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Yato x Hiyori❣
...but, I want to be with you longer!!
*just kiss already!*


Anime • Noragami✨

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@Tylor619 *broke delinquent😅
a year ago·Reply
Yea it is hard I have tried before as well but I need to make time to watch anime Anime is life lol. Omg Orange I cry so hard on like every episode today the latest episode came out so I plan on watching that in a while I have to make time for all these animes but there are so many lol. Let's be friends OTAKUs need to stick together hehe @alexcattura
a year ago·Reply
@Tylor619 let's be friends ok my fello Otaku 😊😊👆👆👆👆
a year ago·Reply
I'm down 😎 @YessicaCardenas
a year ago·Reply