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Got7 has been getting into trouble lately... I'm not blaming anybody but Mark's Friends, is this whole thing still going on?
oh... well i wish them the best, hopefully it doesnt get any bigger than this @DeeInGee
I'm not sure if it's still going on, but I hope some of it has been talked about with JYP & the members. but @leilakyrsten, when GOT7 was in LA recently for their concert, they were apparently at a pool party & two things happened: BamBam called Mark over to get in a picture/video that one of Mark's friends was taking, but it sounds like/he seems to have called Mark the n word too when he called him over. The person who recorded it put it on their Snapchat or IG & it just spread from there. Then, Yugyeom may have had a bit too much to drink because another one of Mark's friends took his picture & his face was super red, but honestly, idk if that was from heat or alcohol. Either way, more people are saying he looks drunk & they're really upset because he's underage (in the US) to drink & they were saying he & the rest of the members were being irresponsible in letting him do so. I didn't understand the Yugyeom thing because people upload pictures of themselves intoxicated all the time & they're only 16 & 17, but Yugyeom does it & it's just the end of the world. But Mark's friends were the ones who uploaded both situations & caused all of this.
whats been happening?