don't know it hurts I tripped myself." I was holding back a smile. He got a few feet from me. He knelt down.... "I don't believe it...Hahaha" he jumped up out of reach as I had gone to grab him. I jumped up. "Dang you Jungkookie!!!!" I was running after him when Suga appeared and I ran into him. "Oh sorry Suga." "I smell something burning." He stated. "Oh god the pancakes!!!!" I ran into the kitchen and got rid of the burnt pancake and put more mix on it. "So how was the date Suga?" "It was great..." "I see you ended up spending the night...I hope you aren't taking things fast." "Hey I'm not like that...we just slept in the same bed. We talked late into the night....what about you and Jungkook you guys looked pretty cozy on your bed." "You saw us?" "Yea so what was that?" "Its different for us...we are just friends." "That's not what it looked like to me." "Well we are." "Sure" Jungkook walked into the kitchen and walked over to me and poked me in the side. "You never caught me." "Sorry breakfast is more important than getting you." "Aww" he put his head on my shoulder....and whispered in my ear.."we aren't done with this war yet." I looked behind Jungkook and saw Suga's face. Then he mouthed "just friends my butt" "I know jungkookie you're going down after breakfast!" "Woah! That is not something we need to hear coming from you....I know you like each other a lot but you shouldn't go that fast." Megan said walking in. "See they say they aren't dating and are just friends." Suga added "Wow you guys are too much... I meant on a war that was started by Jungkookie." "Awe she calls him Jungkookie....that means he likes you. He hates being called Jungkookie." Suga said "Suga shut up!" Jungkook said "What!" "Just shut up!" "Jungkook...." He looked at me. "Just ignore him...we know what we are and that's all that matters....and I'm sorry for calling you a name you don't like." I went back to finishing up breakfast. I wish he would have told me he didn't like to be called that....I'll have to make sure not to call him that anymore. Once breakfast was done I went upstairs to change. Jungkook was going to leave with Suga so I was trying to hurry. I was brushing my teeth when the door opened and in walked Jungkook. He shut the door. "I have a question for you" I spit out the water that was in my mouth. "Ok" "Will you come to my dorm with me?" "Sure. I'd love to see your dorms." "Awesome hurry up the cars here." And out the door he went. I threw my brush into its place and ran out the door. I was trying to hurry but when I reached the shoes I tripped. I almost hit the floor but was caught. "You don't have to be in a huge hurry" Suga had caught me. Within a second I was pulled away from him. "Sarah are you ok?" "Ha yes Jungkook...Suga stopped me from falling." I smiled "Ok let's go" he said guiding me out. "Oh I should tell megan..." I was cut off. "Shes coming too." Suga stated and then megan appeared and locked the door for us. "Alright for real are you guys a couple now?" I asked "No we just had one date." Megan said "Yea after the second date then I'd say we would be dating by then." He smiled "Oh so this is a date that means you're going to ask her out?" I decided to give Suga a hard time. "Well if this is a date then you two are on a date too." He retorted. Damn. "Yea it is!" Jungkook said shocking us all. I turned to look at Megan and she just had a smile on her face. I sat next to Jungkook in the car and once I got situated and Megan and Suga were talking I then leaned towards Jungkook and whispered to him. "Why did you say this was a date? Is it really?" He bit his lip. "Um I just said that so they couldn't tease us. But.....I mean if you want it to be a date it can." He started to fiddle with his fingers. I grabbed his hand to stop him. He looked at me and because I was trying to whisper to him I was already close but once he moved his head to look at me our noses touched and I could feel his breath on my face. I forgot what I was going to say. Neither of us pulled away we just looked into each other's eyes. I didn't want to fall for I wanted to really badly my heart said I could while my brain said I couldnt. I wasn't going to be here forever and I hear doing long distance relationships suck. I don't know how Megan is going to do it. *cough cough* We backed our faces away from each other but I didn't let go of his hand. "So I take it this is a date for you two for real? Or are you still just gonna be friends." Megan said smiling at me. I looked down I didn't know what to say. "Maybe....maybe not we aren't fast movers like you two are" Kookie said and I laughed. "Shut up Jungkook! I just know what I want!" "Ooooo" me and Jungkook said in unison. Megan just smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. "I like how forward he is." She said leaning her head against his shoulder and leaving us be. I was starting to get envious of Megan and Suga. It was my fault anyways for saying just friends. But that was because I didn't know anything about having a boy ask me out. I glanced at Kookie and saw he was looking at our hands together. He started tracing my hand with his fingers. I giggled. "Stop that tickles." "Ha sorry." He stopped but then within an instant he was on top of me.
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