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Might I also add that Chanyeol danced Artificial Love in front of his parents while Jongdae danced in front of Sooman...
Seriously I don't think I can handle another day of EXO'rDIUM....I don't know whether to praise Shim Jaewon or yell at him for making EXO do the kinky things their doing...


I'M NOT TRYING TO START A FIGHT HERE I KNOW THIS CAN BE A TOUCHY SUBJECT TO SOME SO IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT THIS PLEASE JUST SKIP THIS PART XD *I'm not trying to offened anyone here!!! This is just MY OPINION* Sehun has been telling for awhile that he has this fluttery feeling when he sees men...honestly it's his life not mine if he likes men cool if he likes women great...but when he said it at EXO'rDIUM it kinda raised some suspicions cause not only were a lot of celebrities there on day 3 but also LEE SOO MAN...and the members were totally cool about it...was this planned all along??? If he really did just come out good for him, but if its some shady thing SM is doing to hide the gay couple rumors....that is a cheap shot cause Sehuns career is on the line here...BUT IF HE MEANT IT IN A PLATONIC WAY FORGET WHAT I SAID AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!
Omg I would love if he was gay!!! I mean if he isn't that's cool too XD like I love him either way lol. But to have an openly gay idol would be big for the community in Korea. It's an extremely conservative country and all but to have famous people like Sehun start to openly be gay could change views that people have of others. It can be positive because they can be like "oh he was talented before and now look at him! Still talented hardy har har!!" Or some shit like that XD
@clandrea170 you should make a card showing all the times Sehun has said something that implies he likes men XD I think it would help out with people who might not know what he says. Even if he is trolling, people might might find it interesting
I think he was joking, but it doesn't matter to me if he does or not. He's still the maknae we all love so much
I'd just be happy if he can be happy. I can't imagine how ridiculously difficult it would be to be a homosexual male idol in south Korea. They are not very supportive of that from what I've seen. Getting better, but not that great. So if people could be supportive of him, it could be a huge step for him and Korea. It could make other celebrities feel more comfortable with coming out; because, sorry, but not every Korean celebrity can possibly be straight. That's impossible. Anyway, I'd like him to be able to be himself. And if he likes men, so be it, I just hope he wouldn't catch hell for it. Sorry for the long ass comment
Duuuuude, but who was the one member that ripped the rest of his shirt off?? ( It looked like Yixing...) Now that was steamy ^-^; (oml I'm so wierd...) But Sehun. Now hun, have you yehet yourself so much that your feelings are conflicted? (omg I'm sorry ;^^) But in all seriousness, if he is really being legit (and S.M isn't pulling any crap behind the scenes) This boy will have my full support, because I have a good handful of lgbt friends and if anyone gives them crap, I will go after the offender cause that isn't even cool man. º□º But has he said stuff like this before, like you mentioned in the card?? I'm not saying I don't believe you its just I've never heard anything like this until now XD LORD this was long I'm so sorry @clandrea170
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