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Just saw this image posted by @mayarich03 (go like their card so they have to draw, too!! :P)
Thought it'd be fun! I have 0 art skills, but I've been trying to be more creative lately so if this gets 20 likes I'll try to draw at least one Fairy Tail character & post it up!!! Let's do this! It won't be pretty but I'll share anyways XD
If you don't like Fairy Tail, post this one instead! You can draw yourself then :)
Tagging some fan art loving or drawing friends to challenge them too~~

Make sure you post your card into Fan Art & Fairy Tail communities when you post it ;)

Thanks for the tag 💕
oooh~ the second one sounds fun
Now I want to see lol.
@LCordz I'm doing the fairy tail one!!! but maybe i'll try boht hahaha....and yes it has happened so I guess I have to...
@hikaymm TuT I cant draw xD I'll do my best then! Thanks for the tag❤
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