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Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 7 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.
Y/N POV You heard someone calling your name, you rolled over from your side to see Tao climbing over you in a wife beater. He was bare foot and had his boxers on. He called your name sweetly and you looked up at him with doe eyes completely confused. He kissed your nose, "Tao what are you doing he-" Tao put a finger to your lips silencing you with a hush. "I think you'll like this." he whispered. You were still on your side, your upper half twisted to look up at Tao who now leaned down to press his lips to your neck. Your eyes closed and you moaned lightly when his tongue swiped across your neck, "Is he better than me Sunshine?" you heard another voice beside you say. Your eyes snapped open and looked to the side to see Chanyeol laying next to you in your bed. His head propped up on his hand while he laid on his side next to you. You looked at him shocked while he looked at you with an amused smile. Tao's kisses to your neck didn't cease even as you tried to pull him off while screaming, "Chanyeol!" in pure surprise. He chuckled, "Don't fight it Sunshine, you want both, you can have both. Right here right now, just don't forget... you belong to me." he said. "Not for long." Tao whispered in your ear. He moved from on top of you and you moved closer to Chanyeol. You heard him chuckle, Tao's hand ran up your tank top, his gentle touch tickling your stomach made you inhale slowly. His lips pressed against yours softly, your hand caressed his cheek kissing him deeper. You felt your lower body being lifted and your panties being removed. You broke the kiss when felt Chanyeol's tongue flick across your clit. You gasped at the feeling. Your hand reaching down to grab his hair as he continued lapping you up. "Ch- Chanyeol." you moaned his name breaking yours and Tao's kiss. "Don't pay attention to him Y/N. Look at me." Tao said. You were focused on Chanyeol going down on you though. Sending sensations through your body, your hips rolling against his tongue. He pulled back and said, "I told you she's still mine." Chanyeol said before going back to what he was doing. You started to moan his name, Tao grabbed your chin turning your head to him as he kissed you again. His hands playing with your breasts and then lifting your tank top to reveal your the bare flesh. You always wore a bra though, you remember putting one on before going to bed. His mouth covering your nipple and his tongue teasing it broke your thoughts. His tongue was drawing circles around your nipple and then sucking gently. His actions mirrored what Chanyeol was doing below. You wanted your relief desperately but it wasn't coming as they continued doing what they were doing. Your hand found Tao's groin and he groaned, the same sound you heard him make sometimes at your lunches when he'd kiss your forehead and he knew he couldn't go further. It was almost the sound of regret. His hand grabbed yours to stop you but your fingers still teased him. His moans on your chest spurred you on more. You pulled Chanyeol in closer, your legs lifting upwards. Your moans becoming more frequently when Tao and Chanyeol simultaneously bit down on your sensitive areas. "Y/N. Y/N. Y/N!" you heard Chanyeol's voice call. Even though he was right in front of you the voice sounded distant somehow and then came closer. You felt yourself being shaken as the scene before you became dark and then you opened your eyes to Chanyeol hovering over you. You looked at him wide eyed and then looked around, it was only you two. You were dreaming, normally you'd sigh and tell him to calm down but you pulled him down to you. His sweatshirt was on so you gripped it tightly and you kissed him hard. He pulled away for a second chuckling, "You were moaning in your sleep. I guess now I know what you want." His hand reached down into your underwear feeling your wetness and you moaned. Your hand grabbed onto his shoulder to pull him closer to you. He brought his hand back up his fingers playing in the stickiness. "You were having such a dirty dream, was it about me?" You nodded silently looking at him with lust in your eyes. You don't know what sparked the dream in the first place but you feared your growing feelings for Tao were starting to take over. You loved Chanyeol but now there was the constant fear that he was still seeing the girl behind your back. He didn't answer your phone call yesterday either and it just had you so confused. Tao comforting you started to get to you. So while you were falling for Tao you were still in love with Chanyeol and you couldn't figure out what you wanted to do anymore. Maybe you needed to create some distance between you and Tao. All of that went out of your mind the moment you felt Chanyeol's tongue swipe across your neck. While you were lost in thought, he'd discarded his sweatshirt. He sucked at the skin leaving his marks all over you as he lowered himself between your legs. He removed your panties and pushed your legs down on the bed. He lightly blew on your clit causing you to whimper. You needed him to do something fast. "Stop playing Chanyeol." you snapped frustrated. He looked up at you surprised. Your face was hot so you must've been turning red, his hand reached for your cheek. He laughed, "You want me this bad? It's been a while since I've seen this side of you Sunshine." he said. His tongue began to play against the sensitive area and you suddenly felt him insert two digits inside you. In and out his fingers moved slow and steady but you begged him to move faster and he complied, hooking his fingers slightly as they moved in and out of you. You threw your head back, one hand in his hair and the other in yours. "Oh God....Chanyeol don't stop." you said rolling your hips. You could hear him chuckling. You had never been this forward with him in bed. You'd never topped him unless he told you too. You never really asked for it first, it was always him but you were hungry for him. Or was it Tao, when you closed your eyes you saw him from your dream hovering over you. You shook your head, you couldn't love two men at the same time you were with Chanyeol you couldn't be thinking about Tao, especially not now. "Chanyeol I'm gonna cum." you squeaked. He instantly pulled back from you making you gasp. You wanted it though, you wanted to feel that relief. You looked up to see why he had stopped, he was standing up looking at you with dark eyes. He was removing his sweatpants and once he had he grabbed your legs and pulled you to the edge of the bed. "Sit up Sunshine, you have to return the favor." he said. You almost cussed at him for stopping because of that but instead you pulled his boxers down. Your mouth quickly covered his swollen member with no hesitation. He let out a surprised moan while your head bobbed up and down. Your hand rubbing what didn't enter your mouth. "Fuck baby, what kind of dream were you having?" he groaned. His hand tangled in your hair gripping it tightly, he began to thrust into your mouth, his moans becoming deep low growls. He was getting closer to his climax and he told you to stop but you kept moving your mouth, sucking and licking. "Fuck, stop Babe or I'm gonna cum inside your mouth." He groaned trying to pull you back. You licked him a few more times before you pulled away from him. You used your finger to break the thin line of saliva connecting you two. You paid him back for pulling away so close to your climax but now you were done playing. You stood up grabbing his shoulders and pulled him down so he would land on the bed on his back. You quickly straddled him inserting him inside you with ease while your moans and shudders followed your actions. "What's got into you Y/N?" He said shocked. "I need you." you said lowly. You began to move up and down on him, his hand holding onto your hips as he made his body collide with yours. You leaned forward, your hands on his chest calling his name. "Fuck Chanyeol please don't stop." you begged. "My baby girl has such a dirty mouth, I love it." he moaned. He flipped over on top of you lifting your hips up so he could go deeper inside you. Your back arched up in intense pleasure, he leaned against you, his chest pressed against yours. You two completely ignoring that all you had on was your bra. His mouth attacked the crook of your neck while his fingers worked at your clit, his thrusts stayed at their even pace and the multiple sensations had you going crazy. "I'm so close, don't stop." you told him through moans. He ushered a breathy moan as a response but he kept moving. You reached your climax, wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him close to you. You could hear him utter a curse as he reached his not two seconds after you. It was like the sounds you made in his ear had set him off too. You laid there under him, both of you catching your breaths. You realized he was still inside of you, "Chanyeol you came inside me." you said annoyed. "It's your fault for being so damn sexy. Who gave you permission to be so dirty?" He said. His breathing was still uneasy and your fingers raked through his hair for a little. You smiled as you pet his head, until you sat up out of nowhere. "Shit I'll be late for work!" you yelled. You were about to move off the bed until Chanyeol pushed you down to lay back on top of you. "I called you out sick today, same for me." "Why?" you asked looking down at him. He seemed tired already, he mumbled against your body. "I didn't want you to see him." He was asleep after that. You raised your eyebrows to look at him. Him? Was he talking about Tao? Did you say something in your sleep? You felt guilty again, you laid back down letting your fingers go through his hair. Petting him gently, you noticed his lips were parted and twisted from how his head was laying. You fought back a laugh, he wasn't a graceful sleeper but those faces were always hilarious. You sighed wondering how Sehun was doing, you hadn't talked to him in person for a while. You were still trying to make things work with Chanyeol and he was still kind of jealous of you two talking to each other. He knew you were best friends but he thought he'd get in the way of you two. You wanted to talk to him though, so when he was in a deep enough sleep you got up and grabbed your phone to call him. Tao's POV He was slightly amused last night that Chanyeol actually felt threatened by him talking to Y/N. He could see it in her that she was trying to trust him but deep down she didn't. She talked to him about work all the time just long enough to distract herself from wondering where he was and what he was doing, or rather who he was doing. Chanyeol knew very well what he had done to her and he knew he was trying but deep down inside Tao wanted him to fail. He wanted Chanyeol to push her straight into his arms. He'd have an excuse to drop Ok like a bad habit and he could have Y/N to himself. Their future together wouldn't be possible though, she would probably love Chanyeol even if he did cheat on her again. She may be upset but she'd take him back again. It was like she was cursed to love him and in turn Tao was cursed to love her. He tried to satisfy himself by kissing her forehead and holding her hand but that wasn't enough. He wanted her to be all his, at this rate he didn't believe it was going to happen. Especially since Ok and him we still playing nice for his father. When he came back home from his encounter with Chanyeol, he was met with a half dressed Ok sitting at her make up station. She looked back at Tao with a grin, "Looks like he didn't even lay a hand on you. Pity, I was hoping for a more physical fall out. I wonder if he still believes her." "What the hell are you talking about?" Tao said taking off his jacket. "Just that Chanyeol knows about you and his girlfriend meeting up and texting each other." So she had told him, he didn't go looking through Y/N's stuff randomly. When he looked back at Ok she smiled bigger at his annoyance. "Nothing happened between us." he said. "Well not yet, but she keeps inching her way towards you. If I were you I'd leave her alone otherwise I won't stop." she said almost singing it. "What do you mean?" Tao narrowed his eyes on her. She turned back around with a chuckle and faced the mirror. "Ok what the hell do you mean?" he said pissed. "I think you know what I mean. It was easy for me to find out that she was flirting with you. Causing a strain in her relationship is only the tip of the ice berg. I can ruin her, get her fired, I can completely destroy her." "Why the hell are you even after her?" "Shouldn't it be obvious sweetie," She turned around to look at him, "You're mine. And I'll be damned before I let her take what's mine, my father wanted to sell me out to the highest bidder then fine I'll milk it for all its worth. You think I'm with you to watch you go sleep with some other woman?" "That's rich coming from you, what about all the men you sneak off into the night with. The amount of Std's you're probably racking up makes me wonder how you haven't dropped dead yet." Tao yelled at her angry. She chuckled humorlessly. He may have actually hurt her with that comment but he didn't care. She looked back at him with cold eyes, "You know I really liked you at one point but you never gave us a chance. So yeah, I sleep around to get back at you. It's easier to get under your skin then it is to get under you." "So if you're mad at me be mad at me don't go after her she's done nothing wrong." Tao said upset. "No that's not true, she took your attention off of me. She waltzed into the company like she's some high class tramp and now she's wooing your father. She used her connection with you to get control over Monroe's line." "Are you that mental? She never asked me to do that for her I did it on my own. If she wasn't good my father wouldn't have put her in charge of the second half of the line in the first place. Monroe himself said he was impressed and loved her work. Everything she's done is of her own natural ability and skill I just opened up one opportunity for her and great things happened because she's amazing at what she does." "You think so highly of her but she's pushed her own boyfriend from her arms before by working endlessly to get to the top. Even if you two hooked up how long do you think you'll stay together before she pushes you out too?" Her words bit at him like a ferocious dog because for once she had said something hurtful to him. Y/N could just as easily dive into her work and avoid him like she did Chanyeol. True the reason she did it was because she knew Chanyeol was cheating on her and the other reason was doing it now was because she was scared Chanyeol was still cheating on her and she was trying her best to trust him. If she broke up with Chanyeol by some divine miracle and came to him, would she eventually dive into her work to ignore him? She wouldn't have a reason to do that except that she wanted to be a designer and he had only wanted to encourage that. "Right now you have the luxury of being the friend but when she gets the ball rolling she'll never want to stop, after all this was what she worked so hard for." "I still love her." He blurted out. Ok looked at him shocked that he could even dare say that. He looked back at her just as shocked. He grabbed her jacket and walked back out of the penthouse grabbing his car keys and made his way to Yifan's place. When he opened the door, Yifan looked at him surprised. "Tao, what's up its kind of late?" he said. "Sorry. Can I stay here tonight gege?" "Your woman kicked you out again?" Yifan let out a little chuckle. He nodded despite it being a lie he'd left on his own account. Yifan opened the door wider for him to come in. He walked inside and Tao followed closing and locking the door behind him. "Lu is staying over a friend's place so you can stay in his room if you want." Yifan said. "No thanks I don't want to risk facing the wrath of the deer." Yifan chuckled, "Alright I'll get you a blanket, you remember where the futon is right?" "Yeah." he responded. Tao went and pulled out the futon while Yifan went to get him a blanket. He turned the TV on and placed the volume on low. Yifan returned with a blanket and pillow and helped him stretch the blanket out across the futon. "Whose place is Lu Han staying at tonight?" Tao asked. "Minseok, they all went to hang out and apparently he got drunk. Minseok didn't feel like hauling him back here and I honestly didn't feel like picking him up." Yifan said. Tao nodded, "Hey, I didn't realize Yixing knew your coworker. She's kind of cute too." "Yeah." Tao responded plainly. Yifan looked at him curiously. He'd come over in the past when him and Ok got into arguments and normally he'd just complain about her until he fell asleep. Yifan, from what he knew, didn't know that Tao and Ok's relationship was really just for show. He sat down next to him and said, "Hey what's up, usually you don't mind keeping me up so I can't get my beauty sleep, now you're all mute. What did she do to you?" "It's not what she did, it's what I said." Yifan sat up straight his eyebrows raised, "What did you say?" Tao sat quietly for a moment, Y/N's face was all he could see. She'd never leave Chanyeol though, he'd never be with her completely. She'd always belong to Chanyeol and he'd only continue to hurt her. It was only a matter of time before he'd hurt her again. He just wanted to prove that he could make her happy. She would never have to worry whether or not he was cheating because he'd love her beyond anything else. Love.....that word rang in his ears as he replayed what he said to Ok. Her shocked face and even his surprise that he had said that made it too real. Tao sighed and said, "I fell in love with Y/N." There was silence for a moment until Yifan finally spoke. "Wow. Well I guess it makes sense now. Is that why you were holding her hand today?" Yifan asked. "I did it to calm her down she was just really upset." "Yeah Yixing said that's why she kept poking his dimples. He let's her do it when she gets nervous or frustrated apparently it calms her down. Isn't she dating that rapper though? Tao you're not even single yourself, have you two been sleeping together?" "No it's not like that, we were just talking and hanging out. I always used to get on her bad side but when she smiles it's like heaven just opens up, it's the most amazing thing in the world. It's something you can get addicted to. Ok is nothing like her, she doesn't make me feel the same way I feel about Y/N." Yifan sighed and scratched the back of his head. "Damn you've got it bad. What are you going to do?" "I don't know yet but for now I'm just going to sleep." Yifan nodded and ruffled Tao's hair. "Alright, goodnight boss." he said adding emphasis to the word knowing Tao hated it when he called him boss when they were outside of work. "Night gege." Tao replied. Yifan chuckled at the nickname and Tao heard the click of Yifan's door close. He stayed up for a while before he finally nodded off to sleep. He showed up late for work the next day only to find out that Y/N hadn't come in at all. She called out sick. He was there for a while before she texted him over the app: Dreamgirl: Sorry Chanyeol called me out sick. I'll make up for it tomorrow I promise. Save some of the hard stuff for me as punishment. Mr.Sandman:Lol, It's alright, I'm sure he's just trying to make sure I don't get a chance to steal you away from him. Dreamgirl:Wait what do you mean? Mr.Sandman: He knows about us, how you're Dreamgirl and I'm Mr.Sandman and he doesn't want to lose to me...But he will.
Hopefully this chapter was long enough and satisfied you all. I wish I could update both stories in the same day but I work late so it's kind of hard to just get one out at a decent time. Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading ~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele @KpopQueenabee @sierrakuper @PrettieeEmm
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