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Hey guys, Here is Part 2/2 of the SSG of BTS ^-^ **********

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Link: Part 1: ©To RubyKpopFangirl on Amino App ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Things to remember:

*Promise Boy - The one you promised you'd come back *Dislike You Boy- Whoever didn't like you too much ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's start shall we :)
"You really sure you want to stay here with my kids for a second day?" Mister Bang asked. You nodded, "I promised (Promise Boy) I would come back today." Mister Bang narrowed his eyes at you a bit before he sighed. "Okay, I guess I could go out and kill some time by hanging out with old friends." Mister Bang said smiling. You felt like throwing your fists up in the air in happiness and victory but controlled yourself. "How long will you be out?" You asked in curiosity. "Hm..." Mister Bang looked down at his watch. "Well, it's only twelve p.m. so I guess I could stay out 'til maybe eight p.m.?" Mister Bang said in an unsure tone. Upon hearing this, you couldn't control yourself and immediately punched the air above you in victory. You were going to be with the kids for about eight hours. Heck, as long as you got at least an hour with them you'd be fine with it. But eight hours?! You were completely ecstatic - practically 'bouncing off the walls' as Mister Bang would put it. Mister Bang chuckled at how excited you were, "Okay, so I can't promise eight hours but I can try." He said smiling. "Oh, it's fine as long as I can be with the kids for an hour." You said happily. "Well, you can go on inside my house. Take good care of my boys like yesterday too; they seemed to really like you. Well, maybe (Dislike You Boy) not too much..." Mister Bang trailed off with a shrug. "Got it, Mister Bang!" You said and bowed your head a little before you walked into the house. Immediately you saw the kids there in the living room watching TV while eating some snacks. But when you opened the door, all eyes were now on you. "(Y/N)!" You heard three kids shout in glee.
The kids were... (3 screenshots) "Haha!" You laughed as they came running up to you. "How have you guys been doing? Sleep well?" You asked them making them all nod. "Are you babysitting us again?" You heard someone say.
It was... (Boy #1) You looked directly at (Boy #1) and smiled nodding. "Yeah, I am. But today I'm taking you guys out somewhere!" You shouted the last part causing all of them to cheer except Suga. "Well there goes the three hour nap I wanted to take..." You heard Suga grumble to himself causing you to giggle. Then you and all the kids decided where to go.
You guys were going to... "But are we walking? Or going by car? How are we going to get there?" Rap Monster asked. "Good question." You answered.
You all decide to go/by... Once you all arrive at (Place you got) you notice one of the kids is missing.
That kid is... (#2 Boy) Feeling completely terrified you look around in search of the boy until you see him maybe 5 yards away from you looking around for something. "(#2 Boy)!" You yelled as you walked towards him, motioning the rest of the kids to follow. "Don't walk away like that. You could've gotten hurt, lost, or even worse taken away from me." You said looking down at (#2 Boy) with serious eyes. He looked a bit surprised to see you like this but he nodded and ran to your side. "I'm sorry... I just saw a beautiful, blue butterfly and I must of kept following it. I really didn't mean to walk away from you guys on purpose. I just got distracted." (#2 Boy) explained. You nodded and messed up the kids' hair making him laugh. "Okay, just try not to do that again. You guys too, don't wonder off." You told them. "Well, now let's go have some fun shall we?" You told the kids making them laugh and nod. ~~~~~~~ Stuff that happened at wherever you and the boys are at.
This kid made friends with some of the other kids at the (Place you were) who were the same age as him
These two pretty much stuck to your side like glue because they didn't want to get lost or lose you
These two ran off and almost got lost(which scared you to death) [If you get one of the same kids from 'These two stuck to your side like glue' then just take another screenshot until they're different]
This kid was the most well-behaved (Make sure is neither of the two that ran off)
The kid was the least well-behaved
This kid got tired of walking so he asked you to give him a piggyback ride
Do you give him one?

~~~(Back to Story)~~~

You and the kids were now at home. Though you were the only one awake. The kids had fallen asleep a while ago 'cause of how exhausted they were when they got back. You looked at all of their sleeping faces and smiled. 'These kids had such bright futures ahead of them.' You thought smiling before you cuddled up to the boys, falling asleep.


((You don't have to read the Epilogue))

/////////////Time Skip to 2015//////////////////

"I need you girl, wae dachil geol almyeonseo jakku niga piryohae I need u girl~" You smiled backstage as you heard 'I Need U' coming to an end. After a while the boys came back stage and gaped at you. You smiled, holding your arms out wide. "Long time no see, boys!" "(Y/N)!" Yelled the boys in unison. They all then came running towards you but one of them got to you first and hugged you.
It was...
"Oh my God! (Y/N), we haven't seen you in such a long time!" Yelled V making you laugh a little. "I know right. Last time I actually got to talk with you boys was what? 10 years or so ago." You said. "Oh and you guys did so amazing! And just... wow, you guys really look more grown up in person..." You said your eyes starting to water a little. "Aw, (Y/N)..." mumbled Jimin who first noticed the tears in your eyes. "Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been around to see you guys win awards and stuff in person or at least give you guys a visit at all but-but I really do try my best to." You said your voice wavering slightly. You looked around at all the guys sad yet happy faces feeling a single tear roll down your cheek. You were about to say something until your body betrayed you and you started to sob. Right as the guys heard you cry they began to cry too. Immediately they walked towards you giving you a big group hug while they also sobbed with you. Soon all of you got to the hotel where BTS was staying. They had somehow convinced you to sleepover with them even though you argued that if someone saw you with them, rumors would start to spread like wild fire. You yawned and sat on the bed that you were going to sleep on. You got cozy on your bed and started to think about how your boys, or should you say BTS, had grown into such wonderful people. God, just thinking about it made you feel like crying again. You closed your eyes and began to let tears fall. You then felt someone wipe your tears away with their hand. You opened your eyes, surprised to see (Promise Boy) wipe your tears. You sniffled and just hugged him not saying a word. (Promise Boy) didn't say anything and just hugged you back. After a few moments you two pulled away from each other. "(Promise Boy)?" You said. "Hm?" "C-can you stay with me? Right here." You asked causing him to smile. He shook his head gently. "I can't, (Y/N). I'm sorry but I'm gonna definitely come see you tomorrow." He said making you feel so heartbroken. 'Tomorrow...' You thought accidentally letting one more tear fall. (Promise Boy) immediately wiped your tear away saying, "Hey don't cry, I said I'll be coming tomorrow, didn't I?" You took a good look at him and saw his bright smile. At first you didn't understand why he was smiling so brightly until he spoke once more, "And if you go to sleep right now then tomorrow will get here faster." You felt a flashback to 2004 where you sat on his bed saying these exact same words to him. "Okay, I'll go to sleep so I can be able to see you again." You said smiling making (Promise Boy)'s smile grow even bigger. He nodded and stood up walking to the room's door to get out. Once he was about to close the door you spoke, "Hey (Promise Boy)?" "Yeah?" "I love you." "I love you too." He responds smiling And then closes the door ~~~

The End :)

I hope everyone enjoyed this last part of the Screenshot Story Game from RubyKpopFangirl ^-^ Lemme know your thoughts on this :) Note: [He responds smiling And then closes the door ] <---The parts here in the brackets I added :)

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