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and for all the wrong reasons! I say this because if you don't know by now I think what he said has been taken out of context a whole lot just like media and fans always do!
https://www.instagram.com/p/BIQ8te7BY8P/ watch this video before it gets lost! ^^^ it tends to happen.
ain't this the truth! we love that crap! I love that crap! and Sehun is my bias of the group, I actually follow Exo because of Sehun and I just can't believe how many people are writing that he is gay/bi without even thinking twice. he is happy to see that Exo reaches guys and girls the same, usually guys here don't go to concert like this so of course he would be happy. He saw things going in a different direction and cut it off for obvious reasons.
^^^ sorry this just funny.. people have made so many of these all over! As it comes, whether he is or not people can't presume. people should not give him a bad rep because he can also feel bad seeing that people are saying this. The concert is always supposed to be for the fans, no recordings or pictures so I wonder what this fan was thinking to let out something like this. it's important because the fan base is not males, it's females and in Korea is kind of frown upon regardless of what is right or wrong. I'm sure SM will soon put out something about this. Also if you unstan sehun then you aren't a real fan. As usual, good or bad I don't go on social media and say #itsoksehun or #weloveyousehun... it just makes it more popular and lets others know about problems and you know other fans want to talk crap.
even if he is why is it so bad >< ugh im getting so frustrated. whats so bad about being gay or bi?? if hes happy that way let him be happy! urgh
I'm just worried about the anti-fans I hope they don't make it go out of proportion
I see what you mean but I think me being from an opened minded community I'm used to being so open to the idea and I really don't see how it's bad or an insult to be called gay or bi. I agree we should respect idols. We should respect their privacy and their personal life. I also agree we should respect their countries too. Yet something like the LGBT community is sooner or later going to get more and more attention. Whether it be through an idol or not.
As long as he's happy, I'm happy.
I don't care if he is or not, i will still be a fan and love him no matter what!!! Sehunnie FIGTHING鉂わ笍
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