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Planning a trip can be a whole lot of work - or a piece of cake, depending on what kind of traveler you are.

Personally, I'm a weird mixture between these two styles. I wait until the last minute to pack and while I DO try to plan and pack in advance, all that I end up really doing is blowing money on a bunch of travel-sized items I don't need just because they're cute and mini and abide to TSA allowances.

How about you guys? When do you pack? Do you always have to bring a lot with you or do you try to only pack necessities?

I plan ahead and end up buying all those travel sized stuff too lmao but I pack the night before so I'm kind of a mix as well but closer to the woman side
exactly! and I like being tidy even in my luggage so no touchy!
@dimplequeen I always pack my hair appliances last because I'm too OCD about my hair to leave for the airport without giving it once last flatiron.
I pack in advance out of enthusiasm. I throw my clothes in first then any other junk. I tend to take a lot of uneeded stuff馃檮
@CynthiaForeman Hahahaha ain't no shame.
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