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Genre: Fluff, Angst, Gang AU
Jimin x Reader
Words: 2.778
Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood bestfriend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.
You and Jungkook had met through a Muay thai course when you were 5 years old. Jungkook used to train three times a week and you two times, but unlike him you also trained Karate twice a week. After a few years you two had started to sometimes train by fighting each other. Most of those battles were won by you as you would say, but according to Jungkook that was always just because ‘you cheated’.
“Using Karate is not cheating. Just admit that I won, Kookie” you always laughed.
“No way. I have to win. I want a rematch!” And then you would start fighting again.
You couldn’t count how many times it had been like this. Basically everytime you two met in the gymnasium.
Even though you and Jungkook didn’t go to the same school, the fighting trainig had always kept you two close.
Then he had just left and went to Seoul. Somehow Muay thai wasn’t the same anymore without him and only a few weeks later you quit. Of course, you still did some Karate but still only twice a week. Your motivation had simply gone away hand in hand with Jungkook.
That fist someone had just thrown at you had hit you hard. Luckily it didn’t knock you out and you were able to block the next punch completely. Your attacker seemed slightly confused and surprised and you used that to your advantage. Automatically your fists hit his stomach and your leg took down his feet. He ended up lying on the floor in front of you.
Shocked you realized there was a gun stuck to his belt and you knew that if you didn’t want him to use it against you.
The guy tried to stand back up and you jumped towards him, quickly taking out the gun. In one move you pointed the gun towards his head. He looked at you bewildered. It was obvious he had thought this would go slightly different.
You kept on pointing the gun while breathing heavily. The guy slowly rose his hands showing that they were empty. You analyzed his face. He had small eyes and you had to admit that he looked kinda cute.
The taste of the blood coming from your lip made you snap out of your thoughts. With a shaking hand you kept pointing the gun at him while you slowly started walking away. He did not make any moves and just waited for you to leave.
When you were around the next corner you started running and you didn’t stop until you reached the house. There was still no one home and you were glad about that. Quickly you threw the gun, that had been in your hand, into the bin and ran to the bathroom.
Your lip was still bleeding and the blood was running down your neck. You looked like a vampire that had just fed, you thought as you saw yourself in the mirror. Slowly you started cleaning yourself up and tried finding something like a plaster to put over the wound.
When you were done, you went into Jimin’s room and started putting on your pj’s. Just as you were ready to go to bed, you heard a car driving into the garage of the house. As fast as you can you hoped into the bed and turned off the light.
Only two minutes later Jungkook carefully opened the door to your room, looking into the darkness. You pretended to be asleep, since you didn’t want to talk about what had happened to your face with him yet. He seemed to believe you and quietly left again. The door closed shut and you let out a sigh.
Since you couldn’t stand up and turn on the light again, you just kept starring into the dark. It seemed impossible for you to fall asleep after what happened today.
Some time later you heard another car drive into the garage and you asked yourself who it was. The people didn’t talk at all and you were left in the dark. Both figuratively and literally.
At some point you must had fallen asleep since the person loudly stumbling into your room was waking you up. Still tired, you opened your eyes. The light was still out but you could see Jimin taking off his shirt. Your eyes widened and you sat up straight.
“Jimin, what are you doing?!” You still tried to keep your voice down to not wake anyone in the other rooms up. He looked up a little confused when he heard your voice.
“Y/n? Why are you in my bed?” he laughed while he kept on changing his clothes. You furrowed your brows, his words was slurring. Maybe he had drunk a little bit too much.
“Are you drunk? You told me I can sleep here and you wanted to sleep in Kookie’s room” Jimin started gigling again as you said the nickname. You rolled your eyes, you should have guessed that.
He stood in front of the bed as he answered “I remember something like that being said… But that mattress is so~ uncomfortable. Just let me sleep here next to you~” You gulped and glanced at your phone.
“Jimin, it’s 3:30 am. Please just go…” You didn’t get to finish your complaint because Jimin had already started to climb into the bed. Shocked you tried to press him away but even though he was drunk he was still much stronger then you. He lay down and smiled at you happily.
“Jimin, get out now!” “Y/n…” he only said and put an arm around you. Your mouth opened in shock. While still trying to look for the right response to this drunk puppy, you noticed he had already fallen asleep.
“Are you serious right now?!” But his drunken sleep was stronger than your try to wake him up. Offended you tried to put his arm off your waist, but his grip was still too strong. This couldn’t be real. What were you supposed to do now? Jungkook would kill you if he saw this. You should really do something against this. But Jimin’s arm made you feel so safe and you were still so incredibly tired. Against your will, you fell back into the bed and went back to sleep.
Yawning you woke up, and snuggled further into the warmth behind you. A smile formed on your face at the comfort until you remembered where the warmth was coming from. Your eyes widened and you quickly stood up. Jimin didn’t move, still deep in his slumber.
Quietly you walked out of the room with a concerned look on your face. Was this already breaking the promise you had made towards Jungkook?
When you walked into the kitchen you saw Jungkook taking something out of the fridge.
“Good morning” you greeted him.
“Morning” he greeted back without turning around. Jin, who was sitting on the couch just raised an eyebrow at you. What was the problem now? Did he find out about Jimin and you sleeping in the same bed?
“Y/n, what happened to your lip?” Jungkook’s voice was full with worry and he had turned around. Instinctively your fingers go towards your lip and you could feel the plaster. You had forgot to make up an explanation to tell him.
“I fell on my way to the bathroom yesterday.” It was the first thing that came up in your mind. Jungkook stared at you. Just like you always knew when he was lying, he always knew when you lied. He bit his lip and you knew he was trying not to get angry.
During your little explanation Jin had gotten up to throw something away and interrupted you two.
“Why is there a gun in the garbage?” he sounded shocked but also a little bit amused.
Jungkook’s eyes shot towards you. His expression was angry and you didn’t hold his gaze. In that moment Namjoon walked in and saw everyone’s expression “What happened here?” he asked.
“I think y/n might want to explain that” Jungkook only spoke through gritted teeth.
“There…I…um…I was walking down the street” you stuttered and watched Jungkook turn even angrier “Someone tried to attack me, but I defended myself and ran away. He never used the gun but I still took it away from him, when I saw it.”
“Why would you even go outside?” Your best friend shouted and you looked up to him.
“I had to buy something. This isn’t a prison, right?” You shouted back. Him being mad made you mad as well.
“Wait, you fought someone on your own? Someone with a gun?” Jin sounded shocked and confused but Jungkook just ignored him.
“What on earth did you have to buy at night?”
“Face masks” even you knew how ridiculous this sounded.
“Face masks?!” Jungkook shouted and turned red. He looked like he was bout to explode for a few seconds before he angrily walked towards his room, slamming the door behind him.
You looked at Namjoon and then to Jin, who just sighed. Somehow you felt like you had betrayed them. They were trying to keep you safe and you put yourself into such a situation. Before one of them said something, you saw Jimin coming out of his own room. Jin’s eyes widened and Namjoon looked a little confused.
“I thought Jimin was going to sleep in Jungkook’s room…?” you didn’t answer Namjoon and Jimin was still washing some sleep out of his eyes with his hands.
“This is a mess.” Jin stated matter-of-factly. Jimin raised an eyebrow “What happened?” When Jin didn’t answer he looked to you “Oh my god, what happened to your lip?”
You feared Jimin was going to react similarly to Jungkook, so you didn’t answer. There was confusion flashing over Jimin’s face but Jin simply changed the topic. “Why were you coming out of your room? Jungkook thought you had gone to Pinky’s flat, when you didn’t sleep in his room.” This time it was Jimin that didn’t answer and Namjoon let his hand run through his hair frustratedly. When Jin mentioned the other girl you felt a slight wave of jealousy wash over you, but you did your best not to let anyone notice. They had never mentioned that Jimin had a girlfriend, so she was probably just a friend, right?
“Jimin, we talked about this.” Namjoon looked at Jimin intensly but Jimin rolled his eyes.
“Calm down, hyung. Nothing happened. I was just drunk and went to my bedroom. It’s not that big of a deal as long as you don’t tell Jungkook” Namjoon just shook his head throughout Jimin’s answer. “Now can someone please explain to me what happened to Y/n’s lip?”
You told him what you had told Jungkook. He looked shocked “You put yourself in that much danger for a face mask?” Luckily he let out a small laughter “And you fought someone of Monsta x face to face? How did you do that?” You both sat down on the sofa as you explained everything to him. Jin sat down between you two even though there was clearly not enough space for another person to fit. Annoyed Jimin rolled his eyes but you laughed it off lightly.
“One last question” Jimin said after you had finished your stories “what exactly did the guy look like?”
“Umm… I’m not sure how to describe him.” Jin took out his phone “Tell me when you recognize him” after Jin showed you the second picture you already recognized your attacker.
“This one” you said causing Jimin to laugh.
“That’s Jooheon. Y/n, you’re amazing. He’s like one of the best and you just took him down. Now I really wish I would have seen his face.” You smiled at Jimin, glad that he wasn’t reacting like Jungkook.
In that moment your phone vibrated, indicating you got an email. It was from the girl whose apartment you wanted to rent. She told you to just come looking at the flat today, since she was gonna be there the whole day.
When you told the two boys next to you, Jimin offered to go with you and directly Jin also said he was gonna go with you.“Should I tell Kookie before we go then?”
“No, it’s fine. He probably started working, anyway” Jin answered and all three of you left.
The flat was right next to the University. It would only be a five minute walk to your lectures. You rang the doorbell and the girl opened smiling.
“Hey, just come in. I was just watching a tv show so let me turn that off really quick.” Like this she left right after having opened the door. Smiling you went in. When you turned to Jimin you saw that he had an irritated expression on. But as the girl came back, you saw him put on a smile.
“Let’s look at the bathroom first. Who did you bring with you?” She asked while leading you through the apartment.
Before you even had the chance to say something, Jimin answered her “This is her brother and I’m her boyfriend.” While speaking he put an arm around your waist. You almost choked out of shock and saw Jin throwing Jimin a look. The girl didn’t see any of it, since she was walking in front of you.
Jimin pretended not to notice any of it and instead continued extra friendly “Yeah, if we don’t like the flat, she is probably not going to take it.” At this the girl turned around surprised.
“He’s lying. I’m the one that decides if I want the flat or not.” The girl gave you a slight smile. She was obviously feeling a little uncomfortable.
The flat was better than you had thought. Of course, it was still a student place, but the girl must had replaced a lot of things. This flat basically had everything you needed.
“So what do you think?” she asked after you had been in every room.
“We’re not going to take it. I’m sorry.” Jimin answered nicely. Unsure she looked at you. Your mouth was hanging open. How could he possibly think he was allowed to say something like that?!
“He’s right. We are not going to take it. I am going to take it.” The girl bit her lip at your words. It was evident she didn’t know what to say or do. Jimin stared at you angrily. Why was he angry? You were the one that was supposed to be angry. Angrily you stared back at him.
“Can she tell you in a few hours if she takes the flat? I think there’s some stuff to discuss.” Jin told the girl nicely and she just nodded.
“There’s nothing to discuss…” you tried to protest, but Jin was already leading you outside.
When you were all sitting in Jin’s car again, you finally questioned their actions. “What on earth was that?!”
Jimin looked at you “What do you mean? You can’t take that flat!” You don’t answer and just wait for him to give you a reason. “I could break into it in like three minutes”
You rolled your eyes “Well then maybe you should overthink some decisions you made in your life” You heared a snorting laughter from Jin and suddenly thought you found a supporter in him. “Jin, tell him how great that flat was”
Jin’s smile left his face and he sighed while driving “I’m sorry, but he’s right. I looked at the windows and locks and they’re really bad. You really shouldn’t live there.”
“Well, I need to live somewhere” you snapped back. “I can’t stay at your house forever!”
“Just stay as long as you’re a target” Jimin said looking at you simpathetically.
“And how are you gonna do that?! How long is it going to take?! What are you guys even doing to help me?!” you started getting mader and mader at them and specifically at Jimin “None of this is my fault, and it does not feel like you are doing anything to fix this mess you made!” you ended up screaming at Jimin.
He didn’t look at you his eyes smaller than usual “I’m sorry”
“No, fuck you! Stop saying sorry and do something!” A tear wanted to run down your face and it took all of you to hold it back.
Neither Jimin nor Jin dared to say anything else. Both just looked at the road with a frozen expression. All you wanted were answers, solutions that made you think there was going to be a future where everything would be normal again.
Hope you like it :D
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