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I can't believe it's August next week.

June and July flew by like the wind and now I'm thinking about what else to do before summer is over. Starting in September, I'll be taking a couple of classes to improve my programming skills, so I want to spend the rest of summer doing something light-hearted and fun.

Things I got to do this summer:

+ Travel
+ Road trip to the country side
+ Catch up on dramas

Things I still need to do this summer:

+ Handcraft project
+ Practice photography
+ Declutter my home (work in progres)
+ Practice drawing
+ Cook more often!

Is there anything you want to accomplish this summer?

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I need to go fishing at least one more time
i don't hav a summer break because i am an adul nd i want one nd i wannd cryy lol u enjoy your summer break lol since u have it lol
my summer is over when OC fair is over. then I wouldnt know what to do but to prep for school.
clean.....everything involves cleaning lol
Go to the beach and have a functioning cookout lol